Orou Sapulot, Malaysia

Visit the little-known Orou Sapulot

Tucked away in the interiors of Sabah, Malaysia, the lesser-known Orou Sapulot is one of Sabah’s best-kept secrets that soon becomes a very new amazing destination for any Borneo travels. The whole region is a majestic natural wonder, offering plenty of outdoor activities for adventure seekers such as exploring hidden caves with underground streams, jungle trekking through vast tracts of exotic greenery and unique wildlife, rock climbing in the middle of dense forests or soaking up the cool pools of natural waterfalls. A visit to Orou Sapulot also include some cultural touches as it is home to the indigenous ethnic group of the Murut tribe. Stopping by these native villages will give you a glimpse of the local culture, their traditional way of life and communal living that are shown by unique food, rituals and celebrations.

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Take an in-depth exploration in the heart of Sapulot with an array of fascinating experiences

Arrive Pungiton Camp for settling in then be ready for a exciting spelunking into the unexplored Tinahas Caves

Visit Tataluan village then climb to the top of the 800-feet Batu Punggul Pinnacle rising out of the jungle and admire the superb bird's eye view of surrounding landscapes

Partake an excursion to an undiscovered beautiful waterfall in the area and relish yourself with the nature afterward

Learn about Murut tribe's culture, traditions, and their ways of life with a cosy local stay in their village

Explore hidden natural treasures in Maliau Basin - "Sabah's Lost World" through exciting walks as well as adventurous hike and trek routes

Stop over the beautiful falls in the basin, Ginseng and Maliau Falls where you can enjoy swimming or relaxing with the serene sceneries

Refresh with the sites and sounds of Sabah's pristine nature during enjoyable stays amidst the lush jungle

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