The Land of Timeless Charm

Charming beaches, breathtaking scenery, outstanding caves, golden terraced rice fields, rich history, cultural diversity, delicious and healthy cuisine.

Vietnam is a country situating on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia where is the home to many fantastic destinations for travellers to come and explore. With a long coastline of 3,260 km stretching from the North to the South, the S-shaped country is praised with the vast beauty of natural landscapes, diverse culture, heart-warming locals, and awesome gastronomy. Vietnam is known to be a young and developing country that offers a wide range of tours and packages that fits all ages at reasonable costs. Also, Vietnam is proudly regarded as one of the friendly and safe Asian countries for travelling. All these notable aspects have contributed to a beautiful Vietnam, promising destination for people all over the world.

Population: 90.5 million.
Capital City: Hanoi (6.5 million).
People: 54 ethnic minorities.
Language: Vietnamese.
Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND).
Time Zone: GMT +7 Hours.
International Dialing Code: +84.

Vietnam owns its charm of a vast beauty from the breathtaking natural landscape to historical attractions & cultural diversity

Our Local Expert Team proudly offers a diverse array of Vietnam Tours following separate styles that meet special demands from different groups. These tours are meticulously designed with exceptional itineraries that are fitting with each guest’s taste and requirements. Each tour we chose the most prominent destinations all over the country along with an exclusive selection of inspiring activities in each stop. Without further ado, let take part in our best Vietnam Tours which are filled with breathtaking landscapes, long-lasting history, delicious cuisine and distinct culture.

Highlights in our Vietnam Tours

With more than 10 years in creating bespoke journeys for our amazing customers, our experts always focus on the quality of Vietnam Tours to bring the unforgettable authentic travel experience and highlights of destinations to travellers.

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The Best Vietnam Tours Collection 2024 - 2025

These Vietnam Tours bring you alluring terraced rice fields, outstanding panoramic scenery, emerald water beaches, authentic heritage retreats and picturesque outdoor adventures. They cover off-the-beaten-track routes and feature the top best accommodation to stay in. Treat them as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you.

Explore Vietnam Like a Local

Explore Vietnam Like a Local

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
HanoiLao CaiSapaHalong BayHueHoi AnHo Chi MinhMekong

With years of travel expertise in our homeland, we meticulously crafted this route specially for those who want to experience Vietnam's beauty at its fullest. From North to South, from mountain to sea, from major cities with buzzing streets to idyllic ancient town or rustic water land, all made a...

Discover Vietnam In Depth

Discover Vietnam In Depth

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
HanoiHueHoi AnHo Chi MinhMekongChau Doc

Experience the best of Vietnam from the north to south in one trip with this memorable 15-day itinerary. The adventure begins in Hanoi, the bustling capital of Vietnam, where you’ll learn parts of its history through historic landmarks and get a traditional cyclo tour around the Old Quarter. Then...

Discover the highlights of Vietnam

Discover the highlights of Vietnam

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
HanoiSapaHalong BayHueHoi AnHo Chi MinhMekong

Vietnam - Our country which is located in in the East of Indochinese Peninsula is furthering its case as natural and cultural destination, not just a stopover to the beach. Trekking in Sapa Town to the ethnic villages Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai, Kayaking in the magnificent Halong Bay,...

Precious Gem of Northern Vietnam

Precious Gem of Northern Vietnam

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
HanoiNinh BinhSapaHalong Bay

The unique colorful ethnic Bac Ha market with exceptional local atmosphere in the morning, the unique boat trip in beautiful Trang An complex, the vibrant walk through busy streets in Hanoi Old Quarter or exceptional breakfast in magnificent Halong Bay to spike your appetite, will be partially the...

Splendor of Vietnam Tour

Splendor of Vietnam Tour

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
HanoiSapaHalong BayHueHoi AnHo Chi MinhCai BeVinh Long

Well known as the land of culture and cuisine, Vietnam is an exciting choice for your Southeast Asia adventure. This fascinating 16 day tour trans-Vietnam will give you the valuable chance to explore a number of the world’s greatest treasures - UNESCO Heritage Sites with magnificent natural...

Vietnam Tours 11 - 16 Days

Vietnam Tours 6 - 10 Days

Vietnam Tours 2 - 5 Days

Vietnam Tours 1 Day

Vietnam Tours 16 - 20 Days

Vietnam Tours by Styles

We know that every traveller is different, so our experts have meticulously designed different Vietnam touring styles to help you explore Vietnam in a way that suits you the best. Want to see the highlights of Vietnam, take a look on our Classic Vietnam Tours; want to have unforgettable experiences with your children, Vietnam Family Tours can't be missed; want to soak up the sun-and-sea, choose one best beach tour from our Vietnam Beach Holidays theme. No matter what kind of traveller you are, our Best Vietnam Tours by Styles collection got a tour (or probably dozen) that will fit you just right.

Vietnam Tours By Destinations

Vietnam is our homeland. We’ll show you Vietnam, better than anyone else!

Best Time to take Vietnam tours

While Vietnam is a year-round destination to travel in Asia, autumn and spring (September to November and February to April) are typically the best time to take Vietnam Tours. Especially in autumn, the weather is relatively pleasant, dry with light rainfall. The hottest time of the year in Vietnam is in the summer when the average temperatures can rise to around 38°C.

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Best time
Great time
Off season

The authentic & unique experiences in Vietnam you can expect

The best way to gain an insight into the most authentic things of Vietnam is that spending time to discover some of the best local experiences listed below!

How to choose your ideal Vietnam Tour

According to our travellers in the processing of choosing their ideal Vietnam Tours with us, there are six basic steps which they are usually following:

Step 1: The most important thing is deciding the length of your Vietnam Tour

Since each Vietnam Tour has a different duration, you would need to decide how many days are you going to spend exploring Vietnam. Are you going on a short trip of 3 days? A week? A couple of weeks? Or a month? Trying to figure out your total number of days and start from there. To give you an idea, the classic Vietnam highlight tours usually roughly last from 10 to 14 days.

Step 2: Choose your Vietnam Tour Style

After deciding the length of your Vietnam Tour, you might want to consider which tour style will suit you best. If you are travelling with your children, Vietnam Family Tours will be the perfect theme; or if you want to look for a romantic Vietnam Tour with your partner, Honeymoon Holidays collection shouldn't be missed.

Step 3: Find out which are your favourite destinations in Vietnam

Some travellers are keen on gaining an insight into the culture and customs of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang, Sapa and Mai Chau are the ideal places. While others are the fan of discovering the mysterious caves, Phong Nha Ke Bang is definitely the best option. One important thing that you should notice the best time to visit those destinations. For instance, the ideal time to visit Ha Giang is between October and April while the perfect time to witness the terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai is from September to October.

Step 4: What are the activities you would like to take in your Vietnam Tour?

Since there are numerous amazing activities in each destination, our experts have chosen some different activities for each Vietnam Tour. In case you don't know which tour to choose, you should spend a short time to look at the highlights and tour summaries to find out which activities attract you more.

Step 5: Read the detailed itinerary

After finding out some favourite Vietnam Tours itineraries, spending time to read the detailed itinerary to know which experiences you will have in each day, where you will stay and what are the inclusions and exclusions.

Step 6: Send us an enquiry

Whether you find out your ideal Vietnam Tour or not, feel free to send us an enquiry since our experts are always ready to start working on your tailor-made itinerary based on your requirements and taste & help you organize your insider journey to Vietnam.

Vietnam Travel Guides & Inspirations

Features in our Vietnam Tours


The Vietnam Tour itineraries on these pages were meticulously designed by our in-depth knowledge experts with the purpose of bringing the real local experiences and suit any requirement of each traveller. But they are not set in stone and can be customized to your exact wishes. So if you've got any idea and place, feel free to get in touch and our expert team is always ready to help you create a trip of a lifetime.


We only use the accommodation that our experts have experienced by themselves to make sure all accommodation is on the highest quality. Besides, with each Vietnam Tour, our experts have carefully chosen the suitable accommodation which matches its style.


Whether you are in a private small or big group, our experts only choose the highest quality vehicles from the reliable brands such as Toyota Innova, Ford, Toyota Fortuner, Hyundai Country or Mercedes Sprinter with the professional and friendly drivers.

Tour Guide

We are always proud of our tour guide team who have had the professional license & many years involvement in the travel industry. They all speak excellent English, super-friendly and have an in-depth understanding of every place and site they are guiding.


Each restaurant in Vietnam Tours has been selected carefully by our experts to not only bring the Vietnamese original taste, delicious flavours to amaze you but the quality is also made sure to avoid any food issue for you.


Because we aim to offer you the best travel experience, each flight will be well-organized and operated by the prestigious Vietnam Airlines companies to ensure safety and comfort for you at all times.

FAQs about Vietnam Tours

Which are the best websites to check the exchange rate?

There are several websites you can check the exchange rate. However, according to the travellers, you can check the exchange rate at Xe website ( or Vietcombank Bank Website ( Vietcombank is one of the most prestigious and biggest bank companies in Vietnam.

Where should buy the SIM card for your Vietnam Tours?

There are four cell networks in Vietnam: Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone and Vietnamobile. The recommended one is Viettel since this is the most popular and largest network in Vietnam, closely followed by Vinaphone while the cheapest brands are Mobifone and Vietnamobile but they have the poor data service outside the large cities. You could see numerous stalls selling SIM cards at international airports & tiny stores on city streets. However, most cards purchased from these places aren't registered. It is ok if you just stay for a short time and stick to big cities such as Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, etc. However, if you are plan heading off the beaten track in mountainous regions such as Ha Giang or Mu Cang Chai, buying a SIM card from an official store for registration is a great choice. For Viettel, you can check their reliable stores at Viettel website ( After buying a SIM card, to check who your SIM is registered to, texting TTTB to 1414. To check the balance for the calls and texts, type *101# and press Call. To check the data usage balance, text KTTK and send to 191. To top up, you can buy vouchers at any store on the streets, next type *100*# and press Call.

How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Vietnam?

Though Vietnam is famous for being the paradise for culinary adventures, as a traveller, you might feel a bit nervous regarding the possibility of food poisoning. To avoid this worst nightmare that can happen during your trip, there are some tips you should consider: Avoid any place that is empty and dirty; remember to drink bottled water since the tap water in Vietnam is not drinkable; choose a place that looks clean and hygiene; maybe you can ask for hot water to dip your utensils; should buy uncut fruit from a clean stall and wash first; raw meat and seafood are not recommended unless in a high-end restaurant.

Where is the official source to check information about E-Visa Vietnam?

Please do not confuse E-visa and VOA (Visa on Arrival) since these are two different processes. The official site to check information about E-Visa Vietnam is at National Web Portal on Immigration E-Visa Page ( On this website, you can also find information about the list of countries that allowed E-visa issuing and list of ports that allowed foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa.

What power plugs should be brought with you in Vietnam Tours?

There are three types of plugs can be used in Vietnam: Plugs type A - Two flat vertical pins, Type C and Type F - Two round pins. The power plug 3 pins can be used in some places in Vietnam but it less common, you might need an adapter in this case. Please be noted that Vietnam's electricity voltage is 220 Volt at 50 Hz. If your power adapter says '100-240, 50-60Hz', it is totally fine to use them as long as you have the right plug. Otherwise, a transformer to convert the voltage from 110 to 220 volts might be needed.

Is tipping mandatory in Vietnam?

Tipping isn't customary or mandatory in Vietnam. However, waiter/waitress, drivers and other service workers appreciate a tip of spare change or another small amount when their services have been done particularly good.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country that you can travel all year round since the weather varies from North to South. If you are not a fan of hot and humid weather, you shouldn't visit Vietnam during the summer season which lasts from May to September, the average temperatures can rise up to 38 degrees Celsius.

Which destinations should I visit in Vietnam?

Since Vietnam is a cultural richness and diverse geography, it can be overwhelming amongst many unique and beautiful destinations such as Hoi An, Halong Bay, Ha Giang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City or Mekong Delta. Starting from what you love to explore, listed all of them into the note then check out the list of top best destinations in Vietnam to find out which places attract you most. You can also chat and work with one of our experts to find out more about Vietnam.

Where should I start?

Most tours start from either Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), but please do not worry that our Vietnam Tours can start from any city. All you need to do is choose the best Vietnam Tours which suite your needs and taste or contact our experts and they are happy to help you design a customized tour which fits you just right.

How long do I need to explore Vietnam?

The recommended length of stay is between 10 to 14 days for the classic Vietnam route which stretches from North to South. Within the 14-day tour, you will have enough time to explore Vietnam, gain an insight into the culture, language exchange, admire the beauty of nature and relax at the same time.

Where should I visit in Vietnam on my 1st-time tour routes?

If this is your first time travelling to Vietnam, stick to the classic destinations is the great option. Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh and Mekong Delta are the most popular places

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