The Land of the Thunder Dragon

A little landlocked Himalayan country where is famous for its remaining indigenous Buddhist traditions, unspoiled landscapes, and wonderful hospitality

Not busy or rapidly-developing like many other Asian destinations, Bhutan still keeps its inherent serenity that has been passed through many generations. The Kingdom of Thunder Dragon invites all travellers to visit and uncover the sublime beauties of the country varying from the richness of cultural heritages, spiritual ambience to the majestic mountainscapes and slow-paced atmosphere in every corner. The integrity of great history and traditions is well-reflected in all aspects of Bhutan’s ways of life, which makes this landlocked Buddhist kingdom like nowhere on the planet. With all these unique charms, the hidden gem of the legendary Himalayas ensures to fulfil any wanderlust dreams.

Discover the enchanting beauty of “The happiest country in the world” and you will find the inner peace deep in your soul

Bhutan is a traditionally Buddhist country with the unique richness of heritages, hence each of our Bhutan itineraries is a fantastic cultural enlightenment voyage that offers you an exceptional opportunity to embrace the Kingdom’s highlights (e.g., the incredible Paro Taktsang, amazing Phobjikha Valley and the capital Thimphu). Travelling with us, you can gain a close insight into the country’s identity through myriad wonderful travel experiences. Discover the enchanting beauty of “The happiest country in the world” and you will find the inner peace deep in your soul.

Highlights in our Bhutan Tours

Our best Bhutan Tours collection focuses on bringing the real local experiences and unmissable activities to provide an unforgettable trip to travellers.

The Best Bhutan Tours Collection 2024 - 2025

For those travellers who want to follow the current travel trends, do not hesitate to take a look at our best-selling Bhutan Tours & Packages and get inspired! All itineraries were well-crafted with great attention to every detail. Whether you want to visit highlights (e.g., Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Phobjikha Valley) of Bhutan, rejuvenate your mind or explore the unique cultures of this kingdom, these best-sellers may just be the ticket to your dream trip.

Bhutan's Highlights

Bhutan's Highlights

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
ParoThimphuPunakhaPhobjikha Valley

The richness of Bhutan's cultural heritages is well-reflected by its greatly thriving history, people's ways of life, charming Buddhist traditions, and unique local arts. We will take you to uncover the hidden beauties of the country through eight exciting tour dates which starts from the magical...

Enchanted Bhutan

Enchanted Bhutan

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert

Traversing through the capital city Thimphu, beautiful Punakha, and striking Paro Valley, this fabulous 5-day itinerary is meticulously designed to offer you a glimpse of mystical and enchanted Bhutan by exciting visits to numerous famous sites and attractions en route. From the prominent cultural...

Bhutan In-Depth Tour

Bhutan In-Depth Tour

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

Traveling across from the West to the East the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon, this all-encompassing itinerary is created to help you uncover all the best of Bhutan's highlights within 19 tour dates. From the sought-after destinations including Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Bumthang, Phobjikha that are...

Bhutan Off The Beaten Path Tour

Bhutan Off The Beaten Path Tour

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
ParoTrashigangMongarBumthangPhobjikha ValleyPunakhaThimphu

Two weeks following the secluded trails and immersing in the true local hush and untouched ambiance of Bhutan's landscape and culture, we meticulously created this action-packed route with the aim of exciting all travelers' senses who own sincere dreams of wanderlust. Uncovering less-visited places...

Romantic Honeymoon Trip in the Land of Happiness - Bhutan

Romantic Honeymoon Trip in the Land of Happiness - Bhutan

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
ParoThimphuPunakhaPhobjikha ValleyBumthangMongarLhuentseTrashigang

Unlike other famous Asian destinations featuring ideal delights for a fantastic honeymoon, Bhutan is a hidden gem of the fabled Himalayas where is for couples seeking extraordinary wanderlust only. Spending 15 days traveling across the country from the west to the east, we created a decent...

Bhutan Tours 11 - 16 Days

Bhutan Tours 6 - 10 Days

Bhutan Tours by Styles

No Bhutan Tours are alike as our experts understand that each of you has different preferences and wishes. Each Bhutan Tour Style will offer you different experiences, nature activities and accommodations to make sure that you can find a tour that suits you the best. See the highlights of Bhutan in our Classic Tours, partake in some of the best thrilling outdoor activities in an Active Tour, have a romantic holiday in Honeymoon Tour Styles collection, get the unforgettable experiences with your kids in a Family Tour and enjoy something in between, Asia Private Tours has the perfect fit.

Bhutan Tours By Destinations

Bhutan is our homeland. We’ll show you Bhutan, better than anyone else!

Best Time to take Bhutan tours

The best time to take Nepal Tours is between October & December when the skies are generally clear with the views spectacular. Besides, the weather remains dry until the beginning of April. Please be aware that January and February can be very cold, especially at night and late spring is an ideal time to travel as the rhododendrons burst into bloom.

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The authentic & unique experiences in Bhutan you can expect

To help you gain an insightful view in which activities that Bhutan has to offer, we have showcased some of the best travel experiences in Bhutan which include nature and culture activities, plus real bucket list experiences. Get ready to tick Bhutan’s real local experiences as listed below!

How to choose your ideal Bhutan Tour

Don’t worry if you look at our Bhutan Tours collection and feel a bit overwhelmed, take a peek at our six basic steps as listed below to find out how to find a Bhutan Tour which suits you the best:

Step 1: Deciding the length of your Bhutan Tour

Since each Bhutan Tour has a different duration, you would need to decide how many days are you going to spend exploring this kingdom. Are you going on a short trip of 5 days? A week? A couple of weeks? Or a month? Trying to figure out your total number of days and start from there. To give you an idea, the classic Bhutan highlight tours usually roughly last from 05 to 19 days.

Step 2: Choose your Bhutan Tour Style

After deciding the Bhutan trip duration, the next step you might want to consider is choosing the Bhutan Tour Style which suits your preferences and needs. For instance, if you travel with your family, the recommended style is Bhutan Family Holidays. Take a look at our collection of Bhutan Tour Style and take your time to decide.

Step 3: Find out which are your favourite destinations in Bhutan

Although Bhutan is rather small, this is still home to an abundance of best destinations to explore. To help you have an overview of each destination in Bhutan, our experts have created a list of top destinations as listed below. Take a peek at this list and write down all the places you want to visit.

Step 4: What are the activities you would like to take in your Bhutan Tour?

No destinations in Bhutan are alike. Each of them features different activities and attractions to explore. For example, some of our best Bhutan Tours will focus on offering you a great chance to join in some thrilling outdoor adventures such as trekking in Paro, bird watching in Phobjikha Valley and river rafting in Thimphu while others will take you to some of the best ancient monasteries and visit remote villages to learn more about rich cultures and history of this kingdom. Spending a short time to read through the highlights & tour summaries, don’t forget to write down anything you think is interesting for you.

Step 5: Read the detailed itinerary

Make sure to spend time to read through the detailed itinerary as this is the most important information which lets you know the experiences you have, where to stay and what are inclusions & exclusions in the trip.

Step 6: Send us an enquiry

Whether you find out your ideal Bhutan Tour or not, please feel free to send us an enquiry as our experts are always ready and happy to start working on your tailor-made journey based on your requirements and taste & help you organize your insider trip to Bhutan.

Bhutan Travel Guides & Inspirations

Features in our Bhutan Tours


With many years of experience in the tourism industry, our Asia Private Tour experts have been meticulously created this best Bhutan Tours collection which suits any wishes and preferences. However, they are not set in stone and can be customized to your exact needs. If you’ve got any idea or special interest, do not hesitate to get in touch with us who are always happy and ready to help you create a trip of a lifetime.


Only high-quality accommodation with tons of great feedback has been chosen in our best Bhutan Tours and Packages to offer you a highly personalized service and a comfortable stay.


Whether you travel in a private small or big group, our experts only choose the highest quality vehicles from reliable brands along with professional drivers to make sure your safety and the most comfortable feeling during your trip in Bhutan.

Tour Guide

You will have a great chance to experience Bhutan with one of our best knowledgable and super-friendly local private guides who are so passionate to share with you the best stories about their home country.


Each restaurant in Bhutan Tours has been chosen with great attention by our expert team to not only bring you the traditional flavours, delicious taste to amaze your senses but ensuring the quality at the highest level to help you avoid any food issue.


Because we aim to offer you the best travel experience, each flight will be well-organized and operated by the prestigious Bhutan Airlines companies to ensure safety and comfort for you at all times.

FAQs about Bhutan Tours

Cash or credit card in Bhutan?

Please be aware that being a landlocked and small country located on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan does not have very advanced ATM services in most of the towns. Some remote villages do not have ATMs to withdraw. Besides, the credit cards are usually only accepted in luxury hotels, resorts and high-end restaurants, not in handicrafts showrooms or small stores.

Is the tap water in Bhutan clean to drink?

Similar to other countries in Asia, water is not recommended to drink directly from the tap or river. Your tour will be provided with bottled water to drink during your trip.

What is Bhutan’s preferred currency?

The national currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum (the symbol: Nu, the currency code: BTN). This is the locally and officially currency of this kingdom. Paper money is denominated in the BTN 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 and the coins are BTN 0.2, 0.25, 0.5 and 1. Currently, BTN 69 is equal to US$1. However, please check the exchange rate for the Bhutan currency since the value is floating.

Best Bhutan SIM card to buy

Wifi is available at most hotels, high-end coffee shops but not in remote villages. If you need to stay connected, the best way is buying a Bhutanese SIM card. There are two mobile network providers in this kingdom: B-Mobile & Tashi Cell. While B-Mobile offers tourist SIM card for US$1.5 (this SIM card has validity or life of one month), Tashi Cell offers normal SIM card.

Is the food in Bhutan safe and clean?

When you book a Bhutan Tour with us, all your food will be provided as part of your package & the food provided is hot enough to make sure the safety reason. However, since some travellers become sick by being exposed to bugs and germs, you should wash your hands well before eating or carry some antibacterial hand wipes with you. Besides, as to food safety, if you are served something that looks unclean in a restaurant, it is best to avoid it.

Is tipping mandatory in Bhutan?

Tipping in this kingdom isn’t something of Bhutan’s home-breed culture. Consequently, you won’t find tipping boxes in both restaurants and accommodations. However, with the quick developing of the tourism industry, tipping has been more of expected. Especially it is always courteous to tip the guide, driver or restaurant staff for their great services. It’s up to you about the amount of tipping but the good amount to tip guide is around US$5 – US$10/day/person and US$4 – US$8/day/person.

Which destinations should I visit in Bhutan?

Blessed with pristine nature, an abundance of rare fauna & flora, panoramic valleys and wildlife sanctuaries, Bhutan deserves a visit at least once in a life. Although this country is quite small, it still offers plenty of incredible places to visit ranging from the beautiful capital Thimphu to the former ancient capital of the kingdom – Punakha where is famous for its ancient fortress monasteries, from the delightful Paro valley filled with rich & complex architecture and special for its magnificent Taktsang or “Tiger’s Nest” monastery to the huge U-shaped glacial Phobjikha valley in the central kingdom.

What are the best months to visit Bhutan?

The weather of the kingdom of Bhutan varies dramatically depending on the elevation. The summer which lasts from June to August has a heavy rainfall as this is the monsoon season. The best months to visit this kingdom is during the spring months of March to May and the autumn months of September to November when the weather is relatively pleasant and clear blue skies.

How many days should I spend in Bhutan?

With an abundance of great destinations to visit and things to do in Bhutan, an ideal tour of the country to explore all would be for the whole 30 days of your visa. However, if you have shorter journey time, normally 07 to 10 days are pretty enough for those who look for visiting the highlights (e.g., Paro, Thimphu, Bumthang, Punakha and Phobjikha Valley) and enjoy some of the best nature activities (e.g., Trekking, Hiking, River rafting, Kayaking and Rock climbing) of this country.

Can you travel to Bhutan without a tour?

Bhutan has strict rules about visiting. According to the government’s rules, all tourists wish to travel to this kingdom require a visa and have a pre-arranged tour through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator or one of their international partners. Only Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian passport holders can travel to Bhutan without a pre-arranged tour. The benefit of booking a Bhutan Tour via us is our Bhutan experts can easily cater the trip for you, combining the destinations & types of activities that you feel most interested in. Besides, we can offer you a great range of accommodations from lodges, hotels to resorts which suit your budget.

Where should I visit in Bhutan on my 1st-time tour routes?

The kingdom of Bhutan is a tiny country with a total area of 38,394 square kilometres (14,824 sq mi) and a population of 741,700 people (according to 2019 census) that is situated on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas. Although this country is rather small it possesses an abundance of best destinations that you don’t want to miss. However, if you are a first-timer and have a short journey to explore this kingdom, some of the highlight destinations should be packed in the bucket list including its capital Thimphu, the former ancient capital Punakha, the charming Paro valley with its incredible Paro Taktsang monastery and the Phobjikha Valley for bird watching.

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