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This interesting trip gives you a great oportunity to visit Dong Ho folk painting village. The ancient Dong Ho painting village is a famous village of folk paintings, belonging to Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province, about 25 km from Hanoi. Dong Ho village (sometimes the locals only call it Ho village) is located on the south bank of Duong River. Dong Ho painting - The quintessence of attractive and unique Vietnamese folk culture in colors, layouts, and shapes. With completely natural materials, Dong Ho painting has a special, warm and special color that perhaps only Vietnam has.The paintings belong to a series of woodblock prints, created and produced by Dong Ho villagers. This is a type of paintings that closely and vividly expresses the traditional Vietnamese agricultural society, the working life of ordinary, naive, customs and activities of Vietnamese people. We can find familiar images in Dong Ho painting such as: rat wedding, pig flocks, chickens or jealous scenes of young couples ...Our tour guide will introduce you the process of making a painting and give you some more details of the history of development of Dong Ho folk painting village.

Pick up your bike and start cycling along the Red River & Duong river dike, one of the best way to see and experience the beauty, the people, and the culture of the country and it will be a great chance for travelers to explore Vietnam in an active way. The route is a good mix of rice paddy fields and local houses of rural Hanoians and local people in Bac Ninh province, who have settled down and earned their lives in the Red river delta for many years. This trip sets itself apart by bringing tourists the authentic Vietnamese’ image that is not commonly shown in classic day tours around Hanoi. It promises an unforgettable experience when you spend time outdoors to inhale the fresh air, see the lush green rice fields, be charmed by the flowing Red river and Duong River and learn about local people.

Lung Tam village in Lung Tam Commune is tucked away under the foot of hills in Quan Ba District in Ha Giang Province. This village is known for its long-standing traditional craft of brocade weaving. The art of making linen fabric has been passing from generations to generations in Lung Tam. Visiting the village, you will see linen products everywhere: drying out in the sun, whirring on family looms, and also have a fascinating opportunity to get a better knowledge of how to make linen fabric, interact with Hmong women and try to weave hemp.

Thai ethnic minority still preserve the traditional dance that used to be performed at an only special occasion like Tet (Vietnamese New Year), spring festival, wedding ceremony, and others. Though the lifestyle has changed a bit, this type of dance still has as much meaning today as it did then. The dance reflects the love between a couple, their love with the home village, and the wishes for good rice harvest and happiness. Visit Mai Chau, you will have an amazing chance to join with them and practice together. You can also taste the regional wine named Nep rice wine and interact with local people.  

Cycling is an ideal choice to watch and witness the fascinating and visually stunning part of Mai Chau. You will first start from Pom Coong village and then cycle along the alluring rice paddies on either side to Cha Long and Tong Dau villages to a true example of authentic experience. In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to observe the local way of life of Thai ethnic minority and get away from a hustle and bustle street life in Hanoi. 

This beautiful pass is also known as White Stone Pass which is very popular with tourists due to the terrific landscape along the way. Of all the best passes in Vietnam, Thung Khe Pass stands out from the crowd for its rugged mountain and the gorgeous scenery. In addition, this is a great ideal place to stopover on your way to Mai Chau valley as you will have a great opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of the valley below and can also visit a small local market where you can see some authentic food.

Lung Cu Flag Tower has long been a sacred image in the heart of every Vietnamese land. It is known as a national flagpole located at the top of Lung Cu (the Dragon mountain). It takes 389 stone steps to go up to the top of the flagpole and you will then have a fantastic chance to admire the terrific beauty of the panoramic Dong Van stone as a masterpiece of creativity. Not only witnessing the beauty of the scenery but also learning some interesting stories about this area.

Hmong Royal Palace rests like one of the most impressive national monuments in Northern Vietnam. Amongst best historic places in Vietnam, H'Mong King Palace stands out from the crowd for its grandiose structure spreading over an area of 1,120 square meters and with its unique intricate design. Hmong Royal Palace's design is under the strong influence of Chinese architectural style. A visit to explore H'Mong Palace will definitely offer you a deeper insight into the history and the unique culture of H'Mong ethnic minority. 

Tucked away along the picturesque Dong Van Karst Plateau, the winding Nho Que River flows like green thread shimmering north from heaven. It runs along the border for 16.4 km then into Vietnam through Lung Cu Commune in Ha Giang into Gam River in Cao Bang Province. Visiting Nho Que River and simply taking a local boat to immerse in the splendid and terrific beauty of Nho Que River. Furthermore, it is a precious chance to capture some magnificent photos of this area. 

Thai Hai village is a reserve area of ecological houses-on-stilts in Thai Nguyen province. It is 76km from Hanoi and takes around 2 hours ride. It is known as a home of Tay ethnic minority group with 30 houses on stilts. You will enjoy conservation exhibits and live traditional folk culture of ethnic Tay, Nung. Furthermore, visiting Thai Hai village, you will be definitely immersed among the green nature fresh and rustic charm as the idyllic atmosphere here. 

Make sure that you visit the Cultural Museum of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups. It's definitely worth stopping here for at least an hour to have a perfect introduction and excellent insight into ethnic cultures, way of life and tradition. Take the first-hand experience to see a full of lovely examples of ethnic minority costumes, other artifacts from their day-to-day lives and relevant photographs; all just a joy a look at. Outside there are a few examples of ethnic buildings, including an amazing community house with the most startling roof elevation. They will absolutely satisfy your curiosity. 

Ba Be National Park was established as a national park in 1992 (often referred to as the Ba Be Lakes). It is known as a heaven of extraordinary scenery, fascinating biodiversity, and rich culture. One of the best ways to experience its incredible beauty is from the water. Easily take a local boat and explore the rivers, lakes, and caves that make up this area of stunning beauty. 

When in Hue, we will spend time on visiting Battle Field of Hamburger Hill. We will get off the tourist trail down Highway 1 and see some jungle and learn more about the history of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the battle, which was fought in 1969, was a direct attack against a heavily defended and strategically insignificant hill, led to scattered blows, extensive casualties

Belonging to Halong Bay but close to the border of Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, the Dark and Bright caves are an enclosed group of islands, surrounded by lime-stone mountains. Discoverning the caves, visitors will take a bamboo boat to travel through an entrance leading to the grotto right at the water level. Passing through this natural entrance, we see a tranquil round lake, surrounded by luxuriant trees and different sized stone walls. The caves are the perfect combination of lime-stone mountains, which the sea makes a unique site to visit and a perfect place for photo hunts.

Skip away from busy life in dense cities where the sky is too small, low blocking by skyscrapers, a trip to Duong Lam village will please your soul. With lovely old village, wooden houses, ancient temples, well preserved artifact, street vendors and friendly villagers ambience, Duong Lam villages is not only an escape from the hectic buzz of Hanoi but also a step back in time to taste the old style of life. If you are into history, architecture, and countryside life, Duong Lam is a must-see when in Hanoi.

There is no doubt that food is one of the best way to immersing yourself in local culture. Hanoi Foodie tour takes loving food souls from around the world to the corners of the Old Quarter, tasting its authentic local street food From Nom (Vietnamese salad with beef), Pho (Beef noodle), Bun Cha (Vietnamese grilled pork with vemicelli) and end up with Ca Phe Trung - a blend of coffee and egg whites, folded with sugar. Seasonal Mixed Fruits is an option for who don’t “dare” to give Egg coffee a shot. All of these dishes promisingly delight and excite your senses whilst bringing you the harmony of Hanoi streets. Say "NO" to touristic, get a chance eating like a real local!

Desiring to get out of the city for a couple of days? Looking for authentic atmosphere when exploring the local culture? Mekong Delta is truly your choice! Joining a Mekong cruise trip is highly recommended among great ways to explore the mighty delta. You will have comfortable time to relax in very pleasant boat, with attentive staff on board and excellent local meals. In addition, land excursions around the small delta villages, traditional workshop or floating markets to meet welcoming locals and get up close and personal with life on the Mekong will definitely highlight your holiday in Vietnam.

The cultural heart of Southern Vietnam, Mekong Delta is picturesquely set among floating delta and remains a magnet for cultural discovery and local interaction. After driving about 02 hours from Ho Chi Minh city to join a Mekong Delta tour, you will have chance to visit regional workshops which teach us how to make traditional specialties: coconut candy, pop corn, rice paper… Moreover, the local hospitality will warm your heart, with people who always smile, wave with your group, and try to help you as much as possible.

Do you love blue water, pristine sand and refresh juice in holiday? Everything is await for you at Mui Ne Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Vietnam. After 04 hours driving from Ho Chi Minh city, from the very first moment you arrived in Mui Ne, take your shoes off and don't put them back on until you leave. Lots of places to eat, awesome white and red sand dunes, delicious seafood and fresh air, stunning beaches and now, lap in the sense of paradise life.

Breathtaking is one of the best words to describe the a massive white sand dune in Mui Ne.Situated in the Southern Part of Vietnam, about 04 hours driving from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne will definitle catch you off guard with the amazing scene. The exciting feeling getting from looking out at the sand, joining numerous exploring activities: Sand Slides, Jeep Trip... makes you both regret having to leave and looking forward to returning soon. Moreover, for the exotic sunset and sunrise experience lover, there is no doubt that this will be on your bucket list.

Welcome to Phu Quoc Island - The Paradise Of Beach Holiday located in Southern part of Vietnam.The beautiful color with hundreds shades of blue and green paired with pristine white sand beaches under nice sky will definitly make Phu Quoc a perfect retreat after your long day tour. Walking for miles in silky sand, stopping occasionally to pick up conch shells, relaxing with awesome coconut juice, if you love the sun, sea, sand, you cannot miss Phu Quoc Island.

About 02 driving hours away from the bustle and hustle of Ho Chi Minh City, you will arrive at the peaceful Mekong Delta. If we have time in the early morning, why don't we visit the floating market?Cai Rang floating market is the location where locals go to buy and sell a variety of fruits vegetables from boats of all sizes and which is the most original ones and bustling places of the region. Sellers tie their goods to a tall pole so that buyers can see from a distance what they are selling. Seat on local trading boat, witness boasting activities in market, find out local life in stilt house along river will be a joyful memory in your Vietnam Holiday.

If you travel to Ho Chi Minh City, don't miss an A O Show at Saigon Opera House. The amazing show will be an exciting brilliance which will mesmerize and enthrall you with the skillful talented aritist and the rhythem mixing between Vietnamese Folk music and bamboo poles and enormous basket in such an acrobatics show. Needless to say, A O Show is highly recommend to every tourists who visit Vietnam . Come and enjoy the life of farmers performed by the contagiou enthusiasm of the dancers, and your hearts will beat to the rhythm. 

If you are around Ho Chi Minh City and wondering how to spend a day in this fascinating city, why don't get a closer look at Vietnam’s wartime by visiting the Cu Chi tunnels ? Hiding the the secrets of underground Vietnam, the legendary Cu Chi Tunnels trip will amaze you by the 250km underground network utilized as weapon store, military bunkers and base . Don't miss the chance to crawl inside the tunnels and fire several different weapons in the shooting range.

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City - one of the most modern cities in Vietnam. Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City on a full-day city tour. You will gain fascinating insight into rich culture and history with our knowledgeable guide when going to Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, Post Office, Notre-Dame Cathedral. Moreover, haggling for lovely gifts at Ben Thanh market and feasting your senses on a local lunch of traditional Vietnamese cuisine will remark your trip in Saigon.

Well recognized as a beautiful beach city with great natural climate, Nha Trang is listed among the most outstanding destination in Vietnam for beach lover year round.When In Nha Trang, don't miss the valuable chance to snorkel or dive among the coral reefs in crystal blue waters, hike nature trails, cool off in your private plunge pool, indulge in spa treatments or just relax on thewhite sand beach and admire the unspoiled mountain and sea view

On the way Hue - Hoi An, the winding road begins as we make our way up the Hai Van pass. The breath -taking view from the top of the pass is one of Vietnam’s most impressive panoramic scenes. Don't forget to prepare the camera in hand to capture all the views in one of the most stunning pass in Vietnam

When in Hue, don't forget to enjoy the the lovely moments of local life and beautiful landscapes (French cows, churches…). There is an opportunity to discover the charms of the Hue countryside, its ancient villages, its pagodas and churches as well as its rivers covered with lotus flowers (subject to weather conditions). Thanh Tien village is located along the Perfume River famous for its traditional handcraft production of paper flowers and has been dated back around four hundred years. Joining the Paper Lotus Flower Making Process in the local house, observing the skillful artists preparing the paper, making the flowers and then trying to make a flower by yourself under the careful instruction will be one of the most beautiful memories in your Vietnam Holiday.

When travelling through Central Vietnam, it will be a pleasant memory to take time to visit Hue, and one of the leisurely and photogenic ways to spend a sunny morning in Hue is by taking the boat trip on the Perfume River. Considered as a wide, slowly moving, brown ribbon bisecting the city, the river will bring you a closer look at local life along the river, a different perspective to the city, get a closer look at the local culture on countryside banks.

Whether it's the Royal Experience with Mysteric Tomb, Imperial Citadel and the ancient architecture, or the peaceful atmosphere in the streets, Hue City is one of the most appealing destinations for those who loves the beauty, poetry and romance. Surrounded by the historic sites, Hue will blow your mind with a wind of ancient stories. By recognizing the role history has played in our lives, we can go forward with more appreciation on the lives we live in.

If you are a food lover, when in Hoi An, there will be a precious chance to learn how to cook traditional delicious Vietnamese food. Preparing lunch with a local family and you will learn how to make “ Tam Huu” spring roll, “Xeo” pancake and local pancake of people in Centre of Viet Nam. Morover, don't forget to visit Hoi An’s colourful market, and experience the amazing sights, sounds and aromas of this busy market to interact with the local sellers and learn about all the ingredients to be used in the cooking session.

When in Hoi An, in addition to a walking tour in ancient town or relaxing moment at beaches, don't miss the trip to Water Coconut Forest and experience the unique boat trip. With 7 hectares of mangrove forest, canals, and houses covered in water coconut leaf the forest played such an important place for people and local soldiers during the Vietnam War as refugees. Coming to the forest, you will row a basket boat with the help of skillful locals, learning their traditional fishing techniques in the water coconut forest. The friendly locals will answer all of your questions so that you may learn of and share thelove for this marvelous country.

Besides the reputation as a busy commercial port in the past with the unique architecture of numerous ancient house, Hoi An brings visitors the images of peaceful countryside with green field and friendly locals. A biking trip to rural villages (Tra Que, Bay Mau...) will give you a precious chance to interact with the farmers, live their lives in one day, experience the fresh air and delicious cuisine.

In the past, Hoi An Ancient Town was famous for the reputation as a busy commercial port where worldwide businessmen arrived and carried out transaction with numororus types of goods. Nowadays, in the holiday, you can walk around the narrow streets, observing the old houses from the ancient time with typical Chinese, Japanese, French and European architectures.Besides the sightseeing spots, when wandering around the town, you can easily fall in love with numerous lovely workshops and stores

When joining the cruise trip in Halong Bay - the World Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO, visitors will have chance to visit the floating village by kayaking or being taken by bamboo boat trip on the water around the villages. You will have chance to get to the place where you could see the fish swimming beneath and also see the fishermen working and the local children playing happily around their floating houses. If you are interested in various cultures and different life style, it will be definitly worth a visit. 

Every visitors who come to Vietnam should never miss Halong Bay. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay will amaze you by not only the magnificet natural scenery but also by thousands remote islands and stunning cave. You will have chance to visit the fabulous limestone caves with mysterious stories which will beautifully highlight the rock formations. Sung Sot Cave (Surprise cave), Thien Cung Cave (Paradise Cave), Luon Cave, Tien Ong Cave... are ones of those most safe and beautiful caves that you may visit when in Halong Bay. There are rough stairs to climb, and the access is very easy for every visitors. 

When in Halong Bay – the World Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO, you should not miss the chance to join the outdoor activities to explore the beautiful nature in exciting experience. Kayaking - one of the most attractive choice, is very easy for all levels and ages to do. Our expert and experienced guide surely instruct you basic paddling steps before leading you to explore the extraordinary beauty of Halong Bay.

Known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Halong bay is must for visitors when going to Vietnam. Speding time on your holiday to join to a cruise trip in the spectacular bay, you will  have chance to relax in the beautiful bay scenery with the excellent cruise accommodation. Moreover, when relaxing at your cabin or sitting on the upper deck; you can sight-seeing gladly, let all the worry and busy life go away while taking photos of the magnificent beauty of the rocky islands rising from the emerald water of the bay. 

Get on the night train from Hanoi and welcome to Sapa –  a beautiful northern mountainous highland surrounding by magnificent nature and authentic ethnic minority lives. In Sapa, we will pass by magnificent nature scene and go trekking to remote villages where ethnic minorities live to understand their local real life & custom. The trekking route is pleasant and it is great to capture wonderful photos of fogs, rice terraces, beautiful scenery and daily residents’ life on the way. 

When taking the trip to the the West North of Vietnam, Bac Ha Market is a special experience  of your holiday which should not to be missed. The colorful market opens only on Sunday in Bac Ha - a rural district of Lao Cai province in the Northeastern region of Vietnam which is home of Flower H’mong Tribe, one of the 54 minorities of Vietnam.It is your great chance to enjoy beautiful mountainous scenes and rice paddy fields on the way to the site. The minority people in their traditional dress come to the market to shop and socialize once a week as well as sell their wares. You will observe the local selling and exchanging their goods and products, witness the traditional clothes and sense the custom in the unique place. From the puppies, for sale, to the buffalo, chicken and pigs, from home made rice wine to fresh meat/veggie, Hmong textiles and clothes, the market will give you a wonderful taste of mountainous area in your Vietnam Holiday.

To epxlore the Old Quarter in Hanoi, nothing can compare to a trip by the traditional cyclo. Traditional cyclo driver will transport you around the streets at a very leisurely pace whilst the busy traffic flows around you. Through the fascinating experience of rickshaws driving around the Old Quarter, you will experience the daily life of the local. It will be a very relaxing way to see the inner city and old quarter as well as travelling around the lake and french quarter. This slow - speed tour with extremely comfortable cyclo in good condition will give your great memory for you holiday to fully enjoy the classic and modern of the capital.

Hanoi - a blend between the traditional and the modern beauties - a sedate capital with rich history and the unique architecture from East to West welcomes you. Ho Chi Minh complex with the Mausoleum, Stilt House, One Pillar Pagoda, etc is one of the most important sites which will help you to learn more about history, arts and architecture. Don't miss the trip to Temple of Literature - the first university in Vietnam and you will have chance to learn more about the education and history of Vietnam. If you are interested in the rich culture of the minorities, how about visiting Museum of Ethnology. The lively exhibition, informative messages and many interesting stories of traditions and costume will give you a fascinating glimpse into  many ethnic groups. Your visit will surely be an ideal choice in the holiday in Vietnam to to calm down from the hustle and bustle Hanoi.

Situated in in Ninh Binh Province (02.5 hours driving from Hanoi), Trang An Landscape Complex is well know as a beautiful combination of cultural and natural beauty. A bamboo boat trip rowed by a local along the river will take you through multiple caves and a few short stops to visit some pagodas. Moreover, it will be such a romantic experience that you have chance to relax in the beautiful scenery. On the tranquil rowing boat, you will enjoy the fresh air, stunning view of mountains, valleys clean and crystal clear water with under water grass and travel with a peace of mind along your journey. In addition, you may prepare yourself for a work out to try to paddle the boat. It will be an exciting and memorable experience for your holiday in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Water Puppet Show is a traditional folk art which dates back several centuries. Watching the exceptional show with the puppet moving through water by the skillful puppeters will be a special way to discover the ancient art and the countryside stories in your holiday in Hanoi. The authentic Vietnamese Water Puppet Show will take you through Southeast Asia’s wet-rice culture, a good insight to farming and historical legends with colorful animated puppet and rhythmic melody from traditional instruments.

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