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Best way to discover the exotic paradise of Hpa-an

6/Days  Flexible & Private Tour
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Best way to discover the exotic paradise of Hpa-an Best way to discover the exotic paradise of Hpa-an Best way to discover the exotic paradise of Hpa-an See all 52 photos

No matter which time you visit Myanmar, first, second or more, a journey to discover hidden astounding treasures of the missing country always brings a desire to anyone. If you are a fan of adventure who are seeking for a different travel map from almost others, this trip is designed for you with a combined visit to the towering Shwedagon pagoda, the amazing Golden Rock and countless new beauty treasures of Hpa-an, a charming photogenic town in Kayin state. Join us in this trip, you are to embark on series of intersting discoveries through the sacred Golden Rock, simply breath-taking Saddan cave, the laid-back village of Eain Du Karen, the limestone Mt. ZweKa Bin, the surprising Kaw Goon Cave and the iconic Kyauk Ka Lat pagoda. We hope this fine mixture of history, culture and nature will get to feel all genuine senses of Myanmar.


  Meditate in the sunset under the glistering stupa of Shwedagon pagoda

  Blend in local hustle life in circular train around Yangon

  Enjoy a windy hill truck drive to the most sacred Golden Rock

  Embark on relaxed trekking tour around hill village of YaThaeTaung

  Explore the natural beauty and enjoy a peaceful boat trip in Saddan cave and surrounding rural scenery

  Conquer the spectacular view of Hpa-an from top of Mt. ZweKa Bin

  Discover the mesmerizing Mon-style architecture in Kaw Goon Cave

  Indulge in surreal beauty of Kyauk Ka Lat island pagoda

Tour Summary

By Day Transfer Destinations Activities Meals
Day 1 Yangon Arrive Yangon, check in hotel and tour around city highlights
Day 2 Kyaikhtiyo Morning drive to Mt. Kyaikhtiyo, join a hill truck to mountain top... B
Day 3 Kyaikhtiyo Enjoy sunrise on the mountain top, trek through hill village of... B
Day 4 Hpa-an Descent mountain by joined truck, drive to Hpa-an and discover local... B
Day 5 Hpa-an Explore symbolic wonders of Hpa-an: Kaw Goon Cave and Kyauk Ka Lat... B
Day 6 Yangon Check out hotel, drive back to Yangon B
  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Arrive Yangon, check in hotel and tour around city highlights

MINGALABAR! Welcome to Yangon, Myanmar. Upon your arrive, our guide and driver are warmly pleased to greet you at the airport. Then we will together transfer to your city hotel for check-in and relaxation (Official check-in time: 2 pm, early check-in is subject to availability).

After short break, when you are ready, we kick off the Yangon tour with first stop at Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda where housing the 70-meter long Buddha statue with beautifully carved and painted face. Next up, we continue to Kandawgyi park for a relaxed stroll along the Royal Lake while catching a view of floating Karaweik Hall (in the shape of mythological Karaweik bird), which is gracefully reflects its golden shade into the serence water.

When the sun is already setting down and the dark is overwhelming, we head for Shwedagon pagoda to observe its breath-taking beauty at night. The colorful lights from bottom to top of 100-metter high chedi that could be seen from anywhere in the city is very first amazing thing you could figure out of the place. Getting further inside the huge pagoda platform, learn out how Buddhism is super important to the lives of Myanmar people while seeing local devotees respectably offer flowers, worship and meditate under the Lord Buddha. With our guide’s detailed introduction and explanation about the long-standing history of the pagoda and how amazingly sophisticated architecture made out will get you a deeper insight into beautiful religion of Buddhist. Have your mind relax for a while in peaceful ambience among the echoed sound of bells before returning back to your hotel for a hearty dinner and plesant evening then.

Meals are on your own account.

Uncover the diverse history and culture of Yangon

Welcome to Yangon - the biggest and most bustling city in Myanmar, a unique city in Southeast Asia with all nostalgic colors of time and culture reserved over centuries. If you are interested in colonial era architecture, a stroll down Yangon's colonial buildings will definitely blow you away by well-reserved images from the 20th century, with decaying facades filled with old paint and small trees squeezing through those little cracks. Moreover, proud of rich cultural tradition, Yangon will amaze you with plenty of spiritual relics where you can experience the importance of Buddhism to the Burmese’s lives: tranquil Chaukhtatgyi Temple containing an over-200-feet-long reclining Buddha, the octagonal-shaped 2500 year old pagoda Sule Pagoda located in the heart of the city, and especially the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda - the massive 99 meter high gold plated pagoda with the diamond studded spire on top of a small hill in downtown Yangon. And don’t miss chance to meditate in pagoda’s mystical atmosphere beautifully lit up after dark.(Note: Selected schedules will be appropriately handpicked according to specific package)

  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning drive to Mt. Kyaikhtiyo, join a hill truck to mountain top and visit Golden Rock pagoda

After a hearty breakfast, we head out to Yangon railway station for a circular train ride around the outskirts of Yangon that will take up to three hours to complete full tour around the city’s rural landscapes. But depending on your endurance and interest, we could stop and get off at any middle station as you wish. After lunch break, pack your luggage up, get in car and we start a scenic 2.5-hour drive to Golden Rock temple located on top of Kyaikhtiyo mountain. When reach the base camp in the foot of mountain, we join in a local open-air truck and continue a 45-minute ride up to last stop at Kyaikhtiyo village. Check in the nearby Mountain Top hotel – the nicest local hotel, which is just 10 minutes walking from Golden Rock. When the sun is about to set down, we climb up to visit the giant sacred Golden Rock which is hanging over a steep cliff overlooking a deep valley. While the sun is shining its last lights over the rock, the gold coat make it look like a sparkeling set of treasure. Joing the lines of ardent believers praying quietly the rock among thousands burning candles, little bells and good smell of incense sticks, it is the right time for you to relax your mind in between the peaceful atmosphere and impressive scenery the place has to offer.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account.

Awe-inspiring adventure to the sacred Mt. Kyaikhtiyo

Highlighted on the top of Mt. Kyaikhtiyo, Golden rock pagoda is well-known as one of the most sacred religious sites in Myanmar with the giant balancing rock perched on the edge of a mountain for over 2,500 years. ITo the intriped travellers and risk takers, the 30-min truck journey up the winding roads with lots of sharp turns to reach the pagoda will be such an unforgetbale experience not to be missed out. Listening to the story behind the magical rock while witnessing hundreds of devotees line up to light candles and paste golden leaves to the rock, you are to see how much this place means to locals as a way of life. Lately, warp up your special day watching the sun going down from the mountain top as the rock lights up magically.

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Enjoy sunrise on the mountain top, trek through hill village of YaThaeTaung

If you are fond of catching dreamy sunrise, you are invited to revisit the mountain top and Golden Rock again with us in the early morning. Don’t forget to take a long your camera and capture the awe-struck beauty of the golden rock when the very first light pouring down. After breakfast at hotel, have some time for relaxation at hotel with maybe a hot cup of coffee or tea. Afternoon comes,we walk down to get some exhilarating experience of local life in YaThaeTaung village. Just 2 km from Golden Rock, this is a less visited yet attractive village which could impress you with its thatched houses hiding themselves deep in the forest mountain. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities for you to see how local argriculture life is going, how children enjoy their free time after school, with carefree smile timidly waiving and saying “Mingalabar” toany friendly passing-by visitors.Stop anywhere and wrap all special moments into your camara  so all senses of this slow but healthy and unstressedlife will last forever.Have beautiful sunset in the mountain before a relaxed evening then.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account.

Discover peaceful countryside in the unique hill village

Over the cold stay on top mountain of Kyaikhtiyo, a soft trek meandering the lush jungle-covered mountain and its little villages will make your Golden Rock trip more highlighted and extensive. Grasp an excellent chance to capture and live up the simple nature beauty in perfect harmony with vibrant hill tribe culture in which authentic Mon people spend most of the time together farming, weaving and having fun in their unique thatched houses. Feel free to stop at anywhere for stunning pictures or random chat with any passing friendly villagers.

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Descent mountain by joined truck, drive to Hpa-an and discover local culture and local life in Eain Du Karen Village, Saddan cave and Mt. ZweKa Bin

After early breakfast, start a 3-hour scenic drive to Hpa-an, a charming little wonder of Kayin state well known for its wonderful caves and amazing limestone mountains. Arrive the land, start your orientation tourwith a soft stroll around Eain Du Karen Village to experience authentic Kayin life style and culture. You could pause at anywhere to take photo of beautiful traditional local houses or green plantations. Drop by a hand weaving workshop to learn traditional technique locals use to making unique and colorful costumes. From here,if you wish, we continue by kayak through the paddy fields to connect our starting point from where we drive to discover the well-known Saddan cave, a fabulously deep cave with natural decoration. Follow your guide lead through dark tunnel until it opens a surprise. Take your time to discover the perfect harmony of beautiful stalagmites, wall golden frescos along with beautiful Buddha statues inside before reaching the end of the cave which leads to a small lake surrounded by nature landscaae. From here, continue with a scenic boat trip on the way out. Soon enough we reach last stop of the day - Mt. ZweKa Bin, agorgeous gift of nature given to Kayin state. From the Lumbini Gardens entrance,start to conquer  this tallest lime-stone mountain  in Hpa-an within 2 hours. Along the way, you will encounter many cunning monkey playing around as playful supporters. Keep your way up, at the end of a tough climb is an staggeringly panoramic view the summit has to reward your effort. Savour the full beauty of vast landscape during the red sunset from the top of Kayin state.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account.

Uncover the silent beauty of Hpa-an

As far as 300 km from the hustle Yangon, there exists a picturesque charming town named Hpa-an, a little known name for majority of tourists but highly appreciated among travel experts. When you are here, some of the very must we invite you to enjoy is countryside walk through friendly farmers on rice paddies and local markets in Eain Du Karen Village before a continue to nearby Saddan  cave, a stadium-sized dark and deep cave holding a wonderful secret on the end side with natural rays of light leading out to an idyllic lake and a proud towering top of the region – Mt. Zweka Bin, interested in hiking, the 2-hour trek conquering the mountain top will rewardingly offer you unforgettable overview of whole stunning surroundings with all beauty spots of the area.  

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Explore symbolic wonders of Hpa-an: Kaw Goon Cave and Kyauk Ka Lat pagoda

After a hearty breakfast, we will continue exploring other wonders of beautiful Hpa-an. It would be a big miss if we travel Hpa-an without Kaw Goon Cave, also known as Cave of the Ten Thousand Buddhas in the northern side of Than Lwin river. Unlike the serene Sadan cave, Kaw Goon Cave is unusually impressive with many Mon cultural heritage evidences artfully carved on the inner stone walls and ceiling.

This natural cave is more like a archaeological museum preserving plenty of beautiful Buddhist images and statues, mural paintings,  terracotta votive tablets, ink inscriptions and old Mon inscription. Walking through the special cave, you are to live back all the golden history and quintessences of Mon culture from as far as 7th century.

After the amazing discovery in Kaw Goon cave, crossing the Than-Lwin Bridge, we continue a short drive to visit Kyauk Ka Lat pagoda, which precariously balances on top of an eye-catching limestone pinnacle, setting on a small island dotted with hanging trees and monastic buildings at the center of green lake. With surrounding paddy field and Mt. Zwegabin as the dramatic backdrop, all together  made up fantastic scenery that you could find in nowhere else. Take a walk a long the wooden footbridge connecting the lake bank and island pagoda and continue climbing up to halfway of the little rock mountain and enjoy the delightful views over the lake and surroundings. Though we do not encourage but if you want to conquer the summit, get a nerve to go up precarious wooden ladder and reward yourself with superb panoramic view the top has to offer.

Later on, get back to your hotel for free relaxation then.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account.

A touch on iconically surreal beauty of Hpa-an

There may be few tours to Hpa-an completed without Kaw Goon Cave and Kyauk Ka Lat pagoda, the two most iconic sites that would be hardly faded in your memory about this charming town. Walk into the colorful painted cave, you will be surprised with distinctive terracotta votive tablets can be found high up on the cliff faces, sandstone Buddha statues and old mural paintings in ink inscriptions. If you are a huge fan of architectural wonders and historical details, the cave should be truly a paradise for you. Moving to Kyauk Ka Lat pagoda, you will soon find the place familiar as it is the regular result when searching Hpa-an. Let’s come close via a wooden bridge, climb up to the middle or even the top of little isle mountain where golden Kyauk Ka Lat pagoda stupa situates and enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding lake, paddy fields and the towering Mt. Zweka Bin not too far away.  

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Check out hotel, drive back to Yangon

Free until check out your hotel, get in car and we start a scenic drive back to Yangon. Upon Yangon arrival, depending on your own plan, we are to head straight to airport for connecting flight out or back to your Yangon hotel for check-in and relaxation then if your trip has to be continued. Tour ends.

  • Meals:



5 Breakfasts
Hotel (5 nights),
Included Services
  •   05-night hotel accommodation with daily breakfast
  •   Private transport in air-conditioned vehicles
  •   Local English-speaking guides
  •   Purified water 0.5 ml (1) bottle & (1) wet towels on sightseeing day only.
  •   Baggage handling fees for airport in & out.
  •   Government and Road tax
  •   Train ticket in Yangon
  •   Hill Truck at Golden Rock
  •   Private boat in Saddan cave
  •   Entrance fees as per itinerary
  •   Our personal assistance


  •   International & domestic flights
  •   Travel insurance
  •   Visa stamp fees
  •   Early check-in & late check-out surcharge
  •   Personal expenses
  •   Meals, drinks not mentioned
  •   Tips & gratuities for guide and driver
  •   Surcharge for New year’s eve gala dinner (if required)

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