Luzon - The most populous island of the Philippines

Luzon is well known as one of the most populous and important islands in the Philippines as it is home to the country’s capital, Manila. This is also the biggest island of the Philippines, offers a magnificent mixture of tranquil countryside, cultural heritage and historic towns. Don’t miss a chance to have an unforgettable trip with an abundance of memorable experiences such as witness the stunning Banaue rice terraces, visit Taal Heritage Town, the peaceful town Sagada as well as the Spanish colonial town – Vigan, relax on white sandy beaches and much more.

Luzon travel guide information

Luzon Quick Facts

Luzon is the largest and the most populous island in the Philippines. This is also home to the country’s capital, Manila

This island is situated on the north of the Philippine archipelago. To the north, the Luzon Strait separates this island from Taiwan

This is home to a great mountain ranges, impressive volcanoes, stunning beaches, a diversity of coral reefs and colonial towns

In 2015, Luzon has a population of more than 53 million people in a total area of around 109,965 square kilometres (42,458 sq mi)

Luzon leads the Philippines both in industry and agriculture such as rice, mangoes, corn and coconuts

Best time to visit Luzon, philippines

Looking for hot and sunny weather with fewer chances of rainfall, the best time to travel to Luzon Island is in the dry season which lasts from November to April. Please be aware that in these months – December, January and February, the weather is a little cooler with the average temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius.

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Best time
Great time
Off season

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