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Make sure that you visit the Cultural Museum of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups. It's definitely worth stopping here for at least an hour to have a perfect introduction and excellent insight into ethnic cultures, way of life and tradition. Take the first-hand experience to see a full of lovely examples of ethnic minority costumes, other artifacts from their day-to-day lives and relevant photographs; all just a joy a look at. Outside there are a few examples of ethnic buildings, including an amazing community house with the most startling roof elevation. They will absolutely satisfy your curiosity. 

Other Experiences in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Thai Hai village is a reserve area of ecological houses-on-stilts in Thai Nguyen province. It is 76km from Hanoi and takes around 2 hours ride. It is known as a home of Tay ethnic minority group with 30 houses on stilts. You will enjoy conservation exhibits and live traditional folk culture of ethnic Tay, Nung. Furthermore, visiting Thai Hai...

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