Ideal Travel Itineraries In East Malaysia For Any Visitors


If West Malaysia peninsula is famous for major cities, iconic landmarks and commonly-visited tourist attractions, peninsula of East Malaysia or Malaysian Borneo is the home to one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth, where is the promising land of thrilling expeditions. Among numerous suggestive tours and packages on offer, the list below encompasses the best tours of East Malaysia that are favourite routes for most travellers when visiting here. Have a look and let’s find out highlights of each itinerary with us!


1. Kinabalu Park Camping Package (3 days)

Being the first UNESCO Heritage Site of Malaysia, Kinabalu National Park is the sought-after tourist site of most East Malaysia tours. With this camping trip, you will have great opportunities to discover the Sayap Substation, a hidden gem of Kinabalu National Park where features exceptionally untouched biodiversity. The campsite situates amidst the lush dense jungle and beside a beautiful mountain river so that everyone can dive into the wilderness without any modern touches. A wide range of nature expeditions including trekking, hiking, animals spotting, night forests walking combine with relaxation en route, Kinabalu Park Camping Package delivers a great escape from the bustling life for any nature enthusiasts.

Highlights of the trip:

- Explore Kinabalu National Park's well off the beaten tracks in Sayap Substation

- Join exciting night walk for observing nocturnal species

- Witness the diverse Bornean fauna and flora in the Kinabalu Mountain region

- Trek to Kemantis Waterfall, a beautiful secluded natural spot amidst the jungle

- A happy mix of wildlife watching, short adventures, and private leisure

Kota Kinabalu Park

2. Exploring Sabah from Mountain to Sea (5 days)

As a happy mix of adventures and leisure, the trip delivers great chances for passengers to explore highlights of Sabah's natural diversity ranging from mountain to sea. Starting from Kinabalu National Park where offers awe-inspiring wildlife expeditions, you can get a deep immersion in unspoiled beauties of the region through a fascinating camping excursion here before heading to the Gaya Island, which just a 10-minutes off the mainland, for a relaxing beach getaway. Through 5 days of the tour, we are happy to give you a glimpse of several Sabah's most attractive natural spots.

Highlights of the trip:

- Discover Kinabalu National Park's wildlife, one of the most important biological sites on earth

- Experience an overnight camping trip amidst the lush dense virgin forests

- Join numerous nature discoveries: jungle trekking, bird-watching, night walks, waterfall visits.

- Take a free day at your leisure on Gaya Island 

- Soak up the pleasant beach vibe that Gaya Island offers


3. Funny Family Vacation in Borneo (9 days)

With our 9-day fabulous itinerary, we will take all of you to some of Borneo's attractive sites and embrace the timeless charms here ranging from the beautiful landscapes to the local culture, from the mighty rainforests to the seductive islands. The tour is for dynamic travelling families who are expecting the best new lessons for their kids through interesting activities. All the local experiences en route are the medley of cultural learning, relaxation, wildlife observing, and even thrilling adventures suiting any generations in the family. Let's enjoy your family holiday in Borneo, discover the region's highlights with us, have fun and make the most incredible memories with your beloved ones when in here!

Highlights of the trip:

- Experience a cosy local stay in Sayap Village with a friendly host family

- Get an up-close and personal look at the Dusun Ethnic's culture and tradition 

- Ready for a hike in the Sayap Substation, explore the diverse wildlife and stop at several attractive natural sites along the trails

- Visit Kemantis Waterfall, a beautiful fall amidst the pristine forest of Kinabalu Park 

- Explore the biological richness in the Kinabatangan River through numerous river safari cruise experiences from dawn till dusk

- Come and meet lovely orangutans and the world's smallest sun bear in Sandakan famous conservation centres

- Stopover a local village in Sandakan and participate in tree planting with your kids while visiting a local forest restoration project site 

- Enjoy a beach excursion with your kids on Gaya island with exciting sun-sand-sea activities

- Have a special delightful seaside dinner with your sweetheart while the kids have cared in the playgrounds

Borneo Family Rainforest

4. Amazing Sabah Adventure (10 days)

An in-depth exploration of Borneo's wildlife is a dream for any nature enthusiasts. And 10 days of our "Amazing Sabah Adventure" will fulfil your time with an action-packed itinerary discovering the irresistible beauties here. Not only visiting the prominent natural and cultural attractions in Kudat and Sandakan, but the trip also offers a challenging voyage with an awe-inspiring climb to Mount Kinabalu as well as other wildlife observations in Kinabalu National Park so that you can embrace the stunning wilderness of Sabah like nowhere. A fantastic natural expedition with numerous exciting outdoor activities combining with must-do things undoubtedly deserves remarkable memories for those seeking a wonderful holiday in Sabah.

Highlights of the trip:

- Free and easy to discover landmarks of Kota Kinabalu City at your leisure

- Enjoy the spectacular sunset and Kota Kinabalu by night on North Borneo Cruise with hearty buffet spread and live music onboard

- Check-in the Tip of Borneo, the northernmost tip of Borneo in Kudat

- Learn about the Rungus people’s unique culture in Bavanggazo Village

- Have a taste of raw honey straight from the combat the Borneo HoneyBee Centre

- Head to Kinabalu National Park and explore the biological richness 

- Conquer Mount Kinabalu through a 2 days 1-night exciting trek

- Take your time for relaxation after the climb in the Poring Hot Spring

- Discover the great chamber system of Gomantong Cave, the largest bird’s nest cave in Sabah

- Hop on a cruise excursion along the Kinabatangan River and observe the diverse wildlife on both river banks

- Welcome a new day with an early morning cruise on the Ox-bow Lake for bird-watching and scenery contemplation

- Have an up-close and personal look at lovely orangutans in the famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

Mount Kinabalu

5. Discover Nature & Wildlife in Sabah (10)

Sabah, which is located to the Malaysian Borneo's northern part, arguably encapsulates the very best of wildlife in Malaysia. The region is blessed with diverse nature’s beauties varying from mountain to sea including Southeast Asia's highest mountain, lush dense tropical jungles, wide-ranging species, seductive sandy beaches, and colourful marine life. During 10 days of the Sabah tour, we will take you to visit the most iconic nature-based attractions besides helping you to catch a glimpse of the exotic indigenous culture here. Thrilling adventures into the Sabah's wildlife combining with cultural exploration, exciting beach activities, and hassle-free excursion around the major cities deliver a great itinerary to make your visit to Sabah so special.

Highlights of the trip:

- Visit Mari Mari Village, the home to several Bornean ethnic groups 

- Freely stroll around the leafy streetscapes of Kota Kinabalu City

- Hop on a boat ride then explore the cluster of Islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park by snorkelling or other beach activities

- Get your heart pumping with thrilling white water rafting on Kiulu River 

- Discover Kinabalu National Park's unique ecosystems, observe different faunas and floras here

- Enjoy North Borneo Cruise with a breathtaking view of the sunset, hearty buffet spread for dinner, and music delights onboard

- Have spelunking into ancient Gomantong Caves, Sabah's largest bird’s nest cave

- Go for safari excursions on the cruises along the Kinabatangan River and witness numerous endemic species in the region

- Immerse in peaceful moments on the early morning cruise on the Ox-bow Lake for bird-watching

- Explore the famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and have a close and personal look at these lovely apes

- Take a tour exploring Sandakan and visit the city's highlights

- Relish your relaxing time in hot springs, on beautiful sandy beaches, or with free days at your leisure

Mari Mari Village

6. Perfect Honeymoon in Sabah for Active Couple (12)

Get your heart pumping with an array of adrenaline activities we offer during your honeymoon in Sabah. Known as one of the most unique ecosystems on earth with the incredibly ecological richness, Sabah attracts adventure enthusiasts by numerous wildlife expeditions ranging from mountain to sea. Furthermore, the exotic culture from Bornean tribal groups delivers great opportunities helping you get an insightful immersion in the local life here. Not missing the chance to get up close and personal with Sabah's cuisines and beautiful landscapes besides relaxations, 12 days of the tour will take you to discover a wonderful and unspoiled Sabah and make your trip with beloved one more fantastic than you ever expected!

Highlights of the trip:

- Discover the diverse fauna and flora of the Kinabalu National Park

- Directly spot the turtles lay their eggs, one of the most amazing wildlife moments, on the beach of Selingan Island

- Explore the colourful marine life in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, one of Malaysia's best snorkelling sites

- Challenging yourself with white water rafting in Kiulu River

- Embrace the exotic Sabah's local culture through cultural village visit and exciting ethnic cooking class 

- Hands-on experiences about conservation in the famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre 

- Dive into the pristine wildlife of Sandakan through safari cruises along the Kinabatangan River, spelunking, wildlife watching, and jungle trekking.

- Immerse in the lush vibe of Lahad Datu's forests, trek to a special ancient burial site of the local tribe then enjoy a bird's eye view of Danum Valley

- Partake a guided tour and visit Sandakan City's famous sites

- Enjoy the spectacular sunset and night entertainments on North Borneo Sunset & Dinner Cruise

- Relax at hot springs and beautiful islands as well as have fun with the upside-down house

Selingan Island

Malaysian Borneo is truly the land of natural treasures’ richness, exotic culture, and also the land of various fascinating adventures. Here, travellers will find another contrastive glimpse of Malaysia that is endowed with lush jungle, untouched islands, amazing landscape, and diverse fauna & flora. Besides the best tours in East Malaysia listed above, you can find numerous other interesting packages that also offer you awesome journeys here. If you’re planning Malaysia holiday, don’t hesitate to send your inquiry to Asia Tailor-made Tours Expert Team for the best recommendation from professional travel insiders!

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