Samut Songkhram - The Charm of The Heart Forever

Just after a short drive of around an hour and a half to the southwest of Bangkok, you will arrive at this amazing town Samut Songkhram (also known as Mae Klong). Lying along the Gulf of Thailand, this town is a fishing port of the Maeklong River and also famous for being a collecting point for rice, coconuts and its special market on the railway. To catch a glimpse of traditional Thai ways of life, Samut Songkhram is definitely worth a visit.

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Visit the magnificent sites of Thai’s capital Bangkok: the Royal Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho

Enjoy relaxing moments sailing along the lively Chao Phya River and stop by the "Temple of Dawn" Wat Arun

Take a look at the world’s most fascinating marketplace – Mae Klong Market

Turn back the time with the authentic Thai way of life in Damnern Saduak floating market

Explore local factories and workshops producing salt, sugar from coconut and wooden carving

Bangkok → Samut Songkhram → Ratchaburi → Bangkok

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Samut Songkhram Quick Facts

Samut Songkhram is a small province situated southwest of Thailand's capital - Bangkok, along the Gulf of Thailand

The population of Samut Songkhram as the whole was over 204,177 people in 2018

Samut Songkhram also has another name as Mae Klong to the locals, and it is the smallest of Thailand's province with an area of 417 square kilometres

Samut Songkhram is one of the best destinations to enjoy fresh fruits like lychees

This province is home to traditional farming-based and riverine ways of life. It also has rich cultural diversity

Best time to visit Samut Songkhram, thailand

The average temperatures in Samut Songkhram are always high and vary very little. If you are not a big fan of rain, you should avoid travelling Samut Songkhram from May to October and the best time is between November to April while the weather is rather cool and dry.

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