How To Plan The First Asia Tour


If you are planning your first Asia tour, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size and diversity of this vast continent. With so many countries, cultures, and cuisines to explore, it can be challenging to know where to start. However, with careful planning and preparation, your first Asia tour can be an unforgettable adventure. In this article, we will provide you with useful tips and insights on how to plan your first Asia tour, from choosing your destinations and creating a budget to packing appropriately, learning local customs, and staying safe. Whether you're interested in exploring the vibrant cities of Japan, the ancient temples of Cambodia, or the stunning beaches of  Thailand, we've got you covered. So, grab your backpack, and let's get started on planning your first Asia tour!



Choose Your Destination(s)

Asia is the world's largest continent, and it offers a wide range of destinations to explore. Before you start planning your trip, it's essential to decide which countries or cities you want to visit. Do you want to explore the bustling streets of Tokyo or the iconic temples of Angkor Wat? Do you want to indulge in the street food of Bangkok or the spicy cuisine of Sichuan?



Researching each destination will help you make informed decisions about where to go and what to do. It's also important to consider factors such as weather, peak travel seasons, and visa requirements when planning your itinerary.


Create a Budget

Traveling in Asia can be affordable, but costs can quickly add up if you're not careful. Before you book your flights and accommodations, it's essential to create a budget for your trip. Consider expenses such as transportation, accommodation, food, and activities.



One way to save money is to travel during the shoulder or off-season, which can result in lower prices for flights and accommodations. Additionally, consider using budget-friendly transportation options such as local trains, and shared taxis instead of private cars or taxis when safe and suitable.


Book Your Flights and Accommodations

Once you've decided on your destination(s) and created a budget, it's time to book your flights and accommodations. Start by searching for flights using comparison websites to find the best deals. Consider flying into a major hub city and then taking a local flight to your destination to save money.



When booking accommodations, consider staying in budget-friendly options such as hostels, guesthouses, or Airbnb. These options can be more affordable than hotels and can provide you with a more authentic experience of local life. However, it's important to read reviews and do your research before booking to ensure that the accommodation meets your standards and is in a safe location.


Pack Appropriately

Packing for your first Asia tour can be challenging, especially if you're not familiar with the local climate and culture. Consider packing lightweight and breathable clothing that is appropriate for the local climate, which can be hot and humid in many parts of Asia.



When visiting religious sites or attending formal events, dress modestly and respectfully. It's also a good idea to bring comfortable walking shoes and a backpack or day bag to carry your essentials.


In addition to clothing and essentials, choosing the right luggage is crucial for a smooth travel experience. A suitcase from Eminent or another brand can help you stay organized and ensure your belongings are protected during your journey. When selecting your luggage, consider the differences between hard shell and soft shell suitcases. Hard shell suitcases provide better protection for fragile items, while soft shell suitcases are often more flexible and easier to fit into tight spaces. Additionally, think about the size: a larger suitcase is great for extended trips, allowing ample space for clothing and souvenirs, whereas a smaller suitcase or backpack is ideal for short stays and ease of mobility. Having the right combination of luggage ensures you are well-prepared for your Asia tour.


Learn the Local Language and Customs

While English is widely spoken in many parts of Asia, learning a few basic phrases in the local language can go a long way in making connections with locals and navigating daily life. Consider downloading language-learning apps or taking a language course before your trip.



It's also important to research local customs and etiquette to avoid offending locals or unintentionally breaking cultural norms. For example, in some countries, it's considered rude to point with your feet or to touch someone's head. Learning these customs can help you show respect for the local culture and avoid misunderstandings.


Plan Your Itinerary

Once you've booked your flights and accommodations, it's time to plan your itinerary. Consider creating a rough itinerary that includes the main activities and attractions you want to visit. However, leave room for flexibility and spontaneous experiences.



It's important to also factor in transportation times, as travel in Asia can often take longer than expected. Consider booking tours or activities in advance, especially for popular attractions, to ensure availability.


Eat Local Cuisine

One of the best ways to experience the culture of Asia is through its cuisine. From spicy curries to savory dumplings, Asia offers a wide range of delicious and unique dishes. Consider trying local street foods, which can often be affordable and delicious.



However, it's important to take precautions to avoid getting sick from food. Only eat food from reputable vendors and avoid raw or undercooked meats and seafood. Additionally, drink bottled water and avoid ice cubes made from tap water.


Stay Safe

While Asia is generally a safe destination for travelers, it's important to take precautions to avoid common travel risks. Keep your valuables in a safe place and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.



It's also necessary to be aware of common scams and tourist traps. Research common scams before your trip and be cautious of anyone offering unsolicited help or overly good deals.


Get Travel Insurance

Finally, consider purchasing travel insurance before your trip. Travel insurance can help protect you in case of unexpected events such as flight cancellations, medical emergencies, or theft. Make sure to read the policy carefully to understand what is covered and what is not.



In conclusion, planning the first Asia tour can be overwhelming, but with careful planning and preparation, it can be an unforgettable adventure. Consider choosing your destinations, creating a budget, booking your flights and accommodations, packing appropriately, learning the local language and customs, planning your itinerary, trying local cuisine, staying safe, and getting travel insurance. By following these tips, you can make the most of your first Asia tour and create lasting memories.

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