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Being a massive country covering an extensive area of South Asia subcontinent, India boasts about the diversity of regional highlights with a wide range of tour packages that meet multiple travel interests. Experiencing Indian quintessence, tourists will be awed by its amazing natural and cultural diversity ranging from North to South, from West to East. To better understand and get an in-depth exploration of India, here is the list of handpicked tours from every famous corner of the country that surely create you a stupendous voyage when in here.


1. Golden Triangle Tour India (6 days)

This is the ultimate classic tour that anyone must-have for their trip to India. If you're seeking a fabulous India holiday for the first visit, 6-day itinerary covering three major tourist attractions: Delhi, Agra, and the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, will be your right selection that offers a sublime glance of the beautiful South-Asian country. The trip encapsulates within itself the richness of world-famous heritage sites, symbolic royal architectures, significant religious sites, and much more other local highlights, which surely keeps your outings full of interests and delightful activities. Embracing the real local quintessence of India, and getting to know about its renowned cultural identity, the tour of Indian golden triangle, which helps world-wide travellers discover the country in the most classic way, is the perfect route for any first-timers.

Travel highlights of the trip:

- Experience pleasant visits in numerous landmarks through the fascinating Delhi city tour

- Visit the famous pilgrimage site of Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India

- Admire the stunning architectural style of Taj Mahal, the world-famous heritage site and also the Indian iconic symbol of love

- Make an excursion to Agra Fort, a grandiose historic monument of Agra city

- Discover the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital city, where hosts multiple enchants

- Enjoy the sightseeing excursion at the historic Amer Fort, one of the major hill forts in Rajasthan


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2. Palace on Wheels (8 days)

Offering the true essence of Rajasthan royalty, opulent service, and iconic Indian discovery, 8 days experiencing the trip of Palace on Wheels will definitely deserve your choice due to its prominent highlights. This luxury train holiday will take you to visit some of the famous cities and destinations in Rajasthan, the largest state and also the sought-after cultural hotspot in India, along with notable world-famous heritage sites in the historic city of Agra as well. The trip encompasses not only the richness of cultural heritage in the three major hubs of India but also incredible wildlife and scenic beauty of natural landscapes, which features a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from leisure sightseeing, heritage walks, historic monuments visits, to thrilling jeep safari and wildlife viewing opportunities. Ideal for most travellers from families, honeymooners, to classic tourists or luxury-oriented enthusiasts, this is an exclusive travel experience only in India that arouses your interest of being true Indian royals with remarkable memories and a touch of luxury from the smallest details!

What this tour offers:

- Relish the Indian trip like a trip of Rajasthan royalties on the luxury train of Palace on Wheels

- Discover a wide range of prominent landmarks infamous cities of Rajasthan

- Experience thrilling wildlife expedition in Ranthambore National Park

- Witness the stunning sunset on the Camel ride in the scenic Sam Desert

- Admire the lavish majesty of Taj Mahal, the world-famous romantic place 

- Get a touch of the utmost luxury and Indian royal ambience during the vacation on railway


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3. Incredible India with the Ganges (9 days)

For those who are into the mystic highlights of India, we created the wondrous travel itinerary encompassing the incredible heritage and the religious essence of the fabled Ganges River, which plays a significant role in the spiritual world of Indians. Within 9 tour dates travelling across famous Indian destinations with us, you'll be amazed by the marvellous majesty of numerous grandiose historic and cultural sites in the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and get an up-close overview of Indian traditions through a supreme journey to the holy city of Varanasi, the major pilgrimage site of Hinduism and Jainism. Witnessing the notable solemn ritual along the river ghats, experiencing the sacred beauty of the Ganges River, along with unforgettable heritage walks, exciting cultural visits to world-famous monuments and temples, you will be deeply immersed in the religious world of India in the most authentic way.

Remarkable experiences during the trip:

- Soak up the buzzing atmosphere of Delhi local life in narrow streets and local markets

- Witness the glorious moment of the sunrise as well as the imposing architecture of Taj Mahal

- Enjoy Jaipur sightseeing tour with stunning scenes of numerous architectural sites and monuments around the city

- Dive into the charms of ancient rituals, myths and legends of the fabled Ganges River

- Gain an in-depth understanding of the distinct spiritual world in every corner of Varanasi

- Attend the famous worship of Aarti, one of the most ancient Hindu traditional ceremonies

Ganges River

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4. India - Land of Contrast (15 days)

As the name indicates, this tour is the beguiling mix of Indian attractive inherent aspects. It is an ideal trip for common tourists or travelling families as it serves the sought-after tourist hotspots, as well as the iconic travel experiences, should be included in most India travel bucket lists. We not only created an amazing vacation encompassing the best sights of the country but also offer an in-depth understanding of Indian's contrasting highlights, ranging from magnificent royal places to the bustling daily life, from colonial architecture to traditional heritages, from modern vibe to the ancient religious world, and from natural treasures to man-made landmarks, etc. Travelling across the country from North to South within 15 days, this is indeed a classic itinerary which is a fabulous combined tour of interesting conflicts yet unique amalgamation of distinct beauties in India.

Amazing parts of India included in the itinerary: 

- Soak up the vibrant local vibe with an exciting rickshaw ride sneaking into busy narrow Delhi streets & alleys

- Marvel at the jaw-dropping splendour of the world-famous Indian heritage site of Taj Mahal

- Tour around the magnificent monuments and impressive architectural sites in Jaipur city

- Experience fabulous heritage walks in Mumbai and enjoyable sightseeing tours in the prosperous megacity

- Witness a traditional show of Kathakali dance performance – an anciently ritual dance native to Kerala

- Stopover the famous and commonly-visited tourist places in the historic Fort Cochin

- Make a great day out with scenic trek route to the Top Station in Munnar - the dreamland for stunning natural views

- Explore the inherent exotic culture and enchanting daily life of locals in Madurai

- Enjoy a romantic stay amidst the serene setting of Kerala backwaters on Alleppey's traditional houseboat

- Visit and admire the wilderness and diverse biodiversity of Periyar natural reserve

Taj Mahal

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Selective India tours above are the finest routes for any awesome journey in this attractive country. At Asia Private Tours, we offer many incredible India tour packages in different tour styles that give you multiple options for taking into consideration. If you’re planning to visit India, make sure that you’ve checked out our full list of tailor-made India itineraries on offer across the unique land. Also, don’t hesitate to send your inquiry to Asia Tours Expert Team for getting the best recommendations from the local travel experts.

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