Phongsali - An Important Economic Hub

Nestled in the remote northernmost area of Laos, Phongsali Province lies at a high altitude compared with other Laos' regions. With its pleasant weather and special location which shared borders with China and Vietnam, Phongsali is home to many different ethnic groups, of which the majority being Phounoy, Khmu, Hor and Tai Lue. Different with Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Vang Vieng, the journey up north to visit this mountainous region will provide you with an opportunity to gain an insight into the culture and customs of locals and discover various off the beaten paths.

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Phongsali Quick Facts

Phongsali shares borders with Dien Bien (Vietnam) and Yunnan (China)

This mountainous region is heavily influenced by the Chinese who have travelled, migrated and traded in this area for centuries

Phongsali is the major trading gateway between Laos & China

In 2018, the population of Phongsali as a whole is roughly 178,000 inhabitants

Around 28 different ethnic groups inhabit in Phongsali with different culture, traditions, costumes and languages

Phongsali is the home of an abundance of plant life, insect, animal and numerous undiscovered species

Best time to visit Phongsali, laos

The best time to visit Phongsali Province is between November and February when the weather is rather clear, pleasant, dry and a little rain. The average temperatures run in these months run from 12 degrees Celsius at night to 26 degrees Celsius during the day.

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