Top 10 Best Vietnam Cambodia Tour Experiences

Vietnam, Cambodia

When it comes to colorful land of Southeast Asia, people can not miss Indochine diverse highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, the two neighboring countries that amazes everyone right at the first sight with abundance of travel styles and local experiences ranging from history, culture, to daily life, adventures, and even party or retreats. Among countless activities you can opt to join during your own itinerary, here are our suggested 10 best Vietnam Cambodia tour experiences that should be in your travel bucket list here, which absolutely fulfill your trip with the most iconic moments of deeply diving into Vietnam-Cambodia beauty. 




As a place where you can find an amazing tapestry of cultural and natural diversity stretching from North to South, the beautiful S-shaped country of Vietnam is always a promising traveland for any buffs. Some of the best experiences you can expect for your Vietnam tour packages are:


1. Touring around Hanoi famous attractions

The best way to catch a glimpse of Vietnam's history and culture is to take a tour around the capital city of Hanoi through renowned tourist attractions including Ho Chi Minh complex with the Mausoleum, Stilt House, One Pillar Pagoda; Temple of Literature - the first university in Vietnam; Museum of Ethnology - great introduction of Vietnamese multiple ethnic groups. Your visits will surely be an ideal choice in the holiday in Vietnam to to calm down from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. If you stay here at the weekend, don't forget to join the walking street to know more about Hanoian buzzing nightlife as well as refresh yourself with pleasant walks, and, of course, try some delectable street food and have fun with other local delights.



2. Experiencing overnight trip on Halong Bay Cruises 

Known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Halong bay is a must for visitors when going to Vietnam. Spending time on your holiday to join overnight trips with a Halong Bay Cruise, you will  have a chance to immerse in the beautiful bay scenery with the excellent cruise accommodation. A package of Halong Bay Cruises offer not only a close and personal look to admire the spectacular views of thousands of limestone islands rising over the calm emerald sea, but also many other exciting outdoor activities en-route: kayaking, cave & floating village visiting, swimming, biking, etc. Even if you expect a cruise trip to merely relax amid greens and nature, the sundeck and your private balcony are perfect places to take your time sunbathing or sightseeing.


3. Being enchanted by lovely things in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town has long been one of the most favorite Vietnam travel destinations due to its long history, idyllically romantic townscape with calm river and lines of beautiful ancient houses, awesome gastronomy and amiable local people. Traveling in Hoi An, you can walk around the narrow streets, observing the old houses from the ancient time with typical Chinese, Japanese, French and European architectures. Besides the sightseeing spots, when wandering around the town, you can easily fall in love with numerous lovely workshops and stores. Joining traditional cooking classes, learning how to make lanterns in workshops, or biking to Tra Que village then experiencing daily life like locals are also should-try activities you can think it over during your stay in Hoi An.



4. Discovering the dense underground world of Cu Chi Tunnels

Escaping from buzzing Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels - a legendary historic tourist attraction that offers a thrilling but very exciting experience of discovering underground complicated tunnel systems, is commonly known as an outstanding history lesson helping tourists learn more about Vietnam’s pastime in person. A trip to Cu Chi Tunnels and crawling inside the dense, narrow, dark tunnels will amaze you by the 250km underground network utilized as a weapon store, military bunkers & base, and even living place and shelter for locals during wartime. The place deserves a big appreciation to Vietnamese people and guerrillas' effort during the wartime, and perfectly suits history lovers, or those who are into something prominent and iconic in Ho Chi Minh City.



5. Excitingly embracing the exotic beauty of Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is a vast fertile land to the Southern parts of Indochina Peninsula, where is the home to exotic floating life with a dense network of rivers and streams, also lush orchards and enormous green rice fields. As the cultural heart of Southern Vietnam, Mekong Delta remains a magnet for cultural discovery and local interaction. After driving about 02 hours from Ho Chi Minh city to join a Mekong Delta tour, you will have chances to visit local workshops and learn how to make traditional specialties: coconut candy, pop corn, rice paper, brooms, sticky rice cake…Also, coming over the floating markets, biking around rustic villages, or even boarding an overnight trip on Mekong River Cruises are extra ideal ways to deeply immerse in Mekong Delta’s authentic beauty. 



6. Enjoying a true beach holiday in Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam’s largest island is praised as one of the best places to witness the spectacular sunset  in Vietnam. Along with numerous sandy white beaches and crystal turquoise sea water, Phu Quoc is a true sun, sea & beach place for amazing Vietnam Cambodia beach tours. This section of Phu Quoc Island tours and activities is ideal if you’re looking to explore this tropical destination and its surrounding islets. There are plenty of things to do on Phu Quoc Island besides lounging on the beach with a drink in hand. Nature lovers can explore breathtaking waterfalls and quaint villages within the island. Traveling families can enjoy a fun-filled day at the iconic Vinpearl Land Amusement Park, which is fitted with thrilling slides and splash pools, as well as an aquarium housing 300 marine species.You only need to sit back, relax and make the most out of your relaxing holiday on the island.



For those who are more into adventures, Vietnam is also endowed with many breathtaking landscapes for experiencing active tours: trekking in Sapa, conquering stunning loops in Ha Giang, caving giant caves in Phong Nha, etc. Check out more in our suggested Vietnam tours list. 




Home to thousands of ancient Khmer temples, Cambodia is one of the most famous Southeast Asia destinations for classic heritage discoveries. Among a lot of things to do in the mystical land, the most iconic tour experiences you should not miss in your Cambodia tours are:


7. Visiting major tourist spots in Phnom Penh City

Phnom Penh - the capital of Cambodia - is commonly chosen as the first stop when in the country.  Maintaining considerable charms for everyone to come and experience, a city tour acquaints us with some major sights of Phnom Penh and helps us to know a great deal about the sites, overview about Khmer culture, and have a close look at some of the critical events during Cambodia’s history. Phnom Penh’s top attractions are Royal Palace - home to the royal family, Silver Pagoda - the most sacred temple in the country and National Museum - dedicated exclusively to Khmer art and sculpture, Killing Field & Tuol Sleng Museum - the duo spots showing a part of the country’s turbulent history from the past.



8. Admiring the magnificent heritages of Angkor Temples

The utmost Cambodia tour experience goes to temples ruin visits in Siem Reap, and the top-notch and also the must-try for everyone here is the Complex of Angkor Temples. Regarded as the largest religious structure in the world, Angkor Temples surely amaze oversea tourists by the astonishing vast and amazing landscape of ancient ruins and gorgeous temple sculptures. A wonderful experience to watch the mesmerizing sunrise and to explore the site needs tackling whilst you visit Siem Reap. Don’t forget to take water, hat, sunscreen and proper attire to maintain your energetic exploration.



Besides the main stop of Angkor Temples Complex, outlying highlighted ancient temples around Siem Reap could be extra less touristy stops for you to encounter ancient Khmer heritage in somewhat better ways. Enjoying the Cambodian traditional dinner with ancient art of Apsara Dance is also a must-see during your time in Siem Reap.


9. Taking an up-close and personal look at Cambodian locals living in Tonle Sap 

Being the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and also a part of the legendary Mekong River, Tonle Sap plays an important role in Cambodia’s agriculture, especially local daily life for surrounding villages. It has been luring curious travelers more by the unique floating life in the lake. Besides the quaint local boat experience, you will be welcomed by warm smiles from the humble Cambodian people and have a chance to see the real-life of local people and see how they make a living in this fantastic lake. Or else, you can opt to add in your Vietnam Cambodia tour an upstream or downstream journey discovering Mekong Delta on Mekong River Cruises that connect main stops in both Vietnam and Cambodia en-route.



10. Spending your leisure time on Koh Rong sandy beaches

After days of traversing through bigger Cambodia tourist attractions that could take decent effort, it could not be better than taking time for refreshing yourself with relaxing activities. If you're looking to a holiday to unwind in the glorious sunshine and sandy beach, pack your luggage and welcome to Koh Rong - a corner of the paradise on earth. Well known as the most beautiful island in Cambodia, Koh Rong will absolutely blow you away by the heavenly white sand, crystal clear water, picturesque scenery and plenty of secluded coconut beaches to walk to and spend the day swimming and sunbathing. An island to chill out with party atmosphere in the evenings but relaxed and peaceful in the daytime.



Touring around Vietnam and Cambodia with these best tour experiences will definitely leave you not only a very classic journey in Vietnam Cambodia but also an incredible trip encompassing all the most quintessential parts of both countries. Other than 10 best given tour experiences, there are a lot of other interesting activities you can try during your tour package. As long as you’re concerned about anything you want to do in Vietnam Cambodia, just contact our Asia Tour Experts for the best recommendations.

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