Best Philippines tour itineraries to the most beautiful islands


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the archipelagic country of the Philippines is certainly a dreaming tourist destination in Southeast Asia, with some of the best islands and beaches in the world. It consists of more than 7,000 islands that are divided into three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Each region has its own charm and highlights, from lush mountains to vibrant metropolitans, colonial streets to natural sanctuaries, which can make you feel spoilt for choice when it comes to the first island to visit.


If you’re planning to visit around this tropical island nation, let’s have a read through our suggested tour plans that give you a glimpse of what to expect when travelling to different islands of the Philippines.

Itinerary #1: Coron Island Exploration

Day Highlights

Day 1   Welcome to Manila!

Day 2   Fly from Manila to Busuanga. Explore Coron town

Day 3   Coron island hopping tour

Day 4   Coron kayak tour

Day 5   Departure


Coron is the largest town on the island of Busuanga in the province of Palawan, which is known as one of the top dive spots in the world, with its famous World War II wreck diving site, many beautiful white sand beaches, and healthy coral reefs.

On this Coron Island Exploration, you will have five days to explore all the best of this town, with a lot of water activities and also a relaxing time. After your flight to Manila, you will take another short flight to Busuanga on the next morning. Transfer to Coron town, relax and get settled in before discovering around the town’s attractions, such as Mount Tapyas, lively town streets and markets.

On day three, get ready for an island hopping tour around the bay and indulge in its pristine nature. You’ll have a chance to soak in the blue waters of the Twin Lagoons, Kayangan Lake, Hidden Lagoon, Siete Pecados Marine Park and Coral Eden. The next morning, paddle away on a kayak or stand-up paddle-board tour that takes you along the scenic Coron Bay mangrove channel and forests. On day five, your adventure will end with a drop-off at the airport.

Coron Palawan

Itinerary #2: Awesome Cebu & Bohol

Day Highlights

Day 1   Arrive in Cebu. Transfer to Oslob

Day 2   Day trip to Sumilon island

Day 3   Take the ferry from Cebu to Bohol

Day 4   Explore Bohol

Day 5   Take the ferry from Bohol back to Cebu. Departure


Cebu and Bohol are two of the most famous tourist islands of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas (Region VII) region. Both destinations are renown for beautiful natural wonders and diverse underwater world that attract a lot of local and international tourists. On this 5-day Awesome Cebu & Bohol Tour, let us show you the best of these provinces with plenty of amazing nature and wildlife excursions.

Start your journey on the island of Cebu, followed by a transfer to Oslob in the south of the island. The next morning, you’ll enjoy swimming with whale sharks experience and visit the stunning sand bar of Sumilon island before taking a dip at Tumalog and Kawasan Falls, two among the most mesmerizing waterfalls on the island. On day three, take a ferry transfer to Tagbilaran in Bohol.

On the next day, you will enjoy a full-day adventure trip around Bohol with a chance to see its famous Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world. On day five, you’ll take a ferry back to Cebu and drive to the airport for your onward flight.

Chocolate Hills

Itinerary #3: Unwinding Trip to El Nido & Puerto Princesa

Day Highlights

Day 1   Arrive in El Nido

Day 2   El Nido day trip

Day 3   Drive to Sabang, Puerto Princesa

Day 4   Sabang day trip

Day 5   Departure


For many beach bums and travellers, El Nido is the main reason why they travel to the tropical island nation of the Philippines. Comprising 45 islands and islets with plenty of majestic limestone cliffs, this destination is famous for beautiful seascapes of charming beaches, clear waters, and also water sports such as diving, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing. With this 5-day Unwinding Trip to El Nido & Puerto Princesa tour plan, you will have plenty of time for snorkelling above colourful coral reefs as well as venturing through the famed UNESCO-listed subterranean river network by boat. 

Begin your adventure in El Nido with free time to enjoy the breathtaking view of the beach on the first day. The next morning, let’s hop on a private tour around Bacuit Bay & El Nido archipelago, where you can explore different beaches and lagoon caves by kayak. Free to plunging into transparent waters of the Secret Lagoon, Seven Commands, Payong Beach, or Big Lagoon.

On day three, you will transfer to Sabang town in Puerto Princesa and take a boat trip on the next day. First, you will explore Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, home to the longest underground river in the world and also a UNESCO-listed wonder. Then take a gentle walk in Ugong Park through landscapes of palm trees and rice paddies, and end up in the Tirolinas area. The next day, head to the airport for your onward flight.

El Nido

Itinerary #4: Nature Escape & Birdwatching in the Philippines

Day Highlights

Day 1   Arrive in Manila

Day 2   Fly from Manila to Bacolod. Transfer to Cauayan

Day 3   Day trip to Danjugan island

Day 4   Day trip to Danjugan island

Day 5   Drive from Cauayan to Dumaguete

Day 6   Day trip to Valencia

Day 7   Day trip to Apo island

Day 8   Explore Valencia by motorbike

Day 9   Fly from Dumaguete to Manila


This exhilarating wildlife escape has been intimately designed for nature explorers and birdwatching lovers to the archipelagic country of Philippines. During the mind-blowing 9-day trip, you will visit some of the best sites hosting the major bird endemics and nature wonders: the islands of Danjugan, Dumaguete, and Apo island. Get ready for ample guided birding tours, sea excursions and free time on the turquoise waters.

After your arrival in Manila, enjoy an all-Filipino fiesta buffet dinner while watching a 45-minute cultural presentation. This is also a great chance to witness the traditional dance of Tinikling and learn more about the Filipino culture. On day two, take your flight to Bacolod and transfer to Cauayan for your next three-day stay. Spend most of your time venturing to Danjugan Island Marine Reserve and Sanctuaries, where can take many guided birdwatching tours, go kayaking in beautiful lagoons or snorkelling in rich underwater reefs.

On day five, you’ll drive to Dumaguete and spend the next four days discovering around this lovely town. You’ll spend your first day in Valencia, where you’ll experience the life of the locals for a day, learning some handicraft work and cooking a healthy lunch. The next day, you’ll set off to Apo island and have a chance to swim with turtles in their natural habitat. Spend the last time birding in the mountains of Valencia by motorbike with experienced local guides. On the final day, you’ll return to Manila for your flight home

Apo Island

Travelling to different regions and islands of the Philippines gives you various experiences and impressions. We hope the above-recommended trip plans will show you a slice of touring activities in several destinations. If you want to see more itineraries, check out our list of ready-made Philippines Tailor-made Tours or contact our Asia Private Tours experts for more information.

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