Dong Van, Vietnam

Visiting a fascinating sight in such a remote region of Vietnam - Hmong Royal Palace

Hmong Royal Palace rests like one of the most impressive national monuments in Northern Vietnam. Amongst best historic places in Vietnam, H'Mong King Palace stands out from the crowd for its grandiose structure spreading over an area of 1,120 square meters and with its unique intricate design. Hmong Royal Palace's design is under the strong influence of Chinese architectural style. A visit to explore H'Mong Palace will definitely offer you a deeper insight into the history and the unique culture of H'Mong ethnic minority. 

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Discover colourful Northeast loops of Vietnam

Hanoi→Thai Nguyen→Bac Kan→Cao Bang→Ha Giang→Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Enjoy the beaten track on the bikes with its spectacular views of plenty of mountains

Get a short excursion away from a buzzing and busy city

Immerse yourself in the verdant mountains when you relax on the Nho Que boat

Capture some amazing photos of the splendid beauty of Dong Van Plateau

Interact with locals to learn about their culture and language and taste their delicious regional specialities

Experience the authentic lives of Ethnic Minorities - Pho Bang & Lung Tam villages

Wander around the remote areas and get better knowledge about their diverse culture

Hanoi→Thai Nguyen→Bac Kan→Cao Bang→Ha Giang→Hanoi

Enjoy the views from Quan Ba Heaven Gate - the most ideal place to have a glimpse of the Dong Van plateau

Have a precious opportunity to get a better knowledge of how to make linen fabric at Lung Tam Village

Interact with Hmong women and try to weave hemp and learn about their culture

Fascinated by the unique architectural mark of the H'Mong ethnic minority people

Immerse in the beauty of Dong Van stone from the top of Lung Cu Flag Tower

Conquer the breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass and capture some amazing photos

Have a chance to try to harvest rice and cook Vietnamese food

Hanoi→Ha Giang→Hanoi

5-Day Adventure to Ha Giang Loop and Ba Be Lake

Hanoi→Ha Giang→Cao Bang→Bac Kan→Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Get a glimpse of the Dong Van plateau at Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Have a chance to see the process of making linen products and try to weave hemp

Visit the palace of H'Mong King with unique intricate design

Explore Dong Van market and feel all the sights, sounds and tastes of the traditional hill-tribe market

Fascinated by the outstanding scenery of Ma Pi Leng Pass

Relax at the heaven of extraordinary scenery with the local boat tour on Ba Ba lake

A short excursion to get away from a buzzing and busy city

Hanoi→Ha Giang→Cao Bang→Bac Kan→Hanoi

Experience around Thon Tha Village where you will get a deeper insight into the local daily lives of ethnic minorities

Relax with the alluring atmosphere and the friendliness of locals

Get a glimpse of zigzag road weaving between clouds and mountains at Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Explore one of the best historical attractions with its unique intricate design – H’Mong Royal Palace

Take a local boat tour on Nho Que River and immerse in its terrific beauty surrounding

Visit Lung Tam village, interact with H’Mong women and try to weave hemp

Taste the regional specialities and try to make them

Hanoi→Ha Giang→Hanoi

Untouched Ha Giang Off Beaten Track 7-Day Tour

Hanoi→Ha Giang→Cao Bang→Bac Kan→Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Visit the untouched beauty of Nam Son and Nam Hong villages and interact with ethnic minorities to bridge the gap between language and culture

Gain a deeper insight into the authentic lives of locals and enjoy the alluring atmosphere

Visit the unique traditional hill-tribe market to sense all the sights and sounds

See the indigenous product of Lung Tam village and try to make them

Stand on the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass and admire its outstanding beauty

Watch the sunset and the moon while in your accommodation in Pac Ngoi village

Relax with plenty of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and size surrounding in Hua Ma Cave

Hanoi→Ha Giang→Cao Bang→Bac Kan→Hanoi

Other Experiences in Dong Van, Vietnam

Dong Van, Ha Giang
Dong Van, Ha Giang
Dong Van, Ha Giang
Dong Van, Ha Giang
Dong Van, Ha Giang

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