Must-have Travel Experiences On Any Vietnam Travel Bucket List


As an attractive country that is rich in both natural and cultural treasures, Vietnam boasts about a lot of pleasant things to do while travelling here. Among a wide range captivating Vietnamese highlights from major cities to idyllic countryside, from natural heritages to cultural hotspots, from exciting outdoor activities to iconic sightseeing tours, here is the list of the very best travel experiences that must be included on your travel bucket list in Vietnam:


1. Discover Hanoi Old Quarter

Located right in the heart of the city centre, Hanoi Old Quarter, like its name, is the place where encapsulates within itself the richness of Hanoi’s history from the earlier time until now. As the busiest trading area dating back from centuries ago, Old Quarter today still remains much iconic heritage of Hanoi in the past including ancient architecture, busy & narrow streets with distinct names, and numerous cultural spots. If Hanoi stands for the history of the development of Vietnam, Old Quarter is the pride and also a lovely and elegant icon of Hanoians. 

Besides a notable tourist site of the city, Hanoi Old Quarter is also the major place of accommodations for tourist when in Hanoi with wide-ranging hotels, hostels, and homestays. There are a lot of ways to discover Hanoi Old Quarter, you can opt to book a cyclo ride or enjoy walking tours that sneak into bustling streets with local guides. Visiting Old Quarter, people can get to know about the internal soul of Hanoi through its traditions, history, culinary essence, and many other co-existing old & new interesting local delights here.

Hanoi Cyclo

2. Experience overnight stay with Halong Bay Cruises

To global travellers, Halong Bay is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam due to its distinct highlights of landscape with countless karst formations towering over the seas. Halong Bay is not only common for sightseeing activities but also more attractive with special overnight stays on cruises. Hence, experiencing Halong Bay Cruises has become the most favourite and also a must-do thing when in Halong Bay.

Taking a package of overnight cruise in Halong Bay, almost fascinating travel experiences here will be readily included in your trip.  Lasting for 2 or 3 days, there are several tour routes depending on which fleet and itinerary you choose. Joining this trip, you’ll get the chance to visit some of the most famous stops in the bay such as Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, Pearl Farm, Luon Cave, Cua Van Floating Village, Soi Sim Island,…; to join interesting activities like kayaking, swimming, morning Tai Chi class, cooking class; and to spend time indulging in the magnificence of the bay from the balcony, sundeck, and while on the sightseeing boat rowed by locals as well.

Halong Bay

3. Admire the stunning scenery of Trang An with a boat trip

Dubbed as “Halong Bay on land”, Trang An Eco-tourism Complex in Ninh Binh is one of the major tourist attractions in Northern Vietnam. Trang An allures visitors by not the only the breathtaking landscape of sprawling limestone mountains but also the graceful serenity of grasslands, rice fields, and rivers. Taking an excursion of scenic boat paddled by locals is the best way to marvel at the magnificent vistas of Trang An. Lasting for couples of hours, visitors will pleasantly sit on the boat, pass through majestic ranges, meandering caves, the valley of wilderness, and indulge in the fresh air and endless imaginations of natural beauties. Trang An is also a great tourist spot that is efficiently managed to preserve its significant values. Hence, a visit to North Vietnam is incomplete if you don’t experience a leisure boat trip in Trang An.

Trang An Ninh Binh

4. Visit the world-famous Golden Bridge

Being an outstanding monument located within Ba Na Hills – a great amusement complex in Danang city, Golden Bridge has become a hot check-in spot in Danang since its first opening to the public in summer 2018. Golden Bridge was built to provide a scenic overlook towards surrounding mountains & lower areas and to connect the cable car station with the gardens. The bridge went viral all over the world then and was listed as one of the world’s coolest bridges ever due to its distinct design, which was inspired and constructed by Vietnamese architectures. Golden Bridge is a suspended bridge that is supported by two giant stone hands. Many people called it “a golden thread help up by a god’s hands” and an amazing place for epic photos of unique architecture and opening space in the backdrop. Its surprising popularity was a big success of Ba Na Hills and Danang when it is considered one of the sought-after tourist attractions of the city. Undoubtedly, Golden Bridge is a trendy icon of flourishing tourism in Vietnam. 

Golden Bridge Danang

5. Pamper your soul in enchanting Hoi An Ancient Town

For those who are into the romantic laid-back vibe, Hoi An is a beautiful old town in Central Vietnam should not be missed in any Vietnam holidays. Being a famous tourist hotspot welcoming a lot of visitors but Hoi An still remains the inherent lovely charms of the time went by and attractive settings of a port once thriving in the past. The town has numerous traditional shophouses, ancient architectural sites, and religious spots that showcase the colourful multi-culture highlights here. The warm hue of golden streets along with tranquil pictures of the daily life in Hoi An made it ideal destinations for people of all ages, especially honeymooners. Escaping from the common hectic city life in most major Vietnamese cities, you will find a comfy retreat for your soul with the timeless beauty of cultural heritages maintained in every corner of enchanting Hoi An Ancient Town.  

Hoi An

6. Enjoy sun-sand-sea activities at amazing beaches in Vietnam

With over 3000 kilometres of coastline, Vietnam is blessed with numerous beautiful sandy beaches across the country, many of which are the favourite beach sites for worldwide travellers. Ideal tropical weather, pleasant slopes, the richness of fresh seafood, and a wide range of available outdoor activities, which made them ideal destinations for great beach holidays. My Khe beach in Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and beaches on Cat Ba & Phu Quoc Island are amazing beaches that surely deliver visitors refreshment and blissful experiences with sun-sand-sea delights in Vietnam. Whether you’re seeking an idyllic retreat or a common happy beach vacation, Vietnamese beaches could offer you all!

Nha Trang

7. Embrace the lively atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City

As the country’s busiest city, Ho Chi Minh City, beloved Saigon, is a rich tapestry of modern trends and traditions, of iconic landmarks and historical sites, and of bustling street life and colourful gastronomy. Taking a joyful tour around the city, people will not only embrace its great history but also experience an iconic city of fast-paced daily life in Vietnam. While visits in Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museum will take you back in wartime in the last century in Southern Vietnam, the city centre is a lively picture of a Vietnamese metropolis that keep your days out great with endless travel fun ranging from local to international delights. Whether you’re seeking classic interests or free-spirited merriment from the lively atmosphere of a populous city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City could deliver incredible time with fascinating travel experiences here. 

Cu Chi Tunnel

8. Make an authentic cultural journey to Mekong Delta 

The fertile vast region of Mekong Delta in Vietnam, with its notable cultural highlights of various communities, is well-known for authentic travel experiences of charming countryside in Southern Vietnam. Made up from a group of provinces, Mekong Delta offers an in-depth exploration of local life from the rustic charms of floating lives, of the lush beauty of endless rice paddies & orchards, to exotic cuisine and the amiable people here. If iconic floating markets enable tourists to get an up-close and personal insight into Mekong Delta’s traditional ways of life, enjoyable excursions visiting peaceful villages are exciting rural escapades from the bustling city life. You can opt to experience local sampan ride sneaking into narrow creeks and canals, hop on a bumpy ride of a horse cart, make a cycling tour passing through paths of green foliage, spend a warm & cosy local stay, or learn about family-running delicacies such as coconut candy, rice cake, etc. All in all, you will see a little different yet very enchanting Vietnam impressions when in Mekong Delta. A dreamland for any culture buff and local life enthusiast. You can take a Mekong river cruise to discover Mekong with the real local life experiences...


9. Witness sunset in Phu Quoc island

Regarded one of the best places in Vietnam to witness the sunset, Phu Quoc is not only an ideal beach destination but also a notable attraction for catching the finest moments of this stunning natural spectacle. The west coast of the island houses numerous beach-side coffee shops, bistros or restaurants that create great chances to enjoy the sunset in your way. Sipping a cup of cool drink, listening to the sound of soft waves on the beaches, and witnessing the big red sun gently disappears behind the sparkling seawater in the far horizon, that’s would be an awesome experience to complete your great day trip in Phu Quoc. Just come and experience, you will easily find out why sunset in Phu Quoc is so appealing to beach lovers.

Phu Quoc

Trying these interesting activities above, your trip in Vietnam would be a dream vacation with almost best parts as well as most iconic Vietnamese sites & attractions from North to South. If you’re looking for something unique besides classic delights, just refer to our list of Vietnam tours that offers many other stupendous itineraries for multiple travel tastes. Or else, let us know your inquiry and our Asia Tours Expert Team will assist you to make an amazing tailor-made Vietnam tours just for you.   

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