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You want to find somewhere for the whole family? You love Myanmar with all the conventional delights of Asia with virgin jungles, snow-capped mountains and unspoiled beaches together with a rich heritage over two thousand years? If so, we will not make you disappointed by bring you a tour which is well-designed to definitely fulfill the demands of both children and adults. We will help you to enjoy the best beauty of the Golden Land with a visit to many well-known attractions of this country and you can enjoy the designed exciting activities at the same time to boost the family interrelationship.

Highlights in Our Myanmar Family Tours

All Best Myanmar Family Tours Recommended For You


Explore Charming Thailand and Myanmar

Bangkok → Kanchanaburi → Chiang Mai → Chiang Rai → Yangon → Mandalay → Bagan → Inle Lake
Myanmar,Thailand Myanmar,Thailand

Get a captivating full-day city tour around Bangkok's famous attractions

Board on scenic long-tail boat trip along Chao Phraya River

Visit world-famous Bridge over the River Kwai, a part of the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi

Explore the lush nature and biodiversity of Erawan National Park

Encounter and interact with giant friendly elephants in Chiang Mai's Elephant Camp

Tour around highlighted ancient temples in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

Come & see the exotic long neck hill tribe people and lean more about their traditions

Uncover the rich tapestry of Yangon city's history and culture

Admire ranges of ancient signatures of the old capital Mandalay

Enjoy a private boat trip covering Mingun and Mandalay's highlights

Hike up and catch spectacular views on the top of the holy Mt. Popa

Spend a full-day tour discovering historical treasures of Bagan

Visit magnificent and splendid Pindaya great caves

Catch an insightful immersion in Inle Lake's wonderful landscape and floating life

Follow a full-day boat excursion to the graceful scenery of Indein Village

Bangkok → Kanchanaburi → Chiang Mai → Chiang Rai → Yangon → Mandalay → Bagan → Inle Lake

A glimpse of Myanmar's signature beauty

Yangon → Mandalay → Bagan → Inle Lake → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Meditate in the sunset under the glistering stupa of Shwedagon pagoda

Explore all spiritual beauty around the royal Mandalay

Absorb the spectacle of peaceful riverside upstream the Irrawaddy from Mandalay to Bagan with Paukan cruise

Discover series of treasure ancient monuments in Bagan archaeological zone

Refresh out in the serene Inle Lake

Yangon → Mandalay → Bagan → Inle Lake → Yangon

Essential Myanmar

Mandalay → Bagan → Kalaw → Inle Lake → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Admire the magnificent remains of Mingun pagoda

Enjoy private peaceful sunset view from top of Yankin hill and U Bein bridge

Discover series of Bagan's ancient crumbling temples and pagodas

Trek through hill plantations and soak up in Kalaw's laid back atmosphere

Experience simple but unique floating life on Inle Lake

Explore the in the world famous legendary Shwedagon pagoda

Savor mystical atmosphere of the world famous Shwedagon pagoda after dark

Mandalay → Bagan → Kalaw → Inle Lake → Yangon

Incomparable Myanmar

Yangon → Bagan → Kyauk Gu U Min → Mount Popa → Mandalay → Pindaya → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Watch the majestic Shwedagon pagoda glowing at night

Visit series of impressive ruined temples in Bagan

Climb up and enjoy spectacular views on top of Mt. Popa

Relax in a scenic river boat trip from Bagan to Mandalay

Unfold secret story behind Paleik's snake temple

Jump in an intrigued trek over Danu hill village and get closer to tribal life

Blend in various ethnic groups in Inle Lake's typical loating market

Mellow out on sandy beach of Ngapali

Yangon → Bagan → Kyauk Gu U Min → Mount Popa → Mandalay → Pindaya → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon

An enigmatic land of Myanmar

Yangon → Bagan → Mandalay → Inle Lake → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Discover the biggest Buddhist temple and colonial heritage of Yangon

Explore Bagan's series of countless ancient monuments

Climb up Mt. Popa and enjoy dramatic views of the plunging valleys

Ride a horse-cart around peaceful village of Ava

Watch the beautiful sunset falling over the legendary U Bein bridge

Take a scenic river boat to visit the giaint unfinished Mingun pagoda

Take part in the hustle local 5-day market in Inle Lake

Yangon → Bagan → Mandalay → Inle Lake → Yangon

In search of mesmerizing Myanmar

Yangon → Bagan → Pakkoku → Monywa → Mandalay → Inle Lake → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Explore Yangon with its colonial British influence and the world-famous heritage Shwedagon pagoda

Visit impressive ancient monuments in Bagan

Enjoy scenic overland drive throughout from Bagan to Mandalay

Visit Pakkoku town known for weaving & cheroots making

Discover Phowintaung cave of masterpiece in Monywa

Sight-see in Mandalay to see famous pagodas and monasteries

Meditate in magical sunset over U Bein bridge

Enjoy gentle boat trip to Mingun land

Attend vibrant and lively floating market in Indein village

Yangon → Bagan → Pakkoku → Monywa → Mandalay → Inle Lake → Yangon

Typical Myanmar

Yangon → Bagan → Mandalay → Kalaw → Inle Lake → Ngwe Saung beach → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Visit colorful colonial buildings in Yangon

Discover countless ruined temples in Bagan ancient kingdom

Enjoy in a bumpy horse cart ride in ancient Ava

Board on a exciting boat trip to exotic Kyauk Gu U Min temple

Sample authentic tribal life in Kalaw hill villages

Explore local life and culture around Inle Lake by bike

Stroll along white sandy shore of Ngwe Saung beach

Yangon → Bagan → Mandalay → Kalaw → Inle Lake → Ngwe Saung beach → Yangon

Glorious Myanmar Discovery

Mandalay → Mingun → Bagan → Inle Lake → Indein → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Explore all the best of Yangon city

Travel back in time with series of ancient pagodas and temples in Bagan

Enjoy glorious sunset at the iconic U Bein bridge

Contemplate massive unfinished Mingun pagoda and gigantic bell

Experience local floating life in Inle Lake

Uncover hidden jungle stupas in Indein

Mandalay → Mingun → Bagan → Inle Lake → Indein → Yangon

Peace and tranquil trip to Ngapali beach

Yangon → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Discover Yangon historical highlights

Observe magnificent sundown over Shwedagon pagoda

Stay afloat upon picturesque Inle Lake

Stretch out and unwind on paradise-like beach of Ngapali

Yangon → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon

Myanmar Cultural Odyssey

Mandalay → Bagan → Inle Lake → Mandalay
Myanmar Myanmar

Explore temple-covered hill of Sagaing

Mellow out under spectacular sunset from top of Yankin Hill

Sail upstream Irrawaddy to uncover biggest unfinished pagoda of Mingun

Unfold Myanmar glorious history in Bagan's serial temples and pagodas

Learn traditional technique to make Shan paper and umbrella

Enjoy laid-back beauty and unique floating life of Inle Lake

Mandalay → Bagan → Inle Lake → Mandalay

Myanmar at a glance

Yangon → Bagan → Inle Lake → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Stroll around and feel the relaxing nature of Kandawgyi Lake

Indulge in majestic sunset in the world-famous Shwedagon pagoda

Unfold great history secrets in the ancient kingdom of Bagan

Get lost in the beautiful Buddha limestone cave of Pindaya

Enjoy scenic boat ride and explore unique Inle Lake’s floating life

Yangon → Bagan → Inle Lake → Yangon

Other Myanmar Tours by Styles

Not a single tour is look-alike since we understand that every traveller is different. Our Myanmar experts have carefully created different Myanmar touring styles to help you discover Myanmar in a way that suits you the best. Whether you are wanting to explore breathtaking natural landscapes, improving your knowledge about history, delving into the local culture of Burmese, soaking in the sun-and-sea on some stunning beaches or taking one of a lifetime experience - the balloon riding above majestic Bagan city; Asia Tours has the style of travel that's perfect for you.

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