Mui Ne - The Resort Capital of Vietnam

Mui Ne is a famous destination brand of Phan Thiet city which is a perfect getaway from Ho Chi Minh city. The whole resort area actually comprises three wards: Phu Hai, Ham Tien and Mui Ne, and most of the tourist activities are taken action in Ham Tien instead of Mui Ne. The town is favoured by international travellers due to long stretches of pretty beaches, the abundance of fresh seafood and all type of wind and water sports, especially kitesurfing. Apart from that, Mui Ne is home as too many unique landscapes such as colourful sand dunes, red creek and miniature canyon.

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Mui Ne Sunrise Jeep Tour Adventure

Mui Ne Sunrise Jeep Tour Adventure

1 day from $33 pp

Many come to Mui Ne for a getaway or short break as this seaside town is teeming with unique scenery, beautiful sandy beaches and a series of high-end resorts along the coast. If you’re seeking a way to discover Mui Ne, let’s take a Mui Ne Jeep Tour. The tour allows you to experience wonderful...

1 day
Mui Ne
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Mui Ne Beach Vacation

Mui Ne Beach Vacation

4 days from $164 pp

With endless white sand beaches, desert-like dunes and charming fishing villages, Mui Ne is appreciated as one of the most idyllic seaside resorts in Vietnam. Joining this 4-day trip, you will have a great relaxing holiday in this wonderful destination. All the time will be on your own to explore...

4 days
Ho Chi Minh → Mui Ne → Ho Chi Minh
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Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne Golf Tour

Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne Golf Tour

8 days from $1052 pp

This exciting golf trip combines the best cultural sights with excellent golf and is perfect for those looking for the best golf in Ho Chi Minh city and Mui Ne. During the 8-day tour, you will have great time to explore the economic capital of Vietnam as well as the famous seaside resort. Both...

8 days
Ho Chi Minh → Mui Ne → Ho Chi Minh
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Best of Vietnam Beaches Discovery

Best of Vietnam Beaches Discovery

10 days from $903 pp

In recent years, Vietnam, with its palm-lined beaches and well-established accommodation, has recognized the development of beach tourism among the finest in Asia. Starting from Ho Chi Minh city, one of the most modern city in Vietnam, you will head to Mui Ne to experience the stunning beach with...

10 days
Ho Chi Minh → Mui Ne → Nha Trang → Hoi An → Ho Chi Minh
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Vietnam Relaxing Circuit With Mui Ne Beach Break

Vietnam Relaxing Circuit With Mui Ne Beach Break

11 days from $1138 pp

For those who have limited time travelling in Vietnam and want to go on a relaxing vacation. Embark on a 11-day odyssey along Vietnam’s most highlighted spots to have a real refreshment. Begin in the north with a visit to vibrant Hanoi and a Halong Bay cruise, venture southwards to historic Hoi...

11 days
Hanoi → Halong Bay → Hoi An → Ho Chi Minh → Mui Ne → Ho Chi Minh
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Blissful beach holidays in Vietnam

Blissful beach holidays in Vietnam

12 days from $941 pp

Blissful beach holidays in Vietnam is an ideal tour for those who are seeking a relaxing escape or want to relieve the stress of work and the pressure of life. The coastline of Vietnam sweeps in an S-shape from China in the north to Cambodia in the south. It passes through three different...

12 days
Hanoi → Halong Bay → Nha Trang → Da Lat → Mui Ne → Ho Chi Minh
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Vietnam Luxury Golf and Sightseeing Tour

Vietnam Luxury Golf and Sightseeing Tour

12 days from $2391 pp

Starting in Ho Chi Minh City and covering other popular golf destinations: Dalat, Mui Ne, Hanoi and Halong, this 12-day Vietnam Luxury Golf and Sightseeing Tour Package is the perfect journey for golfers of all levels and ideal for an experience to remember for a lifetime. During the trip, you will...

12 days
Ho Chi Minh → Mekong → Mui Ne → Da Lat → Halong Bay → Hanoi
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Beatific vacations to Vietnam heritages and beaches

Beatific vacations to Vietnam heritages and beaches

14 days from $1394 pp

This journey will take you across Vietnam and uncover the beauty of famous spotlights in the country. During the 2-week trip, you will explore the thriving culture of the capital Hanoi, soak up in the tranquil heritages of Halong Bay and Hoi An ancient town, then savour every second relaxing on the...

14 days
Hanoi → Halong Bay → Hoi An → Nha Trang → Mui Ne → Ho Chi Minh
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The authentic & unique experiences in Mui Ne you can expect

Mui Ne travel guide information

Mui Ne Quick Facts

A ward of the city of Phan Thiet, northeast part of Binh Thuan province

Area: 35,41 km²

Population: 31,067 people (2015)

Mui Ne is famous for unique white/red sand dunes, featuring several lakes and swamps in the middle of sandy terrain.

It is famed for kite-surfing, wind-surfing, and sand sliding.

Mui Ne is the only place in Vietnam where you can fly hot air balloons.

Tourism has developed in the east area from the city centre of Phan Thiet to Mui Ne, but most actions happen in Ham Tien and Phu Hai wards. Most tourists erroneously think all these three wards are Mui Ne and refer Rang Beach in Ham Tien as Mui Ne Beach.

Best time to visit Mui Ne, vietnam

The weather in Mui Ne is hot and dry much of the year with very little rainfall. The best time to travel this area is from December to April when its seascapes are perfect with yellow sand, blue water and clear sky, a paradise for beach lovers. If you’re interested in surfing or kitesurfing, start a journey between November and March.

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mui Ne
Best time
Great time
Off season

Best things to do in Mui Ne, vietnam

"Take a Mui Ne jeep tour"

The Mui Ne jeep tour is a unique and exciting thing to do and also one of the main reasons that make people come to Mui Ne. You can book this tour anywhere in the town or online with two options: sunrise or sunset tour. All the tours have the same itinerary to such places: the red sand dunes, white sand dunes, a fishing village and the Fairy Stream. As the name, the highlight of this tour is the waiting time for the beautiful sunrise or sunset on the white/ red sand dunes of Mui Ne. And if you’re so into photography, you will definitely have a great time to capture the most beautiful moment of the day.

"Fly over on Hot air balloon"

The first hot-air balloon flight in Vietnam operated by European and Vietnamese shareholders chose Mui Ne to take place its picturesque adventure. Whether the balloon departs from Phan Thiet city centre or near the white sand dunes, you will fly over not only the sand dunes, desert lakes and swamps, but also local fishing villages, farmlands and even sandy coastline. You will fly around one hour then experience the special first-time-flyer ceremony. The whole adventure will take 3-4 hours. Make sure your camera in hand!

"Challenge yourself with Kitesurfing or Windsurfing"

If you happen to be in Mui Ne anytime during November and March, you will be amazed by the colourful kites flying in the clear sky over its windy beaches. It is claimed that Mui Ne beaches are one of the best spots in Asia for kitesurfing and windsurfing. There are many kitesurfing shops and schools offering equipment rental and courses for every level from beginners to professionals. If you are a water-sport lover, Mui Ne is your place.

"Cool off along the Fairy Stream"

Fairy Stream is an instagramic spot in Mui Ne where you will definitely have artistic and colourful photos of nature due to its dramatic landscape. Starting from Huynh Thuc Khang street, you will see this special stream with its typical red water right at first sight. It flows along the white and red sand dunes on one side and verdant gardens of coconut palm and bamboo. You will wade through the water during the visit so make sure to take off your shoes to enjoy the cool ankle-deep water flow. The tour may last one hour and at the very end, you will meet a lovely small waterfall.

"Visit Cham ruins at Poshanu Cham Towers"

Poshanu Cham Towers or Po Sah Inu are a group of three ancient worship towers built under the Champa Kingdom, which are one of the most important landmarks of Cham culture in Central Vietnam together with My Son Sanctuary and Po Dam Towers. Located atop Ong Hoang Hill, the ruins attract tourists by its unique and sophisticated architecture, as well as religious festivals of Cham people such Prayer for Rain, Damp Building Festival, and Abstinence Ceremony. Keep following the path to the hilltop, you will see a memorial in honour of local heroes in the past war and the ruin of Prince’s Castle.

Top Vietnam Food in Mui Ne, vietnam


Seafood is a must when referring to delicious dishes of Mui Ne. It is very easy to catch roadside seafood eateries and restaurants close to each other on the embankment (called Bo Ke in Vietnamese) along Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Huynh Thuc Khang streets. You will see out front many tanks of shrimps, crabs, squids, fish and snails which are still fresh and swimming. After you pick up some and check the price, the owner will weigh and process them right away. How to process seafood in this sea area is very diverse: steamed or boiled with ginger and lemongrass, stir-fried with tamarind, chilli and garlic, deep-fried or grilled with cheese, etc.

"Grilled squid teeth"

Due to the delicious taste of the dish as well as its unique name, squid teeth has become a famous dish in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, especially favoured by students and young people. Actually, the name is called by locals for the round and small tip of the squid which is often forgotten but now becomes a speciality street food. At local restaurants, squid teeth can be cooked in various ways such as steamed with ginger and lemongrass, stir-fried, or deep-fried; however, the most popular dish is simply grilled squid teeth with chilli sauce. You can find this dish with special taste on the street vendors and roadside eateries. 

"Banh Quai Vac (Mui Ne pork and shrimp dumpling)"

At first glance, Banh Quai Vac Mui Ne seems like Banh Bot Loc Hue but it is actually smaller and made from wheat flour with a shrimp base and pork just stir-fried with pepper filling. When you eat, sprinkle some onion and fried pork lards on top, then dip in the sweet and spicy sour sauce of Mui Ne, and enjoy its authentic taste. Local people also enjoy this dish by filling in bread and pouring over chilli sauce, and you can find this dish at street vendors in the morning or afternoon.

"Banh Can (Round rice cake)"

Banh can is a popular cake in Mui Ne made of rice flour with the filling of spring onion. Different from Banh Can Nha Trang, Phan Rang or Dalat, Banh Can Mui Ne has no fillings like shrimp or egg and locals use small earthenware pots to cook it without oil, so it is actually a grilled rice cake. Banh can Mui Ne is often served with braised fish or fish sauce with sliced green mango and a duck egg.

"Banh Trang Mam Ruoc (Grilled rice paper with shrimp paste)"

Grilled rice paper with shrimp paste is a familiar dish of children and young people in Mui Ne that you can find it outside many local schools. Unlike the Vietnamese pizza style of Dalat grilled rice paper, Banh Trang Nuong Mui Ne has shrimp paste, boiled quail egg, fermented pork or pork sausage, and spring onion. The shrimp paste is often added with garlic, chilli and also lemon juice that makes this dish a unique and charming street food in Mui Ne.

Top accomomodation to stay in Mui Ne, vietnam


Tien Dat Resort & Spa 

Located on the lovely Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Tien Dat Resort houses 180 guestrooms overlooking the tropical gardens and sandy beach. All rooms are equipped with air conditioners, comfortable bathrooms, modern facilities.

Sunsea Resort Mui Ne

Offering 15 fully equipped rooms and bungalows in Asian tropical style and European architecture, Sunsea Resort is a perfect place for relaxation and family holidays. The property also houses Sukhothai restaurant which is known for grilled cuisine and delicious Asian food.

Riva Mui Ne Resort

Nestled under the coconut garden, Riva Mui Ne Resort is a lovely deluxe property with 16 fully equipped rooms and bungalows. The resort offers a private beach where guests can freely enjoy swimming and viewing the sunset.

The Cliff Resort & Residences

With 126 refreshing and enchanting decorated rooms, The Cliff Resort and Residences is a great choice for your enjoyable stay in Phan Thiet. Whatever your purpose of visit, you will receive the best in services and amenities.

Sailing Club Resort Mui Ne

Designed to thoughtfully blend luxury with sustainability, all comfortable guestrooms and bungalows of Sailing Club Resort Mui Ne feature spacious area and modern facilities which ensure guests enjoy comfortable stay any time.

Allezboo Beach Resort & Spa

Located away from busy streets, Allezboo Beach Resort & Spa is a smart choice for an ecstatic holiday. This resort provides 4-star standard rooms along with an excellent restaurant, outdoor pool and other modern facilities.

Sealinks City Resort & Golf

Located on the highest area of Sea Links City, Sea Links Beach Hotel comprises a complex designed in terraced field style. All guestrooms are spacious and luxury with full of modern equipment.

Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Featuring 90 rooms, suites and private pool villas as well as beachfront infinity pool and bar, Anantara Mui Ne Resort is a perfect choice for your stay when exploring the rolling sand dunes of Mui Ne.

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