Weh Island - The remote Island paradise

Looking for a tropical island where is not very touristy but still has some infrastructure to stay, thrilling outdoor activities (e.g., diving and snorkelling) to enjoy and see more of Indonesian, taking one of Weh Island tour packages is a good option. Weh Island is famous for beautiful and untouched nature and delightful sea creatures (e.g., sea turtles, whale sharks and manta rays).

Weh Island travel guide information

Weh Island Quick Facts

Weh Island (also known as Pulau Weh) is located on the northwest Sumatra Island and is a small active volcanic island

It takes around 45 minutes to arrive this island from Banda Aceh port or nearly 2 hours by ferry

This island is famous for its ecosystem, the diver coral reefs and a wide range of fish species (e.g., sea turtles, whale sharks and dolphins)

The largest city on Weh Island is Sabang city which is located on the north of this island

Weh Island is known as a perfect island to do scuba diving since this island has more than 20 diving spots

You should wear modest clothing since the majority of the population in Weh Island is Muslims

Best time to visit Weh Island, indonesia

The best time to visit Weh Island to take some amazing outdoor activities is during the dry season which is from April to November when the weather is pleasant with lots of suns. Since the weather of Weh Island isn't affected by a monsoon, the raining season has some random raining days but just last for a few hours.

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Weh Island
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Aceh Exploration

Sumatra Island→Weh Island→Sumatra Island
Indonesia Indonesia

Tour Banda Aceh to see its famous tourist attractions, including Aceh Tsunami Museum, Grand Mosque Baiturrahman, and Museum Negeri Aceh

Enjoy a short beach vacation on Weh Island

Take in the breathtaking views along the drive from Sabang to Iboih Village

Spend time diving and snorkeling on Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island

Visit Lhoknga Beach, the 2004 Tsunami Ground Zero

Sumatra Island→Weh Island→Sumatra Island

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