Best Singapore Tours From 2 To 4 Days


Singapore, commonly known as “The Lion City”, is a tempting Asian destination for travel buffs in the world. The little island country boasts about surprising prosperity, the global vibe in every corner, and all-ranging service, which made it not only one of the major hubs in Asia but also an amazing country for hassle-free holidays. As a main transit stop during the bigger Asian journey, Singapore is a favourite place of short trips lasting for less than a week. Anyone visiting Singapore will basically find it pretty free and easy to explore the entire country within several days. For those who’re still concerned about which is the best itinerary in Singapore, have a look at the list of our recommended tours below, which somehow helps you plan a dream vacation with your mates when in here:


1. Singapore City Stop (2 days)

Singapore is a very little country, so it doesn’t take too much time to discover the entire city. 2 days 1 night covering some of the most famous tourist sites in Singapore seems to be a perfect itinerary for those having budget time yet wanting to explore this wonderful island country as much as possible. Embracing the rich medley of the old and the new, of cultural diversity and vibrant lifestyle will bring to you the most incredible travel memories during the short trip exploring Singapore with us.

The highlight of the trip:

- Visit Singapore's iconic tourist sites including Mount Faber, Esplanade, Merlion Park, Mariamman Temple

- Explore buzzing Chinatown and gain an insightful immersion in the diverse local culture here

- Enjoy a day trip to Sentosa Island, the prominent entertainment spot in Singapore

- Discover Sentosa by night and admire the spectacular show Wings Of Time

- Spend your budget free time for shopping at a wide range of malls, outlets and stores around the city

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2. Exciting Singapore Trip (3 days)

Singapore, the most dynamic and modern metropolis in Southeast Asia, attracts travellers by its colourful tapestry of arts and culture, of the old and the new ambience across the country. Iconic landmarks, gorgeous Chinatown, large-scale amusement centres, diverse cuisine, trendy multi-storey shopping malls, buildings & hotels, and much more. 3 days itinerary exploring the wonderful little island country yet not keeping you less amazed with us will definitely deserve your choice for a classic excursion to Singapore.

The highlight of the trip:

- Visit the most prominent attractions around the Singapore city

- Experience interesting cultural discoveries in bustling Singapore Chinatown 

- Partake exciting Duck Tour, visit Singapore Flyer then discover more parts of the country's central region

- Enjoy exciting activities in Sentosa Island, a must-visit place in Singapore

- Contemplate a spectacular performance of art through Wings Of Time show at night

- Make your time on famous streets for more options for shopping or souvenirs when in Singapore

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Wings of Time Show

3. Explore Singapore's Highlights (3 days)

Known as the little modern island country in Southeast Asia, Singapore offers a wide range of services and kinds of entertainment suiting all ages so that there is a true paradise for any tourists from young and dynamic travellers, shopping buffs to families or those merely seeking a hassle-free trip abroad. We designed a 3-day journey discovering the best of Singapore and let you dive into the inspiring ambience of the country through numerous interesting experiences. Get ready for your exciting short trip in Singapore with us and traverse through the most prominent attractions across the country, which will leave you the most remarkable things when in here.

The highlights of the trip:

- Visit Sentosa Island, one of the most famous places for amusement in Singapore

- Enjoy night activities and Wings Of Time musical art show at Sentosa before heading back to your Hotel

- Join an interesting Singapore city tour and stop at the iconic landmarks here

- Explore buzzing Singapore Chinatown and learn about the diverse cultural highlights here 

- Make the rest of your leisure time in Singapore for shopping or relaxing

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Sentosa Island

4. Explore Singapore Iconic Attractions (4 days)

With the incredible richness of cultural diversity and local lifestyle, Singapore is an inviting Southeast Asia destination for travellers of all ages. The iconic landmarks, bustling traditional streets, historical and cultural hotspots, trendy large-scale malls, wide-ranging cuisine & entertainment offerings, and much more. Having a journey discovering the best sights in this little island country will be sure to whet your wanderlust desire. Our 4-day trip will take you to visit some of Singapore's famous spots and offer great opportunities for you to have an insightful immersion in the country's irresistible ambience through numerous local delights.

The highlights of the trip:

- Visit several famous sites in Kampong Glam and explore the charming vibe of Islamic culture here

- Have an up-close and personal insight into the local life as well as Malay traditions in Singapore while discovering the Geylang Serai Market

- Embrace Singapore's prosperity through visits to the most prominent landmarks here

- Explore Chinatown and learn more about Chinese traditions as well as cultural diversity in Singapore

- Pamper your appetite with a wide range of delicacies in the city's local sports

- Freely enjoy your shopping time at the famous trendy malls, boutique outlets or stores along the modern and traditional alleyways

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Kampong Glam

5. Interesting Family Trip in Singapore

For travelling families with kids, Singapore is an inviting destination in Asia and in Southeast Asia particularly due to its wide range of offers for a wonderful family vacation. With many kid-friendly attractions ranging from wildlife to entertainment as well as sufficient & wide-ranging service across the country, your family will have blissful time with a handful of exciting local experiences together. Through this satisfactory 4-day tour route, our friendly local guide will take you to discover Singapore's highlights and make all members of your families enjoy the best time when in here.

The highlights of the trip:

- Enjoy a city tour and visit the most famous attractions in Singapore

- Explore the busy Singapore Chinatown, where offers exciting cultural experiences for your families

- Have a great day out in Universal Studios with myriads movie-themed activities, games and rides, etc

- Be an audience of Wings Of Time show for a great night ends at Sentosa

- Visit Jurong Bird Park and let your kids have an up-close and personal with the birdlife and nature

- Spend leisure time being together with shopping, relaxing, or tasting several delicious local dishes

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Family Travel to Singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly an accessible and hospitable global tourist destination where offers almost everything for a classic yet very fantastic holiday for people of all ages. Hence, the little island country and also one of the easiest countries to visit in Asia surely delivers hassle-free and lovely stays for any travel enthusiasts. Our bests of Singapore Private Tours above are recommended packages that let you explore Singapore to the wholeness with the most iconic travel experiences here. If you’re still considering which is the preferred choice for your travel plan, don’t hesitate to let us know your inquiries. Our Asia Private Tours Expert Team is more than willing to assist you to find the best tour in Singapore.

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