Taunggyi - Home to Many Attractive Tourist Spots

Taunggyi, which is located in Shan State, is a district in Central Myanmar. The district is the home to many attractive tourist spots of the country that are varied from natural, cultural, to historical sites. The district’s capital itself, Taunggyi City is famous for the Hot air balloon festival which is held annually in the eighth month of traditional Burmese Calendar. Tanggyi possesses an ample charm that surely intrigues any foreigners.

Top things to do in Taunggyi, myanmar

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Taunggyi Quick Facts

Taunggyi district has 12 towns and 3001 villages. Its municipality town, Taunggyi, is also the largest city of Shan State and the fifth largest city in Myanmar. The total population of the district is 1,701,338 people

The name “Taunggyi” in the Burmese language means “huge mountain”. It is also the name of a ridge in the district that is a part of the Shan Hills system

Taunggyi lies at an altitude of 1,400m above the sea level, with many parts of the district are hills and mountainous areas

Taunggyi has a tropical climate with a winter dry season and a summer wet season. The weather here is basically temperate and pleasant with slight differences in the annual average temperature among areas of the district (around 20oC)

The capital city, Taunggyi plays an important role in transferring tourists from and to many destinations in the district

The most popular tourist site in Taunggyi is Inle Lake where has an alluring beauty of natural landscapes and idyllic local floating lives

Best time to visit Taunggyi, myanmar

The best time to visit Taunggyi is between December and March (dry season) with long sun hours and clear weather during these months. The hottest month in Taunggyi is in April then the rainy season will last until November. If you’re travelling to Taunggyi in the summer, be aware of wetness and rainfalls.

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