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This interesting trip gives you a great oportunity to visit Dong Ho folk painting village. The ancient Dong Ho painting village is a famous village of folk paintings, belonging to Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province, about 25 km from Hanoi. Dong Ho village (sometimes the locals only call it Ho village) is located on the south bank of Duong River. Dong Ho painting - The quintessence of attractive and unique Vietnamese folk culture in colors, layouts, and shapes. With completely natural materials, Dong Ho painting has a special, warm and special color that perhaps only Vietnam has.
The paintings belong to a series of woodblock prints, created and produced by Dong Ho villagers. This is a type of paintings that closely and vividly expresses the traditional Vietnamese agricultural society, the working life of ordinary, naive, customs and activities of Vietnamese people. We can find familiar images in Dong Ho painting such as: rat wedding, pig flocks, chickens or jealous scenes of young couples ...
Our tour guide will introduce you the process of making a painting and give you some more details of the history of development of Dong Ho folk painting village.

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Located on the southern side of the Duong river, about 40km to the east of Hanoi, Dong Ho Painting Village is one of the villages that preserves ancient cultural relics of Kinh Bac area (Red river delta, north of Vietnam).

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