Ha Giang - The Land of Breathtaking Landscapes

When it comes to the land of Ha Giang, a few things will immediately spring in everyone's mind: Dong Van karst plateau geopark, alluring rice terraces fields and diversity of ethnic minority groups which account for 90% of the population there. But above all, Ha Giang is a place that will definitely humble us with its scale of breathtaking beauty, making us feel little and insignificant in the best possible way.

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Enjoy the views from Quan Ba Heaven Gate - the most ideal place to have a glimpse of the Dong Van plateau

Have a precious opportunity to get a better knowledge of how to make linen fabric at Lung Tam Village

Interact with Hmong women and try to weave hemp and learn about their culture

Fascinated by the unique architectural mark of the H'Mong ethnic minority people

Immerse in the beauty of Dong Van stone from the top of Lung Cu Flag Tower

Conquer the breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass and capture some amazing photos

Have a chance to try to harvest rice and cook Vietnamese food

Hanoi → Ha Giang → Hanoi

Discover colourful Northeast loops of Vietnam

Hanoi → Thai Nguyen → Bac Kan → Cao Bang → Ha Giang → Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Enjoy the beaten track on the bikes with its spectacular views of plenty of mountains

Get a short excursion away from a buzzing and busy city

Immerse yourself in the verdant mountains when you relax on the Nho Que boat

Capture some amazing photos of the splendid beauty of Dong Van Plateau

Interact with locals to learn about their culture and language and taste their delicious regional specialities

Experience the authentic lives of Ethnic Minorities - Pho Bang & Lung Tam villages

Wander around the remote areas and get better knowledge about their diverse culture

Hanoi → Thai Nguyen → Bac Kan → Cao Bang → Ha Giang → Hanoi

5-Day Adventure to Ha Giang Loop and Ba Be Lake

Hanoi → Ha Giang → Cao Bang → Bac Kan → Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Get a glimpse of the Dong Van plateau at Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Have a chance to see the process of making linen products and try to weave hemp

Visit the palace of H'Mong King with unique intricate design

Explore Dong Van market and feel all the sights, sounds and tastes of the traditional hill-tribe market

Fascinated by the outstanding scenery of Ma Pi Leng Pass

Relax at the heaven of extraordinary scenery with the local boat tour on Ba Ba lake

A short excursion to get away from a buzzing and busy city

Hanoi → Ha Giang → Cao Bang → Bac Kan → Hanoi

Experience around Thon Tha Village where you will get a deeper insight into the local daily lives of ethnic minorities

Relax with the alluring atmosphere and the friendliness of locals

Get a glimpse of zigzag road weaving between clouds and mountains at Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Explore one of the best historical attractions with its unique intricate design – H’Mong Royal Palace

Take a local boat tour on Nho Que River and immerse in its terrific beauty surrounding

Visit Lung Tam village, interact with H’Mong women and try to weave hemp

Taste the regional specialities and try to make them

Hanoi → Ha Giang → Hanoi

Untouched Ha Giang Off Beaten Track 7-Day Tour

Hanoi → Ha Giang → Cao Bang → Bac Kan → Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Visit the untouched beauty of Nam Son and Nam Hong villages and interact with ethnic minorities to bridge the gap between language and culture

Gain a deeper insight into the authentic lives of locals and enjoy the alluring atmosphere

Visit the unique traditional hill-tribe market to sense all the sights and sounds

See the indigenous product of Lung Tam village and try to make them

Stand on the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass and admire its outstanding beauty

Watch the sunset and the moon while in your accommodation in Pac Ngoi village

Relax with plenty of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and size surrounding in Hua Ma Cave

Hanoi → Ha Giang → Cao Bang → Bac Kan → Hanoi

The authentic & unique experiences in Ha Giang you can expect

Ha Giang travel guide information

Ha Giang Quick Facts

Ha Giang's location is in the far north and contains the northernmost point of Vietnam

In 2018, Ha Giang has a population of nearly 853,000 and ethnic minority groups made up 90% of the total figure

Ha Giang shares over the 270km long border with Yunnan province of China so as a traveller, you will need to buy a permit which costs $10 for travelling the remote areas

Dry Season (October to April) and Wet season (May to September)

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geo-Park of Ha Giang has been recognized as a member of the Global Network of National Geoparks. Cultural richness has been reflected through the culture of 17 ethnic minority groups: Mong, Dao, Lo Lo, Tay, Nung, etc

Best time to visit Ha Giang, vietnam

The perfect time to travel Ha Giang is the dry season which lasts from October till April (especially the April month has a traditional Love Market which you will definitely love to see). Please be aware during the rainy season, landslides on the roads frequently happen and easily lead to accidents so May to September might not the best season to travel there.

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Ha Giang
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Best things to do in Ha Giang, vietnam

"So many winding roads"

If you are nature-lovers and have the soul of adventurers, you will definitely fall in love with the outstanding natural beauty of Ha Giang which has been stood out thanks to plenty of breathtaking winding mighty mountain roads. Travelling roads in Ha Giang will be one of your unforgettable moments especially Tham Ma Pass and the winding Happiness Road. In the case you're an inexperienced driver, you might want to consider travelling Ha Giang on a private car or simply getting a driver to be on the safe side. 

"The Vuong family Palace"

The Vuong Family Palace (another name: The H'Mong King's Palace) is well known as a gem and an important historical palace of northern mountainous Vietnam. Standing at the front door, this property seems like a masterpiece of special architecture style which took nearly 10 years of construction to finish. This special style is blended harmony between China reign of Thanh and essence of the H'Mong since it was built by the best workers of H'Mong ethnic group along with some skilful craftsmen from China (Yunnan city).

"Lung Cu flagpole (Cot Co Lung Cu)"

If you are going to travel Ha Giang, Lung Cu flagpole is an attraction that you should not miss to immerse in the remarkable landscapes and also catch a glimpse of the diverse groups of an ethnic community. This flag tower is also an important destination which inspires a deep sense of pride in Vietnamese as it marks the country's extreme north. From a distance, Lung Cu looks like a small point with the large red flag flying above Dragon Mountain surrounding by the imposing view, and when approaching, its beauty is even more vivid. 

"Outstanding Ma Pi Leng Pass"

Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the 4 greats passes in Northern Mountainous Vietnam which is famous for its breathtaking beauty (some travellers have called it as the King of the Vietnamese mountain passes). It is also one of the most difficult passes to build with nearly 11 years by many workers who worked truly hard to finish. In a sunny day, you will witness the stunning scenery along the mountainside which will be one of your unforgettable moment and even in the windy and misty day, you still feel its beauty with the mysterious flavour by plenty of mighty mountains.

"Boat on Nho Que River - Tu San Canyon"

If you haven't heard of Tu San yet, it is regarded as the deepest Canyon in Southeast Asia which is located in Meo Vac (a part of Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark) along the Nho Que River. Standing at the viewpoint on the Ma Pi Leng Pass, you will see Tu San is the most sought canyon in Ha Giang by travellers to photograph. Taking a boat along the emerald and pristine Nho Que River which is an ideal for the once-in-a-lifetime boating trip will bewitch you from the very first sight by its magnificent landscape. 

Top Vietnam Food in Ha Giang, vietnam

"Rice rolls with eggs (Banh Cuon Trung) "

Since the weather in Ha Giang is extremely cold in winter, locals prefer to eat something rather hot to warm themselves, and obviously steamed egg rolls are one of the ideal choices. People here tend to have this dish for breakfast set out on every vendors' stalls on the streets and also proper restaurants. The most important element draws locals and also travellers to the dish is its aroma wafting spread slightly by the cold wind in the early morning truly attractive and make everyone to grab a bite after dipping it in the hot soup and feel a blend in its flavours and temperature.

"Sticky rice cooked in bamboo pipes (Com Lam in Bac Me)"

You might see this bamboo pipes in Mai Chau, Pu Luong and other mountainous regions, but sticky rice cooked in bamboo pipes in Bac Me, Ha Giang has its own special taste. With the simple recipe and the ingredients of well soaked sticky rice, bamboo sections, banana leaves and groundwater, locals add a bit salt into rice to enhance the flavour, put this mixture into bamboo with water, and gill these bamboo packs on charcoal for nearly one hour. An attractive smell spreads out in the air when they are ready to eat. 

"Five-color Glutinous Rice (Xoi Ngu Sac)"

As well known for growing rice, the main ingredient in almost every type of food in Ha Giang can understandably rice. This special five-colour sticky rice converges both the traditional values and the cultural concept - Yin and Yang philosophy. 5 colours (usually are red, yellow, green, purple and white) can be changed depending on each area but still keeping the exotic taste. 

"Thang Den"

One of the best food whenever referring to the land of Ha Giang is Thang Den. If you wonder what are those little balls in the soup bowl? They are sticky rice (with peas inside) - the main ingredient of this dish with sesame and peanuts on the top. Locals also dust a bit sugar and add coconut milk in the bowl to make the taste better. To those who love sweet soups in Vietnam, Thang Den is an ideal option when travelling Ha Giang.

"Au Tau porridge"

This porridge is famous as a traditional dish of ethnic communities in this mountainous region. When it comes to Au Tau, it is a tuber root of Chinese aconite - a special plant which is grown many in Ha Giang since climate conditions and mountainous terrains are very suitable for this. A bowl of Au Tau porridge is a combination of the delicate sticky rice, buttery taste of caltrops stewed with broth and a bit fennel. You will not be disappointed when tasting it. 

Top accomomodation to stay in Ha Giang, vietnam


Homestay Nam Hong 1

Located in Nam Hong Hamlets in Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang, Nam Hong 1 Homestay features with a small beautiful garden, a children's playground and a lovely restaurant. It offers an Asian or American breakfast and friendly staff there can speak both English and Vietnamese.

Dao Lodge Nam Dam

Dao Lodge is located in the heart of the cultural community of Nam Dam and it will be one of the ideal choices for travellers who are passionate about getting an insight into the ethnic culture of Ha Giang. You can enjoy the surrounding landscape and get the best hospitality from the staff.

Khuy's Du Gia Homestay

Coming to Khuy's Du Gia Homestay, you will be welcomed to one of the pillar old houses of the Tay people. This homestay is surrounded by many beautiful paddy fields and there is one waterfall nearby where you can take a walk to swim or jump.

Auberge de Meo Vac

The Auberge de Meo Vac (Named Nha Co Chung Pua in Vietnamese) is an old ancestral Hmong House was built in the 1930s with the traditional style of Hmong ethnic minority. You will have a great opportunity to improve your knowledge about the unique architecture of Hmong people.

Hoang Su Phi Lodge

Hoang Su Phi Lodge features a garden and terrace for you to relax with the amazing beauty of rice terraced fields and verdant range of mountains surrounding. The aim of this property is to improve the local economy by developing sustainable and responsible tourism.

Hoa Cuong Hotel

This property is situated in the ancient town centre of Dong Van District, Ha Giang. For its location convenience, you can find it easy to take a walk to explore the town at night and also enjoy the culture of locals.

Phoenix Hotel Ha Giang

Phoenix Hotel is well-known as the first 4-star hotel in Ha Giang city which offers the best services and high-quality facilities for customers. With their professional and enthusiastic staff, this hotel will definitely bring you an amazing holiday with lots of emotions.

Ecolodge Pan Hou Village

Ecolodge Pan Hou Village is located in Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province and famous as one of the eco-friendly properties that use hot water and solar-powered fans. Surrounding by many majestic landscapes with gorgeous mountains, forests and rock formations, this eco-lodge will be the perfect accommodation for you at Ha Giang.

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