Pu Luong - A Hidden Gem for Nature Lovers

Pu Luong in local Thai language means 'the highest summit of the village' and it has been the enchanting homeland for ethnic Thai people for hundreds of years. This nature reserve shows the slow pace of local daily life with endless mountains range, golden rice terraced fields and pristine jungle that definitely offers you a feast for nature lovers' eyes loaded off-beaten-path treks.

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Discover the authentic Mai Chau & Pu Luong

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Walk through the little villages and experience the daily life of ethnic people

Taste excellent and abundant cuisine made by fresh local ingredients

Stay in a local village, sleep in a traditional family guest house - a wonderful way to immerse in the Vietnamese life

Overlooking the stunning rice paddles

Exceptional boat trip experience in Van Long Nature Reservation Park

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Hanoi

Amazing Adventure to Mai Chau & Pu Luong

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Eat like a local in Hanoi foodie tour

Visit the real local Thai traditional Stilt House and learn about their daily live and culture

Cycle around and explore a handcraft village to learn about weaving in traditional way

Overnight in a local homestay – a unique experience in remote areas

Get on the Bamboo Raft for a relaxing cruise along a stream

Trek following the small roads through the terrace rice fields and explore the largest cave in Pu Luong

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Hanoi

Untouched Charm of the North Vietnam

Hanoi → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Sapa → Halong Bay → Hanoi
Vietnam Vietnam

Experience challenging trek through magnificent landscapes of Pu Luong Natural Reserve.

Trekking in the remote areas of Sapa that you cannot meet in other tours.

Be warmly welcome by local host and overnight in homestay to experience the local life and learn the customs of some ethnic groups.

Admire the majestic and unspoiled scenery with the colorful ethnic life in the mountainous areas of the Northern Vietnam.

Get lots of funs and laugh when experiencing the busy traffic of Hanoi capital by a traditional cyclo ride.

Joining the overnight cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay to avoid the crowd and fulfill your trip by tons of exciting activities: kayaking, visiting caves, watching sunrise in Taichi class.

Hanoi → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Sapa → Halong Bay → Hanoi

Vietnam Memorable Honeymoon

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Halong Bay → Hoi An → Ho Chi Minh → Mekong → Phu Quoc → Ho Chi Minh
Vietnam Vietnam

Explore Hanoi history and culture through a water puppet show, a cyclo ride, and highlighted spots such as Ho Chi Minh complex, Literature temple

Get closer to unspoiled nature and local life of Thai ethnic groups when biking in Mai Chau, trekking and bamboo rafting in Pu Luong

Discover the beauty of Ninh Binh - Halong on land at Hoa Lu Ancient Capital and Trang An eco-tourism complex

Cruise through thousand of limestone karsts of Halong Bay – a Wonder of the World

Wander along Hoi An ancient streets under the light of hundreds of lanterns

Have fun with biking tour to rural villages, basket boat trip along Bay Mau water coconut forest, cooking class with a local family house

Take a look at the dynamic and vibrant Ho Chi Minh city

Explore the underground system of Cu Chi Tunnels and learn about hard life in war time

Explore the Mekong Delta culture and lifestyle by staying at local home stay

Relax on the sunny beaches of Phu Quoc island

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Halong Bay → Hoi An → Ho Chi Minh → Mekong → Phu Quoc → Ho Chi Minh

Jewel of Vietnam and Cambodia

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Halong Bay → Hue → Hoi An → Ho Chi Minh → Mekong → Siem Reap → Phnom Penh
Cambodia Cambodia

Explore all the best of Vietnam and Cambodia in a 19-day journey

Follow the World Heritage road through famous cities and sites: Halong Bay, Hue Imperial city, Hoi An ancient town, Angkor Temples complex, Beng Mealea temple

Immerse in the old charm of Hanoi capital at its highlights: Water puppet show, cyclo ride around the Old Quater, Literature Temple, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum...

Stay close to nature and the tranquil life of ethnic minorities in Mai Chau & Pu Luong

Get on a boat trip to admire the picturesque limestone mountains in Trang An eco-tourism complex

Visit a local family in the rural village of Hoi An for a mini cooking class and delicious lunch

Join the vibrant and bustling life pace of Ho Chi Minh city

Take a look at the impressive Cu Chi Tunnels and learn about the Vietnam War

Meet friendly local peole in the Mekong Delta and experience their rustic daily life

Partake in a historical tour around the heritage city Siem Reap

Discover about the cruelty of Khmer Rouge when visiting Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields

Board a boat trip around Tonle Sap Lake and view the floating life of communities

Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Ninh Binh → Halong Bay → Hue → Hoi An → Ho Chi Minh → Mekong → Siem Reap → Phnom Penh

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Pu Luong travel guide information

Pu Luong Quick Facts

Feature: Relatively untouched by mass tourism - A hidden gem in Northern Vietnam

Situated in Quan Hoa & Ba Thuoc Districts of Thanh Hoa Province

Pu Luong is bordered by Mai Chau, Tan Lac and Lac Son districts of Hoa Binh Province

Four main seasons: Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to November), Winter (November to February) and Spring (March to May)

Pu Luong is famous as the nature reserve in Northern Vietnam, endowed with great biodiversity, flora and fauna

Best time to visit Pu Luong, vietnam

If you want to contemplate the lush rice plantation, the best time to visit Pu Luong should be the rice season which is between September to November and March until May. This is the time to fully appreciate the multi-layer terraced fields and lush-green scenery with a temperature range in the region of 15 to 25 degree.

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Pu Luong
Best time
Great time
Off season

Best things to do in Pu Luong, vietnam

"Cycling around ethnic villages"

One of the best ways to discover the breathtaking corners of Pu Luong is taking a bike and riding through some of the scenic routes. The picturesque terraced rice paddies, the idyllic valleys, and the mountain passes are the true rewards for eager cyclists. You and your fellows also have a chance to witness Thai & Muong farmers work on the fields with their water buffalos and admire their spectacular waterwheels which are used to move water to their rice fields. Don’t worry about your physical conditions, you can freely choose the adequate biking level from easy to moderate or advanced and take it easy to cycle along the biking trails.

"Trekking in Pu Luong Nature Reserve"

Trekking in Pu Luong is the ideal choice to immerse into the mysterious beauty spreading all around this verdant region, which brings you the best feeling in your natural lovers’ minds on every single step they make. Walking slowly through the golden terraced fields, the grandiose mountain ranges, colourful ethnic villages: Don Village, Kho Muong Village, etc or just stopping anywhere to relax among nature, all of those things will never disappoint you to calm your mind and offer you the best soulful photos.

"Kayaking & Rafting on River"

If you want to enjoy the tranquil and alluring beauty of Pu Luong in a slow rhythm, you should take a bamboo raft trip on Cham River. Along the river’s banks, you will have an amazing chance to observe the local daily life of the local fishermen and witness the stunning scenery of nature and eye-catching water wheels. It is even more interesting to get full hands-on experience on what the locals do and interact with them to get an insight into their culture. The other option you might want to take is the Kayaking which lets you the opportunity to discover and experience the water world in Pu Luong by yourself.

"Enjoy a craft workshop and interact with locals"

Like any other ethnic minority in Vietnam, Thai people still keep their traditional habits which have been passed down from their ancestors as an important part of their community and culture. Weaving, basket handmade, bamboo furniture and embroidery are all their skills which have attracted many travellers who are keen to learn about any these traditions. Besides, this is the best way to interact with locals to improve your knowledge about their life. Joining a craft workshop, you will not only get interesting skills but also support local enterprise and help Thai people preserve these timeless traditions.

"Stay at the authentic homestay"

Unlike Sapa or some other mountainous regions in Vietnam, Pu Luong still keeps its pristine beauty. You might find it hard to look for any 3-Star to 5-Star hotels or resorts in this area since homestays & lodge make up the majority of accommodation choices. Each property is tucked away in a secluded and tranquil location which offers you an opportunity to get away from a hustle and bustle life & totally immerse yourself into the serenity of the reserve. In addition, it will be an exciting & thrilling experience to discover the unique culture of Thai people by taking the time to talk with the hosts.

Top Vietnam Food in Pu Luong, vietnam

"Banana flower salad (Nom Hoa Chuoi Rung)"

If you travel Pu Luong Nature Reserve, you can't miss "Banana flower salad" as it is one of the most unique traditional food in this mountainous area. This food has passed down from Thai people ancestors and still kept its original flavour which is a harmony of the balance between the sweet taste of sugar and sour taste of the lemon liquid. From the basic ingredients of shredded banana flower, minced garlic and fresh chilli, some small slices of pork, mint & coriander; locals have turned it into a delicious cuisine with a bewitching smell which makes travellers cannot help fall in love with.

"Grilled Stream Fish (Ca Suoi Nuong)"

You find it easy to see this food in many places throughout Vietnam, but when it comes to Pu Luong, this food has been an important cuisine in every traveller's trips due to its special taste. After catching the fresh fish from the stream in forest, locals use some regional spices such as fresh mint, coriander, minced chilli and citronella with a bit of salt to marinate the fish body and use a bamboo stick to hold it tightly and roast it on the hot coal ash until the fish turns yellow which is ready to eat with fish sauce.

"Roasted Duck Co Lung (Vit Quay Co Lung)"

Roasted Duck is one of the best dishes in Hieu village where visitors not only have a great opportunity to admire its beautiful waterfall but also enjoy its traditional cuisine. The way to cook this dish is quite similar with grilled stream fish, after cleaning the ducks, they will be stuffed with herbs, sugar, salt, etc and hung up on a bamboo stick to roast on the hot coal stove. Each ingredient in the duck's body can enhance the delicate natural taste of duck and help it have an aroma smell which you can never forget.

Top accomomodation to stay in Pu Luong, vietnam


Pu Luong Retreat

Tucked away on a hillside with the most incredible panoramic scenery, this property stands out from the crowd not because of its high-quality bungalows, spacious traditional stilt houses, infinity pool & nice open-air restaurant at the best services but also it offers customers the perfect area to relax with the peaceful and charm atmosphere surrounding. 

Pu Luong Eco Garden

Pu Luong Eco Garden style is famous as it is only one of property which has a blend of traditional and modern architecture. Situated on top of the hill, this high standard accommodation features an outdoor infinity pool, garden and terrace to let their guests have a chance to contemplate and enjoy Pu Luong's unique atmosphere.

Pu Luong Hillside Lodge

Pu Luong Hillside Lodge has 8 bungalows which are designed in the style of Thai ethnic minority's stilt houses with natural materials from forests and mountains. Each room features a balcony where you can relax and enjoy the stunning view of the terraced paddies, the stream and verdant mountains of Pu Luong nature reserve.

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