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An enigmatic land of Myanmar

8/Days  Flexible & Private Tour
 YangonBaganMandalayInle LakeYangon
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An enigmatic land of Myanmar An enigmatic land of Myanmar An enigmatic land of Myanmar See all 96 photos

This 8-day package is regarded as a truly memorable trip that will show you many aspects of fascinating Myanmar with a number of opportunities to visit its wonderful historical sites and understand its glorious ancient past as well as the beautifully unique culture. This comprehensive journey will take you to visit all the classical best of Burma highlighted magnificent Shwedagon pagoda, thousands ancient temples and pagodas in Bagan, the iconic U Bein footbridge in Mandalay and scenic boat trip around the picturesque Inle lake. Moreover, this is also an amazing chance to experience the daily life of charming locals.


  Discover the biggest Buddhist temple and colonial heritage of Yangon

  Explore Bagan's series of countless ancient monuments

  Climb up Mt. Popa and enjoy dramatic views of the plunging valleys

  Ride a horse-cart around peaceful village of Ava

  Watch the beautiful sunset falling over the legendary U Bein bridge

  Take a scenic river boat to visit the giaint unfinished Mingun pagoda

  Take part in the hustle local 5-day market in Inle Lake

Tour Summary

By Day Transfer Destinations Activities Meals
Day 1 Yangon Welcome airport pickup, hotel check-in, Yangon city tour
Day 2 Bagan Morning fly to Bagan, tour to Nyaung U market & Bagan series of... B
Day 3 Mt. Popa Visit Mt. Popa & sugar factory B
Day 4 Mandalay Morning drive to Mandalay, take a round trip to Mandalay countryside... B
Day 5 Mingun Morning boat trip to visit Mingun unfinished pagoda, explore further... B
Day 6 Inle Lake Morning fly to Heho, visit Pindaya cave, Shan Umbrella making... B
Day 7 Indein Morning attend 5-day floating market, sail to visit Shwe Indein... B
Day 8 Yangon Morning fly back to Yangon, depart B
  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Welcome airport pickup, hotel check-in, Yangon city tour

Mingalabar! Welcome to Yangon, the biggest ecxiting hub of Myanmar. Upon your airport arrival, you will be greeted and welcomed by our guide and driver and then transferred to your hotel. After check in at your hotel and receive a brief freshening up before begin your city tour with us. Driving off busy streets, we firstly stop by to visit Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda in downtown Yangon to discover the 70 meters long and 16 meters high Reclining Buddha image. Next up, spend your time to chill out at the picturesque Kandawgyi Lake Park where you could take a leisurely stroll along the wooden footbridge across the serene lake and capture spectacle views of the beautiful giant floating Karaweik Palace. This is also the only place in Yangon to enjoy cultural show of traditional dance and music. When the sun sets down, find the way to visit Shwedagon Pgoda and experience the wonder of this inspiring pagoda, being left breathless with its vivid color and sacred atmosphere.  

Meals are on your own account. 

Uncover the diverse history and culture of Yangon

Welcome to Yangon - the biggest and most bustling city in Myanmar, a unique city in Southeast Asia with all nostalgic colors of time and culture reserved over centuries. If you are interested in colonial era architecture, a stroll down Yangon's colonial buildings will definitely blow you away by well-reserved images from the 20th century, with decaying facades filled with old paint and small trees squeezing through those little cracks. Moreover, proud of rich cultural tradition, Yangon will amaze you with plenty of spiritual relics where you can experience the importance of Buddhism to the Burmese’s lives: tranquil Chaukhtatgyi Temple containing an over-200-feet-long reclining Buddha, the octagonal-shaped 2500 year old pagoda Sule Pagoda located in the heart of the city, and especially the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda - the massive 99 meter high gold plated pagoda with the diamond studded spire on top of a small hill in downtown Yangon. And don’t miss chance to meditate in pagoda’s mystical atmosphere beautifully lit up after dark.(Note: Selected schedules will be appropriately handpicked according to specific package)

  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning fly to Bagan, tour to Nyaung U market & Bagan series of ancient monuments

After having breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for a domestic flight to Bagan. As you arrive, we start to visit Nyaung U market, then move to visit Ananda temple and explore Mon architecture well preserved from 12th century and figure out why it is regarded as the most beautiful temple in Bagan. We also visit the greatest Shwezigon Pagoda, a noticeable huge gold plated pagoda built by the founder of the Bagan empire enshrining Gautama Buddha's relics. Following the winding path passing palm trees, small ruined temples and monasteries, we reach Myinkaba village, a typical bamboo village famous for many traditional lacquer-ware workshops. Get inside one of them, watch the intricate making process step by step and admire the final impressive products of art after the demonstration. Another must see of the village should be Gubyaukgyi temple with striking beauty of mural paintings and sculptures influenced by Indian architecture dating back from 12th century. Conclude your temple tour with a peaceful sunset moment from the upper terrace of magnificent Shwesandaw pagoda. 

Lunch and dinner are on your own account. 

Historical and cultural treasures to discover in the magnific Bagan

Being known as one of the successful empire over Myanmar history, Bagan is like a miniature representing ancient prosperity and power of Burma with over 2,000 well-preserved stupas, pagodas and temple. Entering the land and visiting main attractions, exquisite and graceful architecture offerred by aging monuments along with interesting stories behind will amaze any passionate travellers. Afternoon trip to Bagan lacquerware house is another worthwhile stop to see how finest lacquerware products are made all by hands and get to know why Bagan is the famous centre of thriving lacquerware industry in Burma.       

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Visit Mt. Popa & sugar factory

After having breakfast, we spend one hour driving from Bagan to Mt. Popa. It is believed that Mt. Popa is the core of an extinct volcano last active 250000 years ago. The fertile earth on the slope and the surrounding plains has covered with a large number of rare plants such as orchids and a profusion of tree. Perhaps, the best feeling is when we reach the top of Mt. Popa after 30- minute climbing up and cherish the breath-taking views of surrounding landscape. Near Mt. Popa, we can visit the sugar Factory to know how they make sugar from palm tree. In the afternoon, we then drive back to your Bagan hotel for relax.

Warm notice: From October to March, you can request a hot-air balloon ride which takes you above the charming Bagan plain and the impressive Ayeyarwaddy River to watch sunrise. Remember to get up early.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account. 

Trek up and enjoy spectacular views on the top of the holy Mt. Popa

Mt Popa - a solitary peak topped by gold stupas, is well-known as the birth place of Myanmar’s ‘nats’ or spirits. (50 kilometers southeast from central Bagan ~ 1.5 hours to get there by car). To reach the top, you need to remove shoes and socks and climb the 777 steps to the shrine at the top of the peak.  Along the way, there are a multitude of cunning monkeys expecting treats. Sometimes these mischivous hosts can get a little aggressive so it's recommended to take well care of your possessions. Enjoy your reward once conquering the climb with with stupas glistening gold and nothing-can-beat views from the top. 

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  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning drive to Mandalay, take a round trip to Mandalay countryside and explore all charmings famous spots

After a hearty breakfast, pack up and prepare for a 5-hour long roadtrip to Mandalay by car. En-route, don’t miss the chance to drop by sleepy ancient capital of Ava and experience a fascinating trip back by horse-cart in time through rustic farmland, city walls, monasteries and temples. Arrive Mandalay in late afternoon, dash into Amarapura and watch a magical sun setting over the iconic U Bein bridge before reaching your hotel for a good night then. 

Lunch and dinner are on your own account.  

Wonderful sightseeing by horse-cart in the ancient Ava

Far away from the hustle of Mandalay, there lies a forgetten ancient capital of Ava where you could enjoy a bumpy but delightful ride on a horse cart (a popular local transport) and discover quaint rural landscape dotted with ruined temples, brick monasteries or the well-preserved remains of the outer city walls or pleasant view of farmers working on their private land. This is a great opportunity to gather some unique impressions off the beaten track. 

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning boat trip to visit Mingun unfinished pagoda, explore further key sites of Mandalay, sunset at Mandalay hill

This morning you will be driven to GawWein jetty in Mandalay, and then embarked on a private boat upstream Irrawaddy river to Mingun, an ancient riverside town in Sagaing region. Our first stop in Mingun is the world’s largest unfinished Pahtodawgyi Pagoda which was supposed to become the world’s largest pagoda if King Bodawpaya hadn’t died before it was completed. Even though it was never done, the first constrution is enough massive piece of art.  Let’s get closer and admire the richly decorated entrance and detailed the history of the temple's construction in inscription stone. Leave the pagoda, we will head to Mingun Bell which has a weight of 90 tons, which is believed to be the largest uncracked bell in the world. From here, should you wish, a few minutes walking to the north, we will visit Hsinbyume Pagoda, a beautifully white-washed compound which holds a sorrow story behind about graceful Princess Hsinbyume, who had died during childbirth at very young age. Leave the town, back to your boat for a windy sail back to Mandalay. Get back to your car for a drive to explore Kuthodaw pagoda, frequently known as “The World’s Biggest Book”with great collection of well-preserved 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist teachings. We then stop at Shwenandaw Monastery to witness impressive wood carving architecture as well as daily life routines of local monks. At dusk, drive up to Mandalay Hilltop to enjoy the beautiful sunset and the panorama of the city before return to Mandalay for dinner and night relaxation then.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account.   

Explore the uncompleted Mingun pagoda

Sailing upwards the mighty Irrawaddy river from Mandalay, Mingun unfinished pagoda will soon catch your eyes in with its massive compound setting near the riverbank. Get off the boat, we will take you to discover all secrets behind the largest pagoda in the country and probably in the world if finished, the overriding ambition of King Bodawpaya, the reason why it was eventually left abandoned, the great architecture from finest brick works and the largest working giant bell inside. If you wish, it is also possible to climb to the top of pagoda and have splendid views of surrounding landscape. 

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  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning fly to Heho, visit Pindaya cave, Shan Umbrella making workshop, drive to Nyaung Shwe jetty and embark for a boat trip around Inle Lake

In the early morning, we will take an early flight to Heho. From Heho, we will head to Pindaya cave which contains 8000 Buddha images inside. Afterward, we move to the Shan Umbrella Making Home Industry to witness the umbrella making steps.  Next, we move forward to Nyaung Shwe jetty for a motorboat trip around Inle Lake, another Myanmar’s iconic destination. When we are well upon the serene lake, take a chance to discover floating gardens, villages, observe Intha people's one-of-a-kind talent of rowing by only one leg to get the honest sense of local life. You will also visit Ngaphechaung Monastery – the oldest and biggest monastery over Inle Lake. It is an attractive wooden monastery famous for unique architecture and impressive collection of Buddha images. From here, we proceed to PhaungDawOo Pagoda, the most important and visited destination of all Buddha believers around the lake where you could also find five 800-year-old golden images well preserved in the center. Our guide will tell you the mysterious story about these precious images.  Finally, cherish a peaceful sunset over the lake on the way back to your hotel. Relax and have a good night then.

Lunch and dinner are on your own account. 

Set foot in the splendid Pindaya great caves

Situated high up above a nice village with small lake, Pindaya limestone caves are worthwhile a visit as a must sight to behold. Deep in the hillsides, looking like an ordinary temple from the outside, the caves contain over 8000 precious Buddhas statues of various styles and shapes making from plenty of materials such as alabaster, teak, marble, stone, bronze, lacquer, cement and gold. Finding your way through the maze and getting surprised by all the suddens that you can’t imagine until there. And soon, a feeling of calmness will take over your mind when you gaze upon the serene faces of the Buddhas. At the end of the amazing discovery and getting outside the cave, don’t miss out the exceptional opportunies to take the superb photos with a marvelous view over the scenic countryside surrounded. 


Immerse in the wonderful floating life in Inle Lake

Upward the western of Shan state is the pictureque Inle Lake –  the Venice of Myanmar. Stepping off Nyaung Shwe marina, you will take a motorized boat to navigate through stilt villages, floating garderns and meet locals who spend their entire lives on the water. Passing Ywa Ma village and Kay Lar Village where Intha people built their unique houses with long straight wooden poles stretching into the lake bed, it is your tranquil time in relaxed atmostphere of thelocally significant Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and get to unfold the interesting story of the five Buddhas inside. As the dawn is coming and the warm light turns the still surface of the lake a golden colour, just pause for a while and cherish true value of unforgetable moment.

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  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning attend 5-day floating market, sail to visit Shwe Indein pagoda and local traditional workshops

In the second day on Inle Lake, we board on boat again and sail toward Indein, a quiet village West of Inle Lake. En-route, take a chance to participate in a local 5-day market which is rotated between 5 different lakeside villages over 5-day period. The market is a unique culture point for residents all around the lake and nearby mountains to exchange not only a wide variety of colorful typical products but also their indigenous cultures. After having fun time in the vibrant market, we reach Indein village after another hour boating. Take an easy stroll through a bamboo forest before connecting the walkway up to the hilltop pagoda. After 30 minutes walking, the amazing summit comes to your sight with mesmerizing view of 1054 ruined stupas embracing the Shwe Indein pagoda in the middle. Along the ride back to your lake hotel, we stop by Inpawkhon village to explore traditional lotus weaving technique and beautiful textiles in a family-run workshop. If time permits, we will also visit blacksmith and silver smith making workshops before settling in your lake hotel for nice relaxation then.

Lunch and dinner are on own account.

Indulge in a trip to the graceful Indein

Indein is a small village West of Inle Lake which is renowned for the floating market and impressive ancient stupas with Banyan trees growing out of them. From Inle Lake, by just a scenic 8-kilometer boat ride through a long narrow canal, you soon reach the lively floating ‘5-day market’ rotated every five days around five different villages in Inle. This is a beautiful opportunity to experience the diversity of Inle ethnic, witness their day-to-day life and make their unique fair on the water trading all local products. A drop-in visit to local workshops will excite your curiosity about lotus weaving, cheroot cigarettes making in various size and flavours and diligent hand crafted silver work. Lastly, don’t forget to discover old ruined pagodas dated back to the 13th century and admire their incredible beauty even in bad condition. The impressive image of stupas after stupas decaying due to constant exposure to humidity still pose irresistible charm will leave you with nothing but thrills. 

  • Meals:


  • Transfer:
  • Activities:

    Morning fly back to Yangon, depart

Say goodbye to Inle Lake, transfer to Heho airport with drop-off guide, take flight back to Yangon then connect to your departure flight home then. End of services.

  • Meals:



7 Breakfasts
Hotel (7 nights),
Car, Plane
1. Fly from Yangon to Bagan (1 hour 20 minutes)
2. Fly from Mandalay to Heho airport (30 minutes)
3. Fly from Heho to Yangon (1 hour 10 minutes)
Included Services
  •   7-night hotel accommodation with daily breakfast
  •   Private transport in air-conditioned vehicles
  •   03 domestic flights: Yangon – Bagan, Mandalay – Heho, Heho - Yangon
  •   Baggage handling fees for airport in & out
  •   Domestic airport & Government taxes
  •   Local English-speaking guides
  •   Zone fees, entrance fees as per itinerary
  •   Private boat in Inle Lake, horse-cart in Ava
  •   Purified water 0.5 ml (2) bottle & (2) wet towels on sightseeing days
  •   Government and road taxes
  •   Personal assistance


  •   International flights
  •   Travel insurance
  •   Visa stamp fees
  •   Early check-in & late check-out surcharge
  •   Exceed baggage KG at domestic airports in Myanmar.
  •   Personal expenses
  •   Meals, transfers not mentioned
  •   Drinks not mentioned
  •   Tips & gratuities for guide and driver
  •   Surcharge for Christmas or New year’s eve gala dinner at hotel (if required)
  •   Others not mentioned

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