Sumatra Island - Pristine and unparalleled nature

Sumatra Island - A perfect island for all types of adventurers is one of the famous islands in Indonesia amongst tourists from all over the world because of its pristine nature and untouched places. In these Sumatra holidays, we will give you a taste of the colourful Indonesian culture, take you to the most impressive super-volcanoes, hike on the off-beaten-tracks and meet some special species such as Sumatran orangutans and rhinoceros.

Sumatra Island travel guide information

Sumatra Island Quick Facts

Sumatra Island is the 2nd largest (after Borneo) and a part of the Sunda Islands. This island is famous as the perfect island for adventure lovers

Compared with other islands in Indonesia like Bali or Lombok, this island is less-visited by tourists

This is home to plenty of endangered animals such as tigers, orangutan, rhinoceros and tigers

In 2019, Sumatra Island had a population of nearly 58,455,800 people in the total area of 473,481 square kilometres

Sumatra Island has a typical tropical climate which is hot and humid

87.1% of its population are Muslims, while 10.7% are Christians and only nearly 2% are Buddhists and Hindus

Best time to visit Sumatra Island, indonesia

The best time to travel to Sumatra Island is during the dry season which is from May to October when the weather is relatively comfortable and fewer chances of rainfall with the average temperatures sitting around 27 degree Celsius throughout the year. Please aware that monsoons between November and March often lead to heavy rainfall making roads inaccessible.

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Aceh Exploration

Sumatra Island → Weh Island → Sumatra Island
Indonesia Indonesia

Tour Banda Aceh to see its famous tourist attractions, including Aceh Tsunami Museum, Grand Mosque Baiturrahman, and Museum Negeri Aceh

Enjoy a short beach vacation on Weh Island

Take in the breathtaking views along the drive from Sabang to Iboih Village

Spend time diving and snorkeling on Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island

Visit Lhoknga Beach, the 2004 Tsunami Ground Zero

Sumatra Island → Weh Island → Sumatra Island
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