Must-Visit Travel Destinations in every Vietnam Cambodia Tour

Vietnam, Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia, neighboring countries in the heart of Southeast Asia, encapsulates within themselves the beauty of breathtaking nature, awe-inspiring heritage sites, colorful indigenous culture, delicious food, and exotic charms of Mekong Delta. If Vietnam is beloved by flavorful gastronomy from North to South, Cambodia is an appealing place of mystics with the glamorous legacy of Angkor Empire. An amazing trip in Vietnam and Cambodia that can give you an in-depth understanding of two countries' local highlights is not complete if one of below famous travel destinations is missed:



The most popular destinations in Vietnam Tours

Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City

The two centers of economy, culture, history, and entertainment are definitely must-stop cities in any Vietnam’s travel itineraries. While Hanoi can be easily linked with other Northern attractions such as Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, etc, Ho Chi Minh City is the starting point in Vietnam’s southern trip before reaching Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Da Lat, and provinces in Mekong delta, etc. Visiting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can take an overview of Vietnam's history from the old days until modern local life today. 



To discover two cities' landmarks, a day tour in each is the best route for your trip. In case you are into the local experiences, try cyclo tour in Hanoi Old Quarter, motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City, or just merely take a walking tour along bustling narrow streets then taste every delicious food here.


Halong Bay

Renowned as one of the most popular travel destinations in most Vietnam tours, Halong Bay is praised as the should-visit place at least once when in the beautiful S-shaped country. Just a couple of hours from Hanoi, Halong Bay is famous for its marvelous landscape of countless rocky limestone islands rising over the calm emerald water, which made it one of Vietnam’s most iconic travel highlights.



The most popular travel experience in Halong Bay for all visitors is taking a sightseeing excursion exploring the heritage site on Halong Bay Cruises with various options from itineraries (day cruises, overnight cruises with 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 night routes), to yacht’s style, class, and rates, etc. 



Housing "the Roof of Indochina" Mt. Fansipan, the highest mountain in the heart of Southeast Asia, Sapa is the home to Vietnamese ethnic minorities mainly including Red Dao and H'mong as well as scenic landmarks of terraced rice fields. Endowed with temperate climate, Sapa attracts tourists by its unspoiled natural beauty of magnificent mountain ranges, an array of thrilling trekking routes through stunning rice fields, lush green hills & streams, and the alluring hidden charms of Sapa’s indigenous culture. 



Danang & Hoi An Ancient Town

Danang and Hoi An Ancient Town are two major tourist attractions in central Vietnam. While Danang is famous for alluring My Khe Beach and the city’s world-famous check-in spot "Golden Bridge", Hoi An Ancient Town is a favorite stop for any travelers, especially couples and family, due to the town's lovely romantic ambience. Also, both cities offer flavorful gastronomy with an array of local specialties that could satisfy any food lovers at very reasonable price. 



In many Vietnam tours, people often spend most of their time staying at Hoi An Ancient Town, where they can enjoy the old charms of yellow ancient houses, beautiful streets with lanterns, and  poetic vibe of slow-paced life here. Plus, visiting Danang by airplane from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can easily make an extra excursion to Hue for discovering Hue Imperial City of Nguyen Dynasty, solemn royal tombs, idyllic villages, and numerous other interesting historic sites around the city if you’re into wander-back-into-the-past experiences and calmly relaxed atmosphere. 


Nha Trang & Phu Quoc

Vietnam's long coastline stretching from North to South has formed a lot of stunning bays, beautiful sandy beaches and appealing offshore islands. The most popular among those named Nha Trang and Phu Quoc island. Two places are gifted picturesque beaches with soft white sand, calm crystal clear water, ideal tropical weather, and the richness of fresh seafood. If Nha Trang offers a spectacular view of sunrise, Phu Quoc island is regarded as one of the best places in Vietnam to witness the sun gradually setting down under the sparkling sea. Known as Vietnam’s famous beach destinations, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc island have a wide range of beach resorts with the utmost privacy, separate beach and excellent service, which made them a plus for amazing beach retreats or remarkable honeymoons in Vietnam.



Mekong Delta

Spreading across a vast area of Southern Vietnam and Cambodia, Mekong Delta is the home to dense maze of rivers and swamps, green lush orchards, fertile rice paddies, and unique way of floating life. From tributaries to the main flow, exotic charms of Mekong River make it among the prominent highlights during journeys of Vietnam Cambodia tours.



The most popular tour routes in Mekong Delta are excursions that take visitors to experience local Mekong Delta life through traditional crafts, bustling floating markets, local specialities, and fascinating boat trips on narrow canals. Another exquisite way to discover Mekong Delta's beauty is boarding overnight Mekong River cruises, with various itineraries, to take an in-depth immersion into the heartland of the fertile delta. Varying from wooden cozy traditional boats to spacious luxury vessels, the mighty Mekong Delta's treasures will be encapsulated within a wide variety of enjoyable activities en-route.


The most popular destinations in Cambodia Tours

Phnom Penh

Set on the bank of Mekong River, Phnom Penh city - the capital of Cambodia, must be one of the places that should not be missed when in the country. On the day tour discovering Phnom Penh, you can take a glimpse of Cambodia’s legacies as well as the country’s turbulent history through the capital’s landmarks: the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda, National Museum, Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng Museum….



In the Mekong River cruise voyage, Phnom Penh could be the starting/finishing point or on-the-way stop depending on selected itineraries. Or else, Phnom Penh could be the first travel destination in the country before reaching other famous places such as the beach city of Sihanoukville, the ancient city of Siem Reap, or the friendly town of Kampong Cham, etc.


Siem Reap

Among all tourist attractions in Cambodia, Siem Reap, home to Angkor Empire’s glamorous legacies, deserves to be the country’s utmost travel destination due to its notable features of the history’s richness, of the mysterious ancient Khmer culture, and of course, of the world-famous magnificent religious complex of Angkor Wat, which is proudly the national icons on the Cambodia's flag.



With all renowned travel highlights, Siem Reap is the outstanding stop in every multi-country Asia tour, especially crafted itineraries for history buffs. Visiting Siem Reap, travelers will get the once of a lifetime opportunity to marvel at the extraordinary architecture of countless  ancient ruins & temples as well as immerse in the spiritual atmosphere of Khmer’s exquisite arts. Some of Siem Reap must-see tourist sites could be named such as: the grand Angkor Wat major temple complex, temple of mystical giant stone faces Angkor Thom, the freaky but so awe-inspiring photogenic sights of Ta Prohm with temples amidst giant tree roots, and a lot of other beautiful temples around.


Tonle Sap

The lake of Tonle Sap is the biggest freshwater lake in Cambodia as well as Southeast Asia, which made it the shelter of local’s fishermans, farmers, and a lot of local residents on floating villages around the lake. Being a part of the Mekong River system and possessing an incredibly diverse ecosystem, Tonle Sap is famous for its amazing water world and a vast area of freshwater swamp forests. In most itineraries of Mekong River cruises, Tonle Sap is the gateway to Siem Reap and in reverse. Taking a boat trip exploring Tonle Sap, tourists will get an up-close-and-personal insight into the rustic life of the locals on makeshift floating houses here. 



Encompassing almost the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, these tourist attractions could make you a best travel expedition discovering the two countries' gems. If you’re into distinct itineraries with your own personal taste when booking Vietnam Cambodia Tours with us, don’t hesitate to share your inquiry to Asia Tours Experts. With our in-depth expertise of local understanding, we’ll give you recommended travel routes for well-suiting your desire at the most comfort.

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