The Land of Smiles

Crystal turquoise beaches & luxury bungalows/hotels, ancient monasteries, off-the-beaten trekking adventure, delicious & tasty food and meditation retreat.

Thailand, “Land of Smile”, is regarded as one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia. The country is packed with countless amazing things to explore from myriad majestic Palaces and Buddhist temples or ancient historical sites to the buzzing modern atmosphere of shopping malls, markets, beaches, streets, etc. Also, the charm of nature, people, and culture in Thailand is an alluring beauty that could satisfy any travel buffs at any age. With a developed tourism industry, Thailand becomes a prominent tourist hub in the region with a large offer of services at various prices. Visiting the country and encountering the Thai ambience, it is already the best thing you’ve ever had.

Population: 67 million.
Capital City: Bangkok (9.6 million).
Language: Thai.
Currency: Baht (THB).
Time Zone: GMT +7 Hours.
International Dialing Code: +66.

From historical sites to secluded hideaways for leisure retreats, all Thailand's highlights have been meticulously arranged in our Thailand tours

Thailand offers a large offer of services and packages that can create a wonderful Asian trip for any demands. The list for tailored tours in Thailand below follows various styles so that you can refer to many aspects before deciding which one to go to. From popular tourist sites for mass tourism to secluded hideaways for leisure retreats, all highlights of Thailand have been meticulously arranged in our tours to bring to you the most memorable moments in this country.

Highlights in our Thailand Tours

With many years of involvement in creating a tailor-made journey for our amazing customers, our experts always focus on the quality of Thailand Tours to bring the unforgettable experience and highlights of each destination to travellers.

Our Customers' Recent Experience in Thailand

The Best Thailand Tours Collection 2024 - 2025

If you're in need of inspiration for your dream holiday in Thailand, then look no further. Take a look at a wide range of our travellers' favourite holiday packages. These Thailand Tours have been meticulously designed by our experts to bring you the authentic local experiences of this stunning country. Discover our range of traveller top picks and book your desired holiday today.

Stunning Thailand

Stunning Thailand

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
BangkokRatchaburiChiang MaiPhuket

The package is an ideal itinerary for those who are interested in Thailand's most classic cultural and natural highlights. Warming up the trip with fascinating city tour around capital city of Bangkok, where is the home to numerous landmarks and amazing street gastronomy, you will head out of city...

Thailand Cultural & Beach Vacation

Thailand Cultural & Beach Vacation

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert

For everyone loving the colorful delights of Thailand, this 2-week package will take you to discover the highlighted icons ranging from mountain to sea of Southeast Asia's most visited country. Traversing from North to South, the trip lets you experience each by each in diversity of Thai local...

Thailand Highlights

Thailand Highlights

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

Vibrant cities, historic towns, charming scenery, and special experiences await you on this 19 day Thailand tour. Your tour starts in Bangkok – the modern capital, through the local province Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Chiangmai and ends with beach relaxation in Phi Phi island & Phuket. On your...

Fantastic Thailand Trip

Fantastic Thailand Trip

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

Uncover the rich culture and history of Southern Thailand in this 11-day journey which sees you travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Starting from the capital, explore the historical parks that the country has to offer at Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, take in sights of the Golden Triangle then finally...

Thailand Culture & Culinary Discovery

Thailand Culture & Culinary Discovery

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
BangkokChiang MaiPhuket

If you’re seeking a quick overview of Thailand, then look no further with this Enjoyable Thailand Trip 10 Days. You will not only spend time on the idyllic beaches and islands of Phuket that you see on Thailand postcards but also enjoy the country’s highlights with cultural capitals, golden...

Thailand Tours 11 - 16 Days

Thailand Tours 6 - 10 Days

Thailand Tours 2 - 5 Days

Thailand Tours 1 Day

Thailand Tours 16 - 20 Days

Thailand Tours by Styles

Our experts understand every traveller is different especially regarding their tastes and requirements so that our team has carefully created these best Thailand Tours by Styles to help you explore Thailand in a way that suits you the best. Whether you are looking for a Thailand Tour to explore the outstanding ancient ruins (Sukhothai), explore the traditional busy markets (Chatuchak Weekend Market, Train Night Market or Amphawa Floating Market) or spend time to relax on the pristine beaches (Phuket, Koh Samui); Asia Tours has the style of travel that's perfect for you.

Thailand Tours By Destinations

Thailand is our homeland. We’ll show you Thailand, better than anyone else!

Best Time to take Thailand tours

The best time to take Thailand Tours is during the dry and cool season which lasts from November to early April when the weather is still warm, pleasant and clear most days that offers you a great chance to visit and explore Thailand. This is also a great time to partake diving and snorkelling in southern Thailand.

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The authentic & unique experiences in Thailand you can expect

One of the best ways to gain a deeper insight into the interesting history and the indigenous culture is spending time to explore the best local experiences listed below!

How to choose your ideal Thailand Tour

If you are thinking there are many impressive Thailand Tours to choose and you do not which one to take, do not hesitate to check out our six basic steps as listed below to find out:

Step 1: Deciding the length of your Thailand Tour

Since each Thailand Tour has a different duration, you would need to decide how many days are you going to spend exploring Thailand. Are you going on a short trip of 3 days? A week? A couple of weeks? Or a month? Trying to figure out your total number of days and start from there. To give you an idea, the classic Thailand highlight tours usually roughly last from 08 to 19 days.

Step 2: Choose your Thailand Tour Style

If you've decided your favourite Thailand Tour Style, please go straight to step 3. Otherwise, you might want to check out Thailand Tours by Styles Collection and choose the style which suits your taste and needs.

Step 3: Find out which are your favourite destinations in Thailand

As Thailand is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia by area, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with its many stunning destinations. The recommended advice is starting from the most prominent destinations (e.g., Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Islands) to the less-known destinations (e.g., Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi, Amphawa) and read through the comprehensive travel guide of each destination in ‘Top Destinations in Thailand’ to find out where you want to discover.

Step 4: What are the activities you would like to take in your Thailand Tour?

Since Thailand has a diverse geography, there are numerous interesting activities which suit any taste and need of any traveller. Spending a short time to read through the highlights and tour summaries in each Thailand Tour, and decide which activities attract you most.

Step 5: Read the detailed itinerary

One of the most important steps to choose your desired Thailand Tour is spending time to read over the detailed itinerary carefully to know which type of experiences you will have, the accommodation and what are inclusions & exclusions.

Step 6: Send us an enquiry

Whether you find out your dream Thailand Holiday or not, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us since our experts are always ready to start working on your customized journey based on your needs and taste & help you organize your insider trip to Thailand.

Thailand Travel Guides & Inspirations

Features in our Thailand Tours


Each itinerary of each tour style has carefully designed with great attention to details to offer the real local experiences and suit any taste. However, they are not set in stone and can be tailored made to your exact needs. If you've got any idea or special interest, feel free to send us an enquiry and our experts will help you create a trip of a lifetime.


Accommodation is always one of the most important factors in creating the best trip so that our experts only choose high-quality homestays, hotels and resorts to bring the most comfortable feeling to travellers.


Whether you travel in a private small or big group, only the highest quality vehicles from reliable brands and professional drivers are chosen to ensure your safety and comforts.

Tour Guide

We are always proud of our professional tour guides who have had many years of involvement in the tourism industry and speak excellent English. They are all very friendly and have in-depth knowledge of every destination and site they are guiding.


To not only bring you the traditional taste and delicious flavours to amaze your senses but also ensuring the quality of the food at the highest level, our experts have chosen each restaurant carefully with great attention.


Because we aim to offer you the best travel experience, each flight will be well-organized and operated by the prestigious Thailand Airlines companies to ensure safety and comfort for you at all times.

FAQs about Thailand Tours

Cash or credit card in Thailand?

Both are ok. Credit cards are accepted all over Thailand in major accommodations and large restaurants. Cheaper and budget vendors will expect to be paid in cash. For upscale service or items, credit cards are more commonly used. For common services like taxi, tuk-tuk drivers or street food purchasing, cash is the better option.

Is the tap water in Thailand clean to drink?

It is not recommended to drink tap water directly in Thailand. Generally, water must be boiled before using it. Bottled water is used commonly here by many tourists to drink, even when they’re brushing the teeth for more safety but it’s not really necessary.

What is Thailand's preferred currency?

The preferred currency in Thailand is its national currency, the Thai Baht. You can also pay in US Dollars here, mainly in big shopping malls, hotels or large restaurants. But people recommended that you should have some local money on hand, particularly when you’re buying food or souvenirs in local markets or street vendors.

Best Thailand SIM card to buy

AIS 4G net SIM is the top-choice among tourists for a SIM card to buy when in Thailand due to its extensive coverage in almost regions in Thailand even in remote areas. AIS maintains a good connection in big cities but also offers good signals in islands or rural places. You can easily find this SIM card at the airport, malls, convenient stores, or official mobile providers.

Is food in Thailand safe and clean?

Regarded as a paradise of Asian cuisine, Thailand offers a wide array of local specialities and cooking styles. The food here is also known to be safe and clean to eat. Still, if you’re concerned about unfamiliar foods, it’s better to avoid raw ingredients and pick well-cooked dishes. Choosing popular and busy street food stalls should be fine.

Is tipping mandatory in Thailand?

Like many other neighbour countries, tipping is not a mandatory requirement in Thailand. However, gratuities for great service are always appreciated and it has become more common among tourists in Thailand. If the service is merely acceptable, depending on your satisfaction, you’re free to decide whether to give a bonus or not.

Which destinations should I visit in Thailand?

Thailand is never less attractive to tourists due to the colourful beauty of nature, history, culture, and local daily life. From ancient capitals in Sukhothai, Ayutthaya to exciting adventures diving into the nature in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, from lively Bangkok, Pattaya to beautiful seascapes in Phuket, Krabi or Phang Nga, the diversity of destinations has made Thailand satisfy any travel purposes. Depending on your travel interest, you could revise these recommended places above before setting off a trip to Thailand.

What is the best time to visit Thailand?

The dry season which lasts from November to early March is the best time to visit Thailand as the weather during these months is pleasant, sunny, and clear most days that will help you take full advantage of joining tourist activities here. Obviously, this is the busiest time so that many places will be crowded with people. October or April is also preferred by many tourists as it’s the time celebrating the most famous traditional festivals in Thailand.

How long do I need to explore Thailand?

If you have limited travel time, a tour route consisting of 3 places within 10 days could be fairly enough for you to explore Thailand. Travelling time between locations that are far apart could be a big concern unless you use airlines. Thus, to fully enjoy your trip to Thailand, you will need at least 2 weeks to visit the most famous destinations, experience almost must-do as well as have time to relax here.

Where should I visit in Thailand on my 1st-time tour routes?

Thailand has plentiful amazing things to discover than you expected so that just one trip is not enough for you to explore this country entirely. Many previous travellers recommended that the three most popular destinations in each region alongside the country’s territory are appropriate for first-timers. A trip to Chiang Mai in the North, Bangkok in the Central, and one of the beaches in the South (Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, etc) may be the most reasonable.

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