Luang Nam Tha - The area around the Tha River

Luang Namtha is a province located in the northwest of Laos. Famous for Nam Ha National Protected Areas – a well-known ecotourism destination, Luang Namtha attracts tourists by its authenticity of diverse nature and local ethnic groups. The province is an inviting stop for anyone seeking an awe-inspiring adventure to untouched remote areas in exotic Laos.

Top things to do in Luang Nam Tha, laos

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Northern Laos Trekking Route

Luang Prabang → Oudomxay → Luang Nam Tha → Muang La → Tay Trang Border Gate
Laos Laos

Admire the breathtaking natural landscapes of mountains and forests in Northern Laos

Trek through rice fields and mountainous forests to the magnificent Kuang Si Waterfalls

Learn how different minority groups live together in Ban Long Lao

Cruise upstream on the Mekong River to visit the sacred Pak Ou Caves

Explore the lifestyles, cultures and traditions of different ethnic groups (Akha, Tai Lue, Yao, Lolo,...)

Experience the villagers' daily life when staying overnight at local homestays

Luang Prabang → Oudomxay → Luang Nam Tha → Muang La → Tay Trang Border Gate

Luang Nam Tha travel guide information

Luang Nam Tha Quick Facts

Luang Namtha is literally "Royal Sugar Palm" or "Royal Green River" in Laotian

Luang Namtha has the total area is 9,325km2. Calculated to 2015, the population of Luang Namtha is about 175,753 people with its provincial capital is also Luang Namtha

With the tropical climate, Luang Namtha has more rainfalls in the summer than the winter. The average temperature here is 25oC with the annual precipitation is 1405mm

Luang Namtha is one of the main rubber and sugar cane producing areas in Laos with numerous plantations all around the province

Tourism in Luang Namtha mainly focuses on ecotourism and adventures with the main activity here is trekking and tribal village visitings. Also, exploring Luang Namtha Town is also an exciting experience if you would like to know more about Laos culture, history, and cuisine

Best time to visit Luang Nam Tha, laos

In Luang Namtha, the wet season, which lasts from May to October, is quite hot, humid and easily rainy while the dry season is pretty cold and almost clear. Thus the recommended time to visit Luang Namtha is during dry months (from November to early April) if you do not really desire a challenging trek with muddy trails and heavy rainfalls.

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