Best Places in Asia for Nature lovers 2024/2025

Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines

Asia covers the largest area of our planet. This is also home to an abundance of natural wonders – from the thousands of limestones in Halong Bay, the incredible Kelimutu volcano to the giant lizards in Komodo National Park. If you are thinking about taking a holiday to Asia, taking a peek at the list of top best natural places in Asia to visit which have carefully picked by our experts.


1. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay

A breathtaking seascape of more than 1,600 islands and islets (most of which are uninhabited) towering from turquoise water, Halong Bay, in the Gulf of Tonkin, is a magical natural wonder in northern Vietnam. This spectacular area was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 for its thousands of natural islands, and in 2000, it had the honour of being recognized the 2nd time for its outstanding geographical & geomorphological values. With its outstanding scenic beauty & immense biodiversity value, without a doubt, Halong Bay is one of the most worthy places to visit.

  • Best things to do: Explore some outstanding caves in Halong Bay, Relax on the cruise, Have cooking class and Tai Chi Exercise in the morning
  • Best time to visit: February to May and Mid-September to December when the weather is relatively pleasant and dry
  • Insider’s tip: Halong Bay divides into 3 bays – Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so you might want to spend time to learn more about them & choose your favourite bay
  • Recommended duration: 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights Halong Bay Cruises


2. Kelimutu, Flores Island, Indonesia

Kelimutu Volcano

There are a great number of tourists travelling to Flores don’t make it any further inland than the traditional town Labuan Bajo, the gateway to exploring Komodo National Park. What a mistake! Beyond Labuan Bajo, Flores Island also has another hidden gem for you to venture into the jungle and witness the beautiful nature, that’s Kelimutu volcano locating inside the Kelimutu National Park. This volcano consists of three magical summit crater lakes of different colours. These colours are unpredictable, sometimes, they are blue, green and black and some other times, they turn into dark brown, red and blue.

  • Best things to do: Explore the Kelimutu volcano with three crater lakes
  • Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit the Kelimutu National Park is during the dry season which lasts from May to September
  • Insider’s tip: You can book the accommodation in advance especially in July and August
  • Recommended duration: 1 - 2 days (The recommended overnight place is Moni village)


3. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island

There are two best things to do in the natural Komodo Island – exploring Komodo National Park and diving. Firstly, Komodo National Park was originally established to protect more than 5,700 giant lizards (also known as the Komodo dragons) in the world and this park was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Up to now, this is home to many incredible creatures such as flying foxes, mantas rays, rare marine mammals and more. Secondly, if you are a fan of scuba diving, Komodo Island has some of the top dive sites in the world.

  • Best things to do: Explore Komodo National Park to see the giant lizards or Komodo dragon, Visit Pink Beach
  • Best time to visit: April to December when the weather is pleasant, not too hot with very little rain
  • Insider’s tip: You shouldn’t travel to Komodo Island due to the strong winds, waves and heavy rainfall
  • Recommended duration: 2 - 3 days


4. Lake Toba, North Sumatra Island, Indonesia

Lake Toba

Known as the largest volcanic lake on Earth, this natural lake Toba is situated in the middle of the northern part of Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Toba is a destination to sit back, immerse into the extraordinary beauty of nature and do nothing. Besides, this natural wonder consists of an island which is situated in the middle almost the size of the modern country Singapore. Lake Toba has a total area of nearly 1,145 square km with a depth of 450 meters, it looks like a small ocean. This lake is also home to the friendly Batak people who still keep their rich culture.

  • Best things to do: Chill by the natural lake Toba, Visit the Batak villages and interact with locals to gain an insightful view into their rich culture, Enjoy the tasty cuisine of Batak people, Explore the tallest Sipiso Piso Waterfall in Indonesia, Conquer the peaks of Pusuk Buhit
  • Best time to visit: May to September when the weather is clear and fewer chances of rainfall
  • Insider’s tip:  Since Sumatra island sits directly on the equator, you should always have sunscreen with you to protect from the sun 
  • Recommended duration: 7 - 10 days


5. Chocolate Hills, Bohol, The Philippines

Chocolate Hills

Often dubbed as an “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the Chocolate Hills destination is probably the most famous attractions in Bohol. The Chocolate Hills are a group of giant molehills which draw attention for its unusually shaped hills and the chocolate colour in the dry season. The number of hills is unknown but it is said that there are around 1,776 hills with the height is between 30 and 120 meters. The conical Chocolate hills spread over within a 50 square kilometre area. 

  • Best things to do: Explore Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory and Tarsier Conservatory, Try to walk on Bamboo Hanging Bridge, Take a day of paddleboarding, Enjoy Loboc River Cruise, Visit Cathedral of San Jose and Baclayon Church, Discover Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park and Amaze the beauty of Cambuyo Rice Terraces
  • Best time to visit: April to August – this is the hottest time of the year with the average temperature is around 32 degree Celsius but all the hills are brown during this season
  • Insider’s tip:  If you want to witness the brown colour of the Chocolate hills, you should visit this area during the summer season which lasts from the end of April to early August. Please aware that due to the high temperature, you might want to take the sunscreen and a couple of bottle water with you
  • Recommended duration: 3 - 5 days


Which natural destinations do you consider the best places to visit in Asia?

Halong Bay


Komodo Island

Lake Toba

Chocolate Hills

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