Kuching - The City of Cats

Kuching is the most populous city in the Sarawak’s state in Malaysia and this is also the capital of this state. Take one of the best Kuching tours, you will get a chance to visit one of the most charming cities with a rich & well preserved architectural heritage, a romantic history, a wide range of museums as well as plenty of stalls and coffee shops with its traditional cuisine.

Kuching travel guide information

Kuching Quick Facts

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak state and also the most popular destinations in this area

This city has an important role in the economic and political welfare of the Sarawak state’s population

Situated on the banks of the Sarawak River and in the northwest of the Borneo Island

In 2019, it has a population of nearly 570,407 people in the total area of more than 431.02 square kilometres

In the 19 century, formerly named of Kuching is Sarawak (translates to “cats”), this city has the nickname of “The city of Cats” since then

This is home to plenty of rich architectural heritage, traditional restaurants and a number of indigenous groups like the Dayaks and the Iban

Best time to visit Kuching, malaysia

Kuching has a typical tropical climate which means the weather of this city is always comfortable and the temperatures are in the range of 19 to 36 degree Celsius. However, if you are not a fan of rainfall, the best time to visit Kuching is from May to September since these are the driest months while from November to February is the wettest months.

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Get an in-depth exploration the tribal lifestyles of the ethnic groups in Sarawak Cultural Village

Admire the natural beauty inside two unusual limestone caves in Kuching: the Fairy and Wind Caves

Visit the Semenggoh Orang Utan Centre and spot these unique apes as well as other wild animals in their natural habitat

A full day trip getting a glimpse of the renowned Kinabalu National Park with fantastic wildlife experiences

Take an underwater expedition in TARP islands, one of the good sites for snorkeling in Malaysia

Enjoy Borneo sunset and Kota Kinabalu by night with buffet spread and live music on North Borneo Cruises

Kuching → Kota Kinabalu

Visit the most iconic tourist sites in Kuching, Sarawak's capital city

See how wild animals are conserved at Matang Wildlife Centre, part of Kubah National Park

Experience exciting night frog tour in the Kubah's tropical forests

Get up close and personal to orangutans in their natural habitat

Explore Bako National Park through many wildlife experiences: trekking, bird-watching, animals spotting, etc

Have a relaxing stay amidst the greens

Embrace the colorful ambiance of Sarawak's ethnicities in the cultural village


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