The Land of Golden Pagodas

Outstanding ancient pagodas & temples, the most Buddhist country in Southeast Asia, surreal & strikingly landscapes and unforgettable experiences.

Not too common to many people before, Myanmar has been an emerging destination in the Asia travel map in recent years. Myanmar attracts tourists by the inherent beauty of an enigmatic Buddhism country with plentiful ancient temples and majestic golden pagodas. Also, the country is the harmony of exotic culture and glamour authenticity. The charm of the local life and beautiful sceneries in Myanmar makes it become an inviting stop in Southeast Asia for any culture buff. If you’re dreaming of something that you’ve never experienced, Myanmar, the land of undiscovered things, is definitely well-worth your visit for an exciting voyage.

Population: 55.2 million.
Capital City: Nay Pyi Taw (Pop: 925.000).
People: Bamar 68%, Shan 9%, Karen 7%, Rakhine 4%, Chinese 3%, Indian 2%, Mon 2%, other 5%.
Language: Myanmar (Bamar).
Currency: Kyat (MMK).
Time Zone: GMT + 6:30 Hours.
International Dialing Code: +95.

Myanmar - The land of undiscovered things, majestic ancient temples & golden pagodas, distinctive indigenous lifestyle & beautiful sceneries

Myanmar is known to be a place of a distinctive indigenous lifestyle and many sacred religious sites that are dated back from centuries ago. Myanmar tours below are our best recommendations for the most appropriate schedule that consists of both historical and cultural discoveries in Myanmar. Each tour is the combination of adventures and relaxation, of discoveries and local experiences that could offer you a great voyage to an Asian country.

Highlights in our Myanmar Tours

With over 10 years of experience in designing tailor-made trips for our amazing customers, our Myanmar experts always focus on the quality of Myanmar Tours to provide the unforgettable moments and highlights of each destination to travellers.

The Best Myanmar Tours Collection 2024 - 2025

Each trip in these best-seller Myanmar Tours are created meticulously and uniquely for you to have a precious chance to explore and experience the most notable destinations which are full of mythical landscapes, impressive architecture, numerous interesting activities and indigenous culture.

Typical Myanmar

Typical Myanmar

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
YangonBaganMandalayKalawInle LakeNgwe Saung beach

As an amazing way to see and experience the best of Myanmar which is a charming country filled with stunning landscapes, fascinating culture and lovely people, this 16-day journey is a perfect choice for anyone seeking for a wholly experience Myanmar at unhurried pace. The tour covers incredible...

Finding the raw beauty of serene Myanmar

Finding the raw beauty of serene Myanmar

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
YangonBaganSalayPakkokuAvaMandalayKalawInle Lake

Venturing around the enchanting Burma at leisure speed, you are to take the best advantage of time to savour slowly the most of every single place we pass. Joining this fortnight journey formed by an integration of land and cruise sections, you are able to discover a deeply spiritual and...

Incomparable Myanmar

Incomparable Myanmar

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert

Explore the enchantment of Myanmar on a 15-day journey through selected. Kick start your adventure in the welcoming Yangon, where you could see the golden Shwedagon Pagoda magically glows out under the sunset, and get much deeper into Myanmar's heart and soul with amazing collection of ancient...

Essential Myanmar

Essential Myanmar

AsiaTours Expert

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AsiaTours Expert
MandalayBaganKalawInle LakeYangon

Experience the diverse culture, natural beauty, historical reserves and warm hospitality of Burma during this 9-day package as you explore the genuine treasures the country has to offer such as poetic sunset over U Bein bridge, gigantic unfinished pagoda in Mingun,powerful ancient kingdom of Bagan,...

A glimpse of Myanmar's signature beauty

A glimpse of Myanmar's signature beauty

AsiaTours Expert

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert
YangonMandalayBaganInle Lake

Referring to many contributing ideas from our beloved clients all around the world who have visited Myanmar at least once with us, this 8-day land tour and cruise package has come out as a trusty recommendation for any new visitors who wish to take the best of Myanmar in roughly a week long. With a...

Myanmar Tours 11 - 16 Days

Myanmar Tours 6 - 10 Days

Myanmar Tours 2 - 5 Days

Myanmar Tours 1 Day

Myanmar Tours by Styles

Not a single tour is look-alike since we understand that every traveller is different. Our Myanmar experts have carefully created different Myanmar touring styles to help you discover Myanmar in a way that suits you the best. Whether you are wanting to explore breathtaking natural landscapes, improving your knowledge about history, delving into the local culture of Burmese, soaking in the sun-and-sea on some stunning beaches or taking one of a lifetime experience - the balloon riding above majestic Bagan city; Asia Tours has the style of travel that's perfect for you.

Myanmar Tours By Destinations

Myanmar is our homeland. We’ll show you Myanmar, better than anyone else!

Best Time to take Myanmar tours

Despite being the all-year-round destination, the best time to take Myanmar Tours is in the winter season which is between November and February, when the weather is cooler (the average temperature is around 27°C) and fewer chances of rainfall. However, it’s also the peak season for travellers so you are recommended to book all services in advance.

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Best time
Great time
Off season

The authentic & unique experiences in Myanmar you can expect

There is no better way to gain a deeper insight into the indigenous culture and customs by spending time to explore the best local experiences listed below!

How to choose your ideal Myanmar Tour

If you are confused amongst many best Myanmar Tours and do not know which tour suit you best, make sure to check out our six basic steps as listed below to find out:

Step 1: Deciding the length of your Myanmar Tour

Since each Myanmar Tour has a different duration, you would need to decide how many days are you going to spend exploring Myanmar. Are you going on a short trip of 3 days? A week? A couple of weeks? Or a month? Trying to figure out your total number of days and start from there. To give you an idea, the classic Myanmar highlight tours usually roughly last from 06 to 16 days.

Step 2: Choose your Myanmar Tour Style

When you have decided the duration of your desired tour, the next step you might want to consider is choosing which Myanmar tour style will suit your taste. If you are adventure lover, Myanmar Active Tours might be your interest; or if you want to spend time relaxing on the pristine beach, Beach Holidays will be the perfect theme.

Step 3: Find out which are your favourite destinations in Myanmar

As Myanmar is the largest of the Mainland Southeast Asian states by area, its physical geography is very diverse: within its boundaries are many stunning sandy beaches (Ngapali & Ngwe Saung), lush mountainous regions and amazing lakes (Inle Lake), rivers (Irrawaddy & Chindwin Rivers) & waterfalls (Dee Dote & Anisakan Falls). In addition, some impressive destinations such as Bagan - the most popular archaeological site in Southeast Asia, Mandalay - the old royal capital of Myanmar or Yangon - the former capital city of Myanmar shouldn't be missed on any itinerary.

Step 4: What are the activities you would like to take in your Myanmar Tour?

As Myanmar has a diverse geography, there are numerous amazing activities to do in this exotic country. You can make a list of all activities from the highlights and tour summaries in each Myanmar Tour, and decide which activities attract you most.

Step 5: Read the detailed itinerary

After finding out your desired Myanmar Tours itineraries, spending time to look at the detailed itinerary to know which type of experiences you will have in each day, the accommodation and what are inclusions & exclusions.

Step 6: Send us an enquiry

Whether you find out your ideal Myanmar Tour or not, please do not hesitate to send us an enquiry as our expert team is always ready to start working on your customized trip based on your needs and taste & help you organize your insider journey to Myanmar.

Myanmar Travel Guides & Inspirations

Features in our Myanmar Tours


Our itineraries were carefully designed by our knowledgable experts and none of them is alike with the purpose of bringing the authentic experiences and suit any taste of each traveller. However, they are not set in stone and can be tailored made to your exact wishes. If you've got any idea and place, feel free to get in touch with our experts who are always ready to help you create a trip of a lifetime.


With many years working in the travel industry, our experts understand accommodation is one of the most important factors in creating the best journey. With each Myanmar Tour Style, they only choose suitable and high-quality accommodation to bring the best experience to travellers.


Whether you are in a private small or big group, only the highest quality vehicles from reliable brands along with professional and friendly drivers are chosen for your tours to make sure your safety and the most comfortable feeling.

Tour Guide

We only choose the tour guide who has a professional license & many years involvement in the travel industry. They are all super-friendly, speak excellent English and have in-depth knowledge of every place and site they are guiding.


Each restaurant in Myanmar Tours has been selected carefully by our experts to not only offer you the Burmese original taste, tasty flavours to amaze your senses but ensuring the quality to help you avoid any food issue.


Because we aim to offer you the best travel experience, each flight will be well-organized and operated by the prestigious Myanmar Airlines companies to ensure safety and comfort for you at all times.

FAQs about Myanmar Tours

Vaccinations for Myanmar

For vaccinations for travelling to Myanmar, you should seek medical advice from your doctor. Since there are some vaccinations (e.g: Rabies) involve a course of 3 injections over a period of time to get full protection, you might want to ask your doctor as soon as possible. For malaria, according to National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, you should cover up your body with clothing (long trousers and long sleeves) especially after sunset, always bring & using insect repellents on exposed skin and sleeping under a mosquito net.

Is the tap water in Myanmar clean to drink?

Tap water is not drinkable in Myanmar as same as other Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos since it may contain waterborne viruses. You should drink only bottled water & soft drinks that haven't been opened. In case you do not have safe bottled water or can't buy them, you should boil the water to make it safe to drink.

What is Myanmar preferred currency?

The local currency is Kyat and this is also the preferred currency in Myanmar. You should be aware to pay most expenses with it. For larger bills such as overnight buses, tours and accommodation, you can pay in US dollars. Major hotels and resorts in big cities such as Yangon, Mandalay, etc may accept payment by debit card or credit but usually come with some heavy fees and high exchange rates. Although this may still be possible under certain circumstances, kyat is now the preferred currency, and visitors should plan to pay most expenses with it. Major hotels in cities may accept payment by credit or debit card.

SIM card in Myanmar

Regarding the SIM card in Myanmar, there are 4 mobile operators which are Ooredoo, Telenor, MPT and MyTel providing the SIM card service. Amongst them, according to travellers, MPT is probably is the best coverage and signal across the country. For the price, it might cost you from $1 - $2 to buy a SIM card, and around $10 - $15 for an internet package (Depending on how much data you wish to buy).

Is food in Myanmar safe and clean?

For food lovers, trying as much as delicious local food is one of the best things to do. However, the possibility of getting food poisoning in a different country finds it easy to happen. To avoid this big issue in Myanmar, one tip is that you shouldn't eat in any place that is dirty and has only a few local customers. Choosing or asking either tour guide or receptionist in your hotel for some reliable addresses where most locals are eating. In addition, some travellers do not have any problem with uncooked vegetables, but if you are concerned about this, stick with soups and cooked vegetables.

Is tipping mandatory in Myanmar?

The same as some other countries in Southeast Asia, Tipping is not part of Myanmar's culture. However, giving a small amount of money for waiters, luggage porters, drivers, tour guide, etc is a great way to appreciate their excellent services.

Which destinations should I visit in Myanmar?

Manymar is well known for many charm and untouched destinations, so it can be overwhelming to choose where to explore in your 1st trip. The first option would be recommended is you check out the top destinations in Myanmar and choose some of them to discover. Remember that as everyone is different, you might want to check the main attractions and activities in each destination to decide. The other option would be contacting us for your enquiry and our experts are always ready to give you some best advice about where to visit in Myanmar.

The best time to visit Myanmar

Although you can explore Myanmar all year round, the best time to visit this country is in the winter season which lasts from November to February when the weather is pleasant with the cool breeze. While from March to May, the average temperatures can rise to more than 40 degrees Celsius and from June to September is the wet season with torrential rains and flooding.

How long do I need to explore Myanmar?

According to many travellers, you should spend at least 2 days in each destination to explore the most outstanding places. In addition, if you can, keep your travel plans flexible enough to where you can simply leave when you think it's time to go.

Where should I visit in Myanmar on my 1st-time tour routes?

Visiting Myanmar for your 1st time and can't spend much time to explore each destination in Myanmar, you might want to spend most of your time to explore some of the most attractive and charming destinations such as Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Yangon.

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