Kyaikto - A Peaceful Town

Kyaikto, a part of the Kyaikto Township, is a small peaceful town located in Thaton District. Kyaikto is the nearest town to the famous Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock Pagoda), a prominent Buddhist landmark of Myanmar. Tourists might stay overnight in the town for refreshment before continuing the pilgrim’s journey to Kyaiktiyo.

Top things to do in Kyaikto, myanmar

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Yangon short escape to Kyaikhtiyo

Myanmar Myanmar

Get back to nature in Winga Baw elephant camp

Join locals in an interesting hill truck ride to Kyaikhtiyo mountain top

Meditate under the wonderful sunset over the sacred Golden Rock temple


Fantastic escape from Yangon

Myanmar Myanmar

Admire ancient beauty of colonial buidings and world-famous Shwedagon pagoda

Roam the jungle with wild elephants in Winga Baw camp

Try a exciting adventure up Kyaikhtiyo mountain on a open-air truck

Witness a majestic sunset over Golden Rock temple and surrounding valleys

Trek through YaThaeTaung village and intereract with authentic local friends


Meditate in the sunset under the glistering stupa of Shwedagon pagoda

Blend in local hustle life in circular train around Yangon

Enjoy a windy hill truck drive to the most sacred Golden Rock

Embark on relaxed trekking tour around hill village of YaThaeTaung

Explore the natural beauty and enjoy a peaceful boat trip in Saddan cave and surrounding rural scenery

Conquer the spectacular view of Hpa-an from top of Mt. ZweKa Bin

Discover the mesmerizing Mon-style architecture in Kaw Goon Cave

Indulge in surreal beauty of Kyauk Ka Lat island pagoda

Yangon→Kyaikto→Hpa An→Yangon

Kyaikto travel guide information

Kyaikto Quick Facts

Kyaikto is in Mon State, a southeast state of Myanmar

The town is around 30km from Kyaiktiyo Town (the entire area on the top of the mountain including temples and the town as well) and 15km from Kin Pun (the town or basecamp at the foot of the mountain)

According to the 2014 census, the urban population of Kyaikto is 35,224 people

Kyaikto has a tropical climate with two seasons in a year. The annual average temperature here is 24oC and the precipitation averages 2470mm

To reach the Golden Rock Pagoda in Kyaiktiyo, people can either take a day trip from Yangon or spend a night here (in Kyaikto, Kin Pun or Kyaiktiyo) before visiting the pagoda

Best time to visit Kyaikto, myanmar

As the rainy season is in the summertime, the recommended time to visit Kyaikto, especially Kyaiktiyo is during the dry season, from November to early April. The advantageous weather during this time (dry, clear, and sunny) could help people admire the sacred beauty of the Golden Rock Pagoda, especially in the sunset and sunrise.

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