Ngapali Beach - Pristine & Fine White Sandy Beach

Though the name is Ngapali Beach, actually the letter 'g' is silent so its pronounced as 'Na-pal-li'. Well-known as one of the best beach resorts in Southeast Asia, you will be surprised because of its incredibly peaceful atmosphere with not many people on the beach. With deep blue water, fine white sand, Ngapali Beach easily becomes the must-see place in the bucket list of any traveller.

Top things to do in Ngapali Beach, myanmar

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Serene gateway of Ngapali beach

Yangon → Ngapali Beach → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Explore Yangon's key highlights and magnificent sunset at Shwedagon pagoda

Soak into the crystal blue water or sit around and sun bath in peace

Explore nearby fishing villages and local culture by bike or motorbike

Discover lobster farms and try wonderful seafood

Yangon → Ngapali Beach → Yangon

Peace and tranquil trip to Ngapali beach

Yangon → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Discover Yangon historical highlights

Observe magnificent sundown over Shwedagon pagoda

Stay afloat upon picturesque Inle Lake

Stretch out and unwind on paradise-like beach of Ngapali

Yangon → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon

Incomparable Myanmar

Yangon → Bagan → Kyauk Gu U Min → Mount Popa → Mandalay → Pindaya → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon
Myanmar Myanmar

Watch the majestic Shwedagon pagoda glowing at night

Visit series of impressive ruined temples in Bagan

Climb up and enjoy spectacular views on top of Mt. Popa

Relax in a scenic river boat trip from Bagan to Mandalay

Unfold secret story behind Paleik's snake temple

Jump in an intrigued trek over Danu hill village and get closer to tribal life

Blend in various ethnic groups in Inle Lake's typical loating market

Mellow out on sandy beach of Ngapali

Yangon → Bagan → Kyauk Gu U Min → Mount Popa → Mandalay → Pindaya → Inle Lake → Ngapali Beach → Yangon

Ngapali Beach travel guide information

Ngapali Beach Quick Facts

Ngapali beach stretches about 3 km with fine sand fringed by coconut palms

This beach is in Rakhine State and located around 7 km away from Thandwe town

Ngapali isn't one single beach but it is a series of beaches interspersed with traditional fishing villages

Known as one of the loveliest beaches in Myanmar and the most unspoilt beaches in the world

Best time to visit Ngapali Beach, myanmar

Ngapali Beach is located in the southern Rakhine State which has a tropical monsoon climate and causes the weather is mostly sunny and dry from October to April while heavy rainy from May to September. Due to that reason, the best time to visit Ngapali Beach is from October to April when the sky is blue with less rain.

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Ngapali Beach
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