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Due to the comparatively easy accessibility from Bangkok - the capital of Thailand with nearly 4 hours driving, Koh Samet is definitely a perfect choice for beach lovers who would love to spend a couple of days to relax on the beach. Koh Samet is also famous amongst travellers for its essential elements such as a great national park, endless emerald sea, fine white sand, many interesting water sports, a vibrant atmosphere at night and a variety of accommodations which make up an enjoyable holiday.

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Take a full-day escape from the bustling Pattaya to Koh Samet

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Have a fun time with snorkeling to see the lovely marine life

Relax on the pristine white sandy beaches

Pattaya → Koh Samet

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Koh Samet Quick Facts

Situated in Rayong Province, Koh Samet Island (Samet means the cajeput tree) are a national park and an island of amazing natural beauty

The drive takes around 3 hours 30 minutes to the Nuanthip Pier in Ban The, then 45-minute by ferry to Koh Samet

The total of people living on Koh Samet was estimated at nearly 2870 residents in 2013

Located in the Southeast of Thailand - Gulf of Thailand

Koh Samet is home of beautiful 14 white sand beaches which have many colourful coral reefs

Best time to visit Koh Samet, thailand

The best time to visit Koh Samet Island is between October and May when the average temperature is usually below 30 degrees Celsius and the weather is rather dry with less rainfall. The rainy season is likely from mid-May to October and the strongest rains take place in September.

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