The Land of the Himalayas

One of the world’s great travel destinations with colourful cultural tapestry, rugged trails to Himalayan peaks, and wild jungle adventures that make you return over and over again.

Home to legendary Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal is a paradise of myths and fairy tales, mountains and snow, culture and festivals. Sandwiched between India and China, and protected by the highest ranges of the world, this breathtaking country is the ideal destination on earth to explore the Himalayan lifestyle and culture, to learn everything about Tibetan Buddhism or to challenge some of the most difficult trekking trials. From the snow-capped mountains in the north to lush valleys enriched with ancient customs and traditions in the centre, or flat expansive plains with subtropical jungles in the south, whatever you come for, Nepal offers an astonishingly wide array of attractions and experiences, and you will always be greeted by charismatic people with wide smiles.

Nepal is a paradise for trekkers and culture enthusiasts with incredible Himalayan ranges, ancient medieval cities and vast wild jungles

Soaring mountains, ancient medieval cities, holy spiritual sites, wild jungles and the friendliest people of earth make Nepal a fascinating dream destination for every traveller. If you are mountain lovers, the incredible Himalayan mountains offer some of the best hiking trails, while the vast plains in the south with many wildlife viewing opportunities are perfect for nature buffs. To help you experience Nepal in the fullest ways, we’ve specially designed a collection of tailor-made and customizable Nepal Tours that get to the heart of the people and landmarks in “the roof of the world”.

Highlights in our Nepal Tours

Our best Nepal Tours collection focuses on bringing the real local experiences and unmissable activities to provide an unforgettable trip to travellers.

The Best Nepal Tours Collection 2024 - 2025

We understand that a well-planned tour makes travelling fun, memorable and easy. All our best selling Nepal tour package includes all must-see attractions and must-do outdoor activities in Nepal ranging from the rich culture, delicious cuisine, breathtaking nature, lifestyle to adventure & historical exploration. You will not just visit a particular place but also feel, touch & get the real local experiences.

Amazing Adventure to Himalayas in Nepal

Amazing Adventure to Himalayas in Nepal

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

For those who are into something quaint, indigenous & unspoiled like nowhere, nothing is better than taking a long trip to Nepal, where is the land for what is called true adventures diving into exotic nature and culture. Our Nepal itinerary are packed with plenty must-see places and must-try...

Best of Nepal

Best of Nepal

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert

Delve deep into the beautiful cultural and natural diversities of Nepal’s three main regions —Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan on this nine-day Best of Nepal Tour. Your journey will start off with an exploration through Kathmandu's main culturally and spiritually significant monuments, many of...

Flavor of Nepal's Nature and Wildlife

Flavor of Nepal's Nature and Wildlife

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

Despite its small size, Nepal has been paradise for a lot of nature lovers with many natural splendors and wildlife paramount scattered throughout the country. This amazing tour offers travelers 10 days in Nepal that takes you in some of the best places to explore, teeming with forest adventure and...

Explore the Best Sights of Nepal

Explore the Best Sights of Nepal

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

From ancient cities to lush jungle, still lakes to bustling markets, 10 days in Nepal is plenty of time to experience some of the country's best highlights. With this trip itinerary, you will journey into the heart of Nepal and explore the mesmerizing sights and traditions of this enchanting region...

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

One of the most famous trails in the Himalayas of Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp trek is a moderate and majestic trek for those wanting to enjoy the beauty of the Annapurna Himalayas along with the cultural insight and life of Nepalese people in Annapurna region. Within 10 days, the trail leads you...

Nepal Tours 11 - 16 Days

Nepal Tours 6 - 10 Days

Nepal Tours by Styles

All our best Nepal Tours by Styles are designed around your different needs & preferences to make sure that you can find a tour that suits your travel style and experience the best of the country has to offer. From providing you with a chance to visit the highlights of Nepal in our Classic Nepal Tours or offering the romantic experiences for you and your spouse in our Nepal Honeymoon Holidays and more, Asia Tours has the perfect fit.

Nepal Tours By Destinations

Nepal is our homeland. We’ll show you Nepal, better than anyone else!

Best Time to take Nepal tours

The best time to take Nepal Tours is between October & December when the skies are generally clear with the views spectacular. Besides, the weather remains dry until the beginning of April. Please be aware that January and February can be very cold, especially at night and late spring is an ideal time to travel as the rhododendrons burst into bloom.

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The authentic & unique experiences in Nepal you can expect

If you are looking for all experiences that you might have during your dream Nepal Tours, we have showcased the real local experiences in Nepal which include lifestyle, culture, nature, history and must-visit attractions. Get ready to tick Nepal’s memorable experiences as listed below!

How to choose your ideal Nepal Tour

If you are a first-timer to Nepal, you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed amongst many best Nepal Tours. Please read through our six basic steps to find a Nepal Tour which suits you the best:

Step 1: Deciding the length of your Nepal Tour

Before choosing your ideal Nepal Tour, please decide how many days are you going to spend discovering this country. Are you going on a short trip of 5 days? A week? A couple of weeks? Or a month? Trying to figure out your total number of days and start from there. To give you an idea, the classic Nepal highlight tours usually roughly last from 05 to 11 days.

Step 2: Choose your Nepal Tour Style

Choosing the best Nepal Tour Style which suits your wishes & preferences is one of the most important steps to help you find your dream Nepal trip. For instance, if you travel with your spouse, you might want to take a look at our Nepal Honeymoon Holidays collection, or our Nepal Family Tour Packages are perfect for you when visiting Nepal with kids. Take a peek at our collection of Nepal Tour Style and take your time to decide.

Step 3: Find out which are your favourite destinations in Nepal

Nepal is a diverse country with an abundance of impressive destinations (e.g., Chitwan, Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Bandipur and Pokhara) to explore. To find out which is your favourite itinerary, take a look at our best list of top destinations in Nepal as listed below and write down all the places you want to visit.

Step 4: What are the activities you wouldlike to take on your Nepal Tour?

No itineraries are alike. Each of Nepal itinerary features different places to explore and things to do. For instance, some of our best Nepal Tours will focus on taking you to some of the best highlights in Nepal such as Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara to gain an insightful view into the culture and history of this country while others will offer you more to partake the best outdoor sports such as hiking, trekking and more. You should spend a short time to read through the highlights & tour summaries. Besides, don’t forget to write down anything that you feel interested in.

Step 5: Read the detailed itinerary

Spending time to read through the detailed itinerary will help you know the experiences and activities you have, where to stay and what are inclusions & exclusions in the Nepal trip.

Step 6: Send us an enquiry

Whether you find out your ideal Nepal Tour or not, please feel free to send us an enquiry as our Asia Tours experts are always ready and happy to start working on your tailor-made journey based on your requirements and taste & help you organize your insider trip to Nepal.

Nepal Travel Guides & Inspirations

Features in our Nepal Tours


With many years of experience in offering the best Nepal itineraries for travellers from all over the world, our Asia Tours experts have carefully created this best Nepal Tours collection which suits any needs and wishes. However, they are not set in stone and can be customized to your exact needs. If you’ve got any idea or special interest, do not hesitate to get in touch with us who are always happy and ready to help you create a trip of a lifetime.


Only high-quality accommodation with great services anda great range of amazing feedbackhas been chosen in our best Nepal Tours and Packages to offer you a highly personalized service and a comfortable stay.


Whether you travel in a private small or big group in Nepal, our experts only choose the highest quality vehicles from reliable brands along with professionaldrivers to make sure your safety and the most comfortable feeling during your trip.

Tour Guide

You will have a great chance to enjoy the beauty of Nepal with one of our best knowledgable and super-friendly local private guides who are so passionate to share with you the best stories about their home country.


Each restaurant in our Nepal Tours has been chosen with great attention by our expert team to not only bring you the regional flavours, delicious taste to amaze your senses but ensuring the quality at the highest level to help you avoid any food issue.


Because we aim to offer you the best travel experience, each flight will be well-organized and operated by the prestigious Nepal Airlines companies to ensure safety and comfort for you at all times.

FAQs about Nepal Tours

Cash or credit card in Nepal?

You can use your debit and credit cards to make payments in Nepal, but it is much easier with cash. Cash in a local currency, the Nepalese Rupees, and US dollars or Euros are accepted in all hotels, travel agencies, or airlines. The accepted credit cards are American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Card and Maestro, but keep in mind that there is a service charge on your transaction, and in some remote areas or villages, they may not work.

Is the tap water in Nepal clean to drink?

Tap water and river water in Nepal cannot be drunk without treatment, even you might see localsfine drinking “jungle water”. Generally, tourists are recommended to use bottled water, boiling water or purification tablets. If you are boiling water, be sure the time to boil is longer at altitude. Always check the top of water bottles to avoid the used ones as well as drinking enough water to prevent the risk of dehydration.

What is Nepal’s preferred currency?

Nepal’s official currency isthe Nepalese Rupee or NPR/ Rs. It comes in notes of 1,2, 5, 10, 20, 50,100, 500 and 1000, while Nepali coins aredenominated in1, 2 and 5. You can easily find ATMs and money-exchange counters in big cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as in several popular trails. Dollars,Euro and Pounds are accepted everywhere in Nepal, butit is recommended that you have the local currency if you trek to different regions of Nepal.

Best Nepal SIM card to buy

There are two major carriers in Nepal providing SIM cards for travellers, Ncell and Nepal Telecom (NTC/ Namaste), and each has served in different areas. While Ncell is faster and more popular in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Telecom has greater coverage in the mountains that is perfect if you go on a trek. You can easily buy SIM cards from their main vendors at the airport, but the options may be more expensive. Otherwise, many cell vendors in the cities can help you out.

Is the food in Nepal safe and clean?

Nepal has many delicious authentic foods like chiura (beaten rice), samosa tarkari (curry soup), or baraa (lentil pancake) that you can safely enjoy in a variety of restaurants. However, it’s recommended to always savour hot dishes and not eat any raw food that you haven’t prepared yourself. You’ll easily find safe food in supermarkets and be sure to rinsefruit and vegetables inpurified water. Also, carrying hand sanitiser with you is a good idea.

Is tipping mandatory in Nepal?

Tipping is not mandatory in Nepal but it is expected by most people working in the tourism industry as with many service workers, it is an important source of income. Many large hotels and restaurants in Nepal already include service charges in the final bill. If you don’t see it, you can leave a personal tip in a gratuity box or give a small amount directly to the servers and staffs for good service. If you go on a trekking tour in Nepal, it is recommended to tip your tour guides and porters, basing on the quality of service you receive.

Which destinations should I visit in Nepal?

Nepal is a surprisingly diverse country with plenty of amazing places to visit from north to south. While many are lured by the call of adventure with the iconic hikes and rugged trails to the legendary Himalayas, the famous capital city of Kathmandu is a cultural eye-opener with a host of sacred and historic attractions that take a couple of days to uncover. Otherwise, you can spend time in Lumbini to explore the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the historic Lord Buddha. If you’re after real natural experiences, boat trips in Pokhara and wildlife safaris in Chitwan National Park will certainly fulfil your desire. For those seeking off-the-beaten-path destinations, the Langtang and Helambu regions are perfect options for trekking with old monasteries, extensive views, and stunning mountain scenery.

What is the best time to visit Nepal?

As Nepal has much to offer all year round, the best time to start your journey will depend much on the activities you plan to do while in the country. If adventures in the mountains are your things, spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) are the peak seasons for hikers and mountaineers with mild temperatures and clear skies. Winter months from December to February can also great options for low-altitude hikesalthough it is inevitably colder, and travel photography with the country’s stunning natural beauty. Summer (June-August) with the monsoon season is a pleasant time for those wanting to avoid crowds and high prices, but expect chances of downpours and sudden changes to your itinerary.

How long do I need to explore Nepal?

To experience all the best of Nepal, a trip within a month or longer might let you traverse throughout the most popular landmarks and several remote & less-travelled sites, while still have some extra time left to rest and relax. If your vacation is shorter, it’s better to consider your interests and choose some of the prominent destinations for your itinerary. In 5-6 days, you can enjoy the highlights of the capital Kathmandu and spend a short time in some neighbouring towns nearby. Meanwhile, a 10-14 day journey will be the best option for those wanting to catch a glimpse of this picturesque Himalayan nation.

Where should I visit in Nepal on my 1st-time tour routes?

Despite its small size, Nepal covers vast diverse landscapes, ranging from soaring mountains in the north, lush valleys in the central and flat expansive plains in the south. Each region has its geographical features and typical touring highlights that attract a lot of travellers. If you’re planning your 1st-time tour route in Nepal, be sure to research some of the best destinations scattered throughout the country, including the bustling capital city Kathmandu, the sacred garden in Lumbini, the cultural city Bhaktapur, the natural wonders of Pokhara, Asia’s best wildlife watching in Chitwan and many more national parks dotted the land.

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