Pre-depature Vietnam


Before starting a tour in Vietnam which is a country of timeless charm, home to an abundance of breathtaking mountains, secluded beaches and one of the best street food destinations in Asia, Asia Private Tours is proud to share this Vietnam pre-departure booklet which includes practical advice & culture information to help you prepare for a meaningful Vietnam Tour and enrich your travel experiences.

Pre-depature Cambodia


Thank you for choosing Asia Private Tours for your journey. We're sure you will find Cambodia which is well-known for its UNESCO World Heritage-inscribed Angkor Wat Complex in Siem Reap as intriguing, captivating and beautiful as we do. To prepare for your dream Cambodian Tours ahead, please read this Cambodia pre-departure carefully before you travel to this region to have some practical advice and cultural information.

Pre-depature Laos


Laos is a peaceful land-locked nation with many stunning natural forests and a fascinating Buddhist culture. Please read this Laos pre-departure guide which is created to offer you some essential information ranging from the Visa requirements, Laos weather to main transportation and much more before travelling to this laid-back country and have a deeper understanding of the rich culture and history of this region.

Pre-depature Myanmar


Not long now until your dream Myanmar Tours which offer you a great chance to discover the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in Asia, ranging from the spectacular natural scenery to the thousands of age-old temples and pagodas in Bagan. It's time to get prepared by spending time to read our Myanmar pre-departure guide to gain some essential information before travelling to this region.

Pre-depature Thailand


Welcome you to "The Land Of Smiles" - Thailand, where is blessed with a rich historic culture, untouched and white sandy beaches, lively arts and friendly locals. To prepare for your dream Thailand Tours ahead, please carefully read this Thailand pre-departure guide. As you read, if any questions come to mind, feel free to contact our Asia Private Tours experts who are always happy and ready to help you.

Pre-depature Indonesia


Whether you book a romantic Indonesia Honeymoon Tour or an Indonesia Nature and Wildlife Tour, Asia Private Tours wants to make sure you have real local experiences ranging from exploring the most well-known places in Bali Island to venturing to some of the most mystical forests in Borneo. Until then, we hope this Indonesia pre-departure booklet helps you make the best possible preparations for your dream Indonesia Tours.

Pre-depature Malaysia


So you've just booked the Malaysia Tour of a lifetime and probably have tons of questions before starting your trip to this amazing country, where is home to an abundance things to do and enjoy ranging from the lively city Kuala Lumpur to the best pristine beaches of Langkawi. Please have a read through all the practical advice in our Malaysia pre-departure booklet and start getting excited as it's not long until you'll be in paradise.

Pre-depature Singapore


Singapore has something to offer everyone - from world-class shopping centres, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and culture. To help you prepare your Singapore Trips and make the most of your time when travelling to this country, we are happy to provide with you this Singapore pre-departure booklet which includes a comprehensive guide to Singapore before starting your dream Singapore Tour with us.

Pre-depature Philippines


Welcome to the Philippines, where is home to tons of pristine islands (e.g., El Nido, Coron, Boracay and Siargao), the breathtaking sights of the Ifugao Rice Terraces and natural places. Before starting your Philippines Tours with us, please read through our Philippines pre-departure guide which offers you a piece of background information and our suggestions to make your Philippines Tour the best it can be.

Pre-depature China


If you are thinking about travelling to one of the largest countries in the world – China where owns abundant cultural, historical and natural attractions to explore and thrilling outdoor activities to experience, please take a look at our China Pre-departure booklet to make a good preparation and we hope, this information will help ease your mind before your dream China holiday.

Pre-depature Japan


Researching practical advice and useful information ahead of your trip is definitely a great way to make your jaunt smoother and more enjoyable. So if you’re preparing a dream journey in Japan, a captivating destination of unique culture and stunning nature, please take your time to read through our Japan pre-departure booklet which is specially designed to provide you with the most amazing trip ever.

Pre-depature Bhutan


Welcome to one of the happiest countries in the world - Bhutan, where is home to an abundance of ancient monasteries, pristine nature, lush national parks and rich culture. Please take the time to read through our Bhutan pre-departure guide as it is designed to provide you with some helpful information in your preparation for a comfortable and enjoyable trip in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Pre-depature Nepal


Thinking about travelling to one of the paradise countries in Asia – Nepal where combines Himalayan views, ancient temples, jungle wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. Before heading to this beautiful country, please spend time to read through our Nepal Pre-departure booklet which has been prepared to help you get the most from your dream trip to Nepal.

Pre-depature India


We understand that every traveller needs more than just luggage before embarking on an India journey. To ensure you have a wonderful trip to India with many unforgettable experiences, we have prepared this India Pre-departure booklet to help you prepare for it. Our Asia Tours Experts have made every effort to cover a great range of subjects that relate to preparing for a trip to India so please spend time to read through it to get the most from your dream trip to India.

Pre-depature Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

You have just booked the Sri Lanka trip of a lifetime and probably have plenty of questions before embarking on a Sri Lanka journey. This Sri Lanka pre-departure booklet is designed to answer your questions. Have a read through all the information and start getting excited as it’s not long until you’ll be in paradise. If there is anything else you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Sri Lanka experts.

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