Ideas for Family holidays in Myanmar


Myanmar is such a new fascinating destination for an increasing number of visitors in recent years, but travelling to Myanmar with kids is still somewhat unusual in this Buddhist-dominated country. However, since the country is welcoming everyone with open arms, a family trip to Myanmar could be such a memorable experience with so many amazing things to do and learn with your kids. Below are some travel ideas to fit your kids in the trip and let them enjoy varying activities in enchanting Myanmar.


1. Where to go and what to see in Myanmar with kids?

- Yangon

As the main gateway to Myanmar, most of the time, Yangon is a good start for all visitors and for families in particular where kids could have some time to get acquainted with the local culture and people piece by piece. It is worth a visit to the whole family to the world-famous Shwedagon pagoda to learn about its’ long-standing history, glamorous architecture and let the kids find their birthday shrine and make an offering or pour water over the Buddha image in reverence and for good luck. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the magical moment when the sun is setting over the pagoda. Aside from that, walking around the Bogyoke market with countless arrays of stalls and products or sampling Burma BBQ along Chinatown streets will definitely excite your kids with lots of local culture and identity revealed.  


- Bagan

Needless to say, Bagan is Myanmar’s top travel destination and an absolute favourite place for anyone travelling to Myanmar and kids is not the exception. With more than 2000 of spire-topped pagodas and temples built across wide plains, dating back from 9th-13th centuries and being hit by some severe earthquakes in the past, Bagan would open to your kids a whole interesting world of archaeology and science that have revealed so much about the past powerful era of Bagan kingdom. 


While you are in Bagan, you might like to visit Myinkaba with your kids, here you can see up close how beautiful lacquerware products are made under traditional technique by talented artisans. If you have more time for this city, why not pay a family visit to Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Museum to learn about Myanmar’s homemade sunscreen that the Burmese women and children wear on their faces? Or if you like some cooking, it is a great way to learn more about Burmese food together in Pennywort Cooking Class run by a dedicated local woman May right in her own house. The course always includes a visit to the market to shop for ingredients (with accommodations made for dietary restrictions), followed by a walk back to May's house for preparation – using charcoal fires to make curries, soups, salads and other dishes.   

- Inle Lake

While you feel you are getting quite enough of temples and pagodas, a boat trip on Inle Lake will offer stunning scenery as well as a glimpse into a unique way of water life to your curious kids. The lake may look light a big wonder to amaze their eyes with floating gardens, villages, schools and even the markets. And your tour guide is always pleased to explain to them how it is incredible but possible to put everything on the water like that. Near the lake, you could sort a road trip to Kakku or another full day boat trip to Indein where both offer the hidden gems of thousands of stupas as dense as a jungle arranged in neat rows over a square kilometre of Shan State hillside. In case you hate the crowds, a trip to a little remote village of Samkar is definitely an amazing treasure with the view was fantastic ruins of stupas reflecting over a surreal lake. 

Inle Lake

High up in western Shan State, Kalaw is also giving an idea for a side trip from Inle Lake with a laid back atmosphere, refreshing climate and scenic views of an old hill station. Here you can take a soft hill trek or make a visit to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp where your kids could have a fun time playing with and feeding mischievous giant buddies. 

- Ngapali Beach

A perfect family trip should never go without some beach time. Here we recommend the same thing in Myanmar. Just more than an hour flying from withering Heho (near Inle Lake) or Yangon, you can reach a glorious beach of Ngapali – an ideal place to relax and recharge before leaving for home. 

Ngapali Beach

With many family-friendly resort hotels, heaps of watersports, crystalline waters and fresh seafood, your children will never want to leave.

2. How to get around?

Though it is possible to travel around Myanmar by train or bus, to connect between main destinations, flying is likely to fit families more with comfort and ease. There are various flight options available every day by different airlines so it is always easy and quick to travel here and there.

3. When to travel Myanmar with your family?

Myanmar is open all year round to welcome all keen visitors, though, dry season (October-March) is the most favourable time in terms of weather and safety concerns for your kids. Weather would rather be stable during this period with less rain and moderate temperature and especially, this is the only fine time to access the beaches here. 

4.    What else to take note before they go?

Myanmar people are one of the most welcoming ones in the world who are easy to interact and helpful by nature. Yet, since it is a Buddhist-dominant country, you should make sure your children know how to respect the local culture at a basic level such as wearing respectfully and taking off the shoes before entering all religious places. 

Hopefully, you have collected some useful advice and ideas on travelling with kids in exotic Myanmar. If you are looking for a best tour in Myanmar, don't hesitate to contact to our Asia Tours Expert Team!

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