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Boasting about the richness of cultural and natural diversity, two peninsulas of Malaysia, with their iconic highlights ranging from the bigger cities to the lesser-known attractions, invites global travel enthusiasts to come and experience Malaysian essence. Packing in some of the most famous sights in both parts, our list of Malaysia tours & packages below is the collection of best choices for the wonderful vacation in Malaysia within a week, which enables you to enjoy local Malaysian delights to the wholeness.


1. Malaysia Highlights

Enjoy your vacation in Malaysia and discover the best parts of the Malay Peninsula with an exciting itinerary traversing through famous attractions here. The busy capital city Kuala Lumpur and slow-pace historic town Malacca where both feature colourful ambience from different cultures, the country's religious hotspot Batu Caves, and renowned beach sites in Langkawi islands. Offering a list of must-do things and local experiences suiting all ages, our 7-day in-depth exploration of Malaysia's highlights is a perfect route for anyone seeking a classic tour when in this wonderful Southeast Asia country.

Choosing this tour, you will:

- Embrace a dynamic and colourful capital city of Kuala Lumpur 

- Visit the UNESCO World Heritage, peaceful Malacca Historic Town 

- Stop at Batu Caves, an iconic Hindu Temple in Malaysia with beautiful settings

- Witness breathtaking sceneries of Langkawi on the cable ride to Mount Mat Chinchang 

- Relax and explore Langkawi on your own in leisure time 

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Kuala Lumpur

2. Amazing Vacation in Malaysia

For those looking for an amazing Malaysia Holiday within a budget time, a guided tour traversing through the most iconic destinations the Malay Peninsula could be the most perfect-timing schedule. Setting off the trip from the modern capital Kuala Lumpur with numerous landmarks across the city, passengers can get opportunities to embrace charming slow-paced vibe in historical town Malacca. Not missing laid-back moments amidst the greens in scenic Cameron Highlands or an in-depth immersion in bustling Penang, you can catch a glimpse of wonderful Malaysia by our 7-day vacation here.

Highlights of the trip:

- Encounter the tempting ambience in Malaysia's major cities

- Discover heritages of Malacca Old Town, a prominent cultural hotspot in Malaysia

- Relax amidst picturesque tea plantations in Cameron Highlands

- Get free time to wander around buzzing streets and shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur

- Enjoy a relaxing stay in Penang, Malaysia's Pearl of the Orient

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Cameron Highlands

3. Malaysia Cuisine & Beach Tour

With a special location where Chinese, Indian, native Malay and Eurasian culture meet and collide each other, Malaysia has amazing culinary art that features many prominent aspects of different cuisines. With a wide range of cooking styles and ingredients, Malaysian food invites tourists by its diversity in categories and options ranging from bigger restaurants, fancy food courts to street vendors or hawker stalls. A hassle-free excursion discovering the country's landmarks, sampling different local specialities and meal types, as well as making most of the leisure time for relaxing in the famous beach site could be a perfect itinerary for any foodies who are looking for a wonderful Malaysia Holiday.

Interesting travel experiences of the tour are:

- Spend an exciting walking tour to the buzzing KL's Chinatown 

- Take a day & night sightseeing tour of Kuala Lumpur and stop in the city's iconic landmarks

- Visit Malacca, a peaceful old town as well as the historical heritage of Malaysia

- Enjoy an authentic Peranakan lunch - a typical local cuisine with Malay and Chinese influences 

- Partake Langkawi islands hopping tour with various exciting outdoor activities en route

- Refresh yourself with free days in the beach destination of Langkawi at your leisure

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Chinatown KL

4. Best of Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur

The tour is the combination of exciting discoveries in Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, two most classic destinations as well as attractive places that are musts in your bucket list when in Malaysia. If Kuala Lumpur delivers the vibrant atmosphere of Asia's busy hub, Langkawi has everything for the ultimate beach vacation. The 7-day tour is an amazing holiday with an array of iconic local experiences ranging from relaxation, local cuisine sample to famous sights visits or entertainment, and much more. A classic tour with the most highlights in Malaysia can meet any travel needs and so can "Best of Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur".

Pleasant things to do:

- Join an exciting Kuala Lumpur city tour and discover one of Asia's most buzzing metropolises

- Explore a wide range of highlights on offer in Langkawi

- Make the most of your free time for leisurely strolls or merely private recreations

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5. Refreshing Holiday in Malaysia with beach break

A week exploring a wonderful Malaysia at no rush, you will have chances to embrace a truly Asian vibe here still not missing leisure days for discoveries on your own. The tour is the combination of the country's sought-after highlights in the major cities and famous beach sites for relaxing breaks. Joining guided tours deeply immersing in the cultural beauties of Malaysia then also enjoying your free time here, your Malaysia holiday is not only a trip of local delights but also a truly refreshing experience after all busy working time you've been through.

Choosing this tour, you will:

- Discover the most famous landmarks across Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city

- Visit Malacca Historic Town and learn about an old Malaysia in the past

- Enjoy free days in Langkawi, a popular destination for an amazing beach holiday in Malaysia

- Explore Penang on your own and visit numerous attractive spots around the island

- Relax yourself on both Langkawi and Penang's beautiful beaches

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Malacca Malaysia

6. Explore the natural diversity of Borneo

Get amazed by the richest and most exotic ecosystems of Malaysia Borneo wildlife as you explore the fantastic beauty of Sabah on this amazing journey. Over 7 wonderful days, we will cover the best parts of the region, including the east coast of Sandakan and the virgin primary rainforests of Lahad Datu. Go ready for inspiring wild animal encounters and unique travel experiences you’ll only find in the amazing wildlife of Borneo.

Within one week, get ready to:

- Watch free-ranging sun bears and orangutans in their natural jungle habitat at famous sanctuaries

- Take an early river cruise up the Kinabatangan River

- Explore Gomantong Caves, home to bats and swiftlets

- Experience a jungle trek to Coffin Cliff for panoramic vistas of Danum Valley

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Lahad Datu

7. Sarawak’s wildlife

If you're into Sarawak's biological diversity, you can take a deep immersion in the wildlife during this 7 tour dates here. Starting from Kuching, the state's capital with numerous landmarks across the city, get ready yourself with a huge array of Sarawak expeditions in nature reserves, conservations centres and national parks. You can also don't miss the chance to encounter the authentic vibe of tribal life in the cultural village. This is an itinerary that can suit those who are seeking the most awe-inspiring experiences in Sarawak.

Highlights of the trip:

- Visit the most iconic tourist sites in Kuching, Sarawak's capital city

- See how wild animals are conserved at Matang Wildlife Centre, part of Kubah National Park

- Experience exciting night frog tour in the Kubah's tropical forests

- Get up close and personal to orangutans in their natural habitat

- Explore Bako National Park through many wildlife experiences

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Our recommended 7-day travel itineraries in Malaysia above are for those who’re planning to stay here in budget time yet desiring to learn about the country as much as possible. Besides these selections for Malaysia holidays within a week, at Asia Tours, we also crafted many other interesting tours and packages that take longer days or even shorter time depending on each inquiry. In case you’re considering which one suits you best, feel free to contact us for getting the ideal advice from enthusiastic travel insiders.

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