Borneo Indonesia - Burning Weather Island

Borneo (also known as Indonesia Kalimantan Island) is the paradise for improving your knowledge about the special and incredible animal Kalimantan orangutan. If you are the person who loves nature and adventure, the must things to do in this amazing island are spotting the awe-inspiring creatures in wildlife, discovering the mangroves and the lush rainforests, seeing Dayak Tribe and having river-tubing. Our Borneo Tours collection will offer you all!

Borneo Indonesia travel guide information

Borneo Indonesia Quick Facts

Indonesia Borneo Island (or Kalimantan Island) is a part of Borneo Island which possesses 73% of Borneo and the rest is made up of 2 other countries – Brunei and Malaysia

Kalimantan means “Burning Weather Island” since it is located relatively close to the equator which makes the weather is getting really hot

This island is the home to Dayak tribes, many lush rainforests and nature reserves, so this is the perfect destination for those who are wildlife lovers

Borneo is located on the east of Sulawesi Island, north of Bali and Java Islands and east of Sumatra Island

In 2017, Kalimantan has a population of approximately 15.9 million people in the total area of 544,150 square kilometres

Best time to visit Borneo Indonesia, indonesia

Kalimantan means “Burning Weather Island” since the temperature of this island ranges from 20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius all year round. The wettest months are November, December and January; so the best time to visit Borneo or Kalimantan Island is during the dry season which runs from June to September to see the orangutans while from April to October is the ideal time for diving.

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Borneo Indonesia
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The Best Borneo Indonesia Private Tours For You

Get inspired with our Best Tailor-Made Private Borneo Indonesia Tours below
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Cruise up the Mahakam river to Tanjung Isuy by private motorized canoe

Admire exotic scenary at both sides of the Mahakam river

Visit Mancong village, homeland of Dayak people and their grand long houses

Go for a jungle trek around Camp Kakap to search the wild life of Orangutan

Observe the lifestyle of Kutai people in Muara Muntai

Borneo Indonesia

Take an afternoon walk around the local town of Pangkalan Bun

Go for a klotok boat tour up to the Sekonyer river to Camp Leakey

Explore the Camp Leakey surrounding and see old rehabilitation orangutans at feeding time

Visit some other rehabilitation centres in the park for orangutans

Plant some trees to help regenerate the forest at Pesalat plantation

Cruise up the river to visit some local villages and see other wild animals

Free to visit the Yellow palace and local markets in Pangkalan Bun

Borneo Indonesia

Best of Borneo

Borneo Indonesia
Indonesia Indonesia

Stay at a long house of Dayak people and learn more about their culture as well as lifestyle

Meet incredible orangutans in their natural habitat and in the center of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Take a boat trip into the unique mangroves beside the Kahayan River

Enjoy some easy trekking in the forest behind Pilang village to explore the wildlife and local life

See the ancient Dayak painted sandungs and watch Dayak traditional dance

Explore Sebangau National Park by boating and trekking with many wildlife encounters

Visit Palangka Raya’s traditional market and Puntun village

Borneo Indonesia
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