Best Nepal 7-Day Itinerary Ideas For Travellers


A week-long holiday in Nepal can provide travellers enough time to explore some of the outstanding highlights the country has to offer, from must-visit royal squares in the capital Kathmandu to natural wonders of Pokhara valleys or thrilling adventure in the wilderness near the Himalayan foothills. If you’re planning a 7-day trip with friends or family, read on for our best 7-day tour itineraries in Nepal that certainly inspire.

Must-have Travel Experiences On Any Vietnam Travel Bucket List


As an attractive country that is rich in both natural and cultural treasures, Vietnam boasts about a lot of pleasant things to do while travelling here. Among a wide range captivating Vietnamese highlights from major cities to idyllic countryside, from natural heritages to cultural hotspots, from exciting outdoor activities to iconic sightseeing tours, here is the list of the very best travel experiences that must be included on your travel bucket list in Vietnam:

Ultimate Bucket-list Attractions For Your First Trip In India


India is an interesting destination in South Asia due to its rich tapestry of cultural and natural variety. The country encapsulates within itself the great history, exotic spiritual world, diverse regional culinary art, and myriads scenic places from North to South, from West to East. Hence, India appears to global travel enthusiasts as a dreamland of multi remarkable local experiences. If you’re the first-time visitor to India, let’s discover with Asia Tours the ultimate bucket-list attractions here that probably help you to experience the best of India.

Sri Lanka - 6 Captivating Destinations Every History Buff Should Visit

Sri Lanka

Renowned as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is a beautiful tiny island for holidaymakers, with the tropical climate, sandy beaches and green tea hills. It’s also the perfect place for those in search of a long rich history, featuring the centuries of Buddhist heritage and sleep towns stuck in a bygone era. If you’re after the ancient wonders of the world, keep on reading this post about the best historical places to visit in Sri Lanka which are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites and will certainly enthral every history buff.

Top Beach Holiday Destinations to Visit in Asia

Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

There is an abundance of amazing islands with white sandy beaches in Asia where has always been considered a tropical paradise for beach lovers. If you are a first-time traveller and want to plan to visit some beautiful beaches in Asia, you’d be overwhelmed by countless options (e.g., Bali Island, Phu Quoc beaches or the hidden gem Ngapali Beach). Our Asia Tours experts have compiled a list of the top best beaches in Asia for a tropical getaway!

Discover Malaysia within a week - Best Malaysia Tours & Packages


Boasting about the richness of cultural and natural diversity, two peninsulas of Malaysia, with their iconic highlights ranging from the bigger cities to the lesser-known attractions, invites global travel enthusiasts to come and experience Malaysian essence. Packing in some of the most famous sights in both parts, our list of Malaysia tours & packages below is the collection of best choices for wonderful vacation in Malaysia within a week, which enables you to enjoy local Malaysian delights to the wholeness.

5 Days in Indonesia: Best Suggested Tours Ideas


Beyond a tropical beach paradise, Indonesia is also a captivating country full of interesting cultures, incredible food, spectacular volcanoes and amiable people that attract a lot of travellers from all over the world. It can take a month or longer to slowly experience all the best of this archipelago nation. However, for those just have a short time to savour this country, for example, 5 days, let us introduce you to some of the best-recommended itineraries for 5 days in Indonesia.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with its more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a captivating destination of many pristine beaches, spectacular natural wonders, historical colonial sites and stunning landscapes that attracts a lot of travellers from all around the world. If you’re planning your travels around this tropical archipelago in Southeast Asia, let’s have a look at our list of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

Travel Ideas For Stupendous 2-week Holiday In Vietnam


Vietnam, a seductive S-shaped country in Southeast Asia, has long been known a beloved holiday destination for worldwide travellers due to its special local delights. Dubbed as “the land of timeless charm”, Vietnam boasts about the richness of world-famous heritage, stunning natural treasures, multi-ethnic culture, awesome regional culinary art, and much more. Aiming to give all of you an in-depth exploration of Vietnam highlights, we, as experienced Vietnamese travel insiders, meticulously crafted the list of 14 days travelling across the country in handpicked itineraries below. Let’s find out what wonderful things you’ll get if you pick one from these amazing Vietnam tours.

Attractive Travel Destinations for First-Time Visitors to Nepal


From the majestic Himalayan peaks to the lush forested lowlands, Nepal is an incredibly diverse country that attracts a lot of tourists for a variety of reasons. Many come for serious treks in the Himalayas with a chance to admire the highest peak in the world - Everest. Some are intrigued by ancient cultural landmarks and sort of spiritual awakening in the capital Kathmandu, while others are lured by the call of nature and adrenaline adventure. If you’re planning your first trip to Nepal, here is the list of best places to visit in the country.

Perfect Japan Tour Plan: Taste of Japan in 15 Days


Looking for a great traverse of Japan? Searching a classic itinerary to see and explore the best of Japan? Let’s have a look at our ready-made tour plan of 15 days: Taste of Japan that takes you to amazing places in Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, and even more!

Where to go in your First-time trip to Myanmar?


Planning the first trip to anywhere is never a piece of cake. In fact, it could become more challenging and even time-consuming if it is a lesser-known region. Certainly the Internet is always available for everything, it could overwhelm you sometimes with tons of information, though. To help you save the time, below are 4 major destinations that you should include in your first trip to Myanmar without the worry of weather restriction all time of the year.

Discover Kandy, Sri Lanka: Everything You Need To Know

Sri Lanka

Full of culture and history, Kandy city is a mesmerizing tourist destination of Sri Lanka that is often included on any travel itinerary. If you’re planning a visit to this lovely town, here is everything you need to know for a great holiday.

7 Most-visited Tourist Attractions In Malaysia


Malaysia is an attractive Southeast Asian country where offers foreigners a remarkable journey learning about unique Malay cultural and natural diversity. Welcoming influxes of tourists every year, Malaysia is a dynamic hub of Southeast Asia for people of all ages. Two distinct Malaysian peninsulas, with their irresistible highlights ranging from local to international, from cultural to natural heritages, boast about a lot of interesting sites and attractions across the country. Getting to know the most famous places in Malaysia will surely make you a dream travel plan here. And seven Malaysian tourist attractions below are among the most-visited spots that you should not miss:

Perfect Tour Ideas for Your Short Trips in Thailand


An eight-day to two-week vacation is often a favourite choice for travellers to Thailand that would give you plenty of time to get a good feel for the country’s rich culture and unique landscapes in the north before having a break of relaxation down south. However, not every visitor has a long multi-day trip to enjoy. If you’re planning a short holiday to the Land of Smiles, let’s have a read through our excellent list of tour itineraries below for some inspiration.

Amazing Philippines Travel Itineraries For 2-3 Weeks


The Philippines is definitely a must-visit destination in Southeast Asia with more than 7,000 islands. Many come for its pristine islands and beaches, while others go for the lush mountains and wildlife. This tropical island nation has got them all covered. If you’re wondering what you could do and enjoy in a Philippines holiday for nearly 2-3 weeks, have a look at our suggested tour routes below and design your perfect own.

Top 6 Romantic Places In India For Honeymooners


India, a great South Asian country, is globally famous for its beguiling tapestry of various culture, regional highlights, and natural beauty. The country proudly houses myriads ancient forts, majestic architectural masterpieces, magnificent palaces, picturesque scenery, and alluring sandy beaches, which made India one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Travelling to India, anyone will be surely evoked the special feeling of true love through unforgettable travel experiences in each Indian tourist attraction. If you’re looking for a sweet holiday with a special someone, here are some of the best places for any perfect couple trip in India.

Top Foodie Destinations You Need to Visit in Japan


For many travellers, the cuisine is the main reason why they come to Japan where they can enjoy a wealth of gastronomical delights as well as an abundance of seasonal dishes. Each region offers its own regional specialities with unique culinary traditions. Here are the best places in Japan that food lovers should definitely bypass.

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