Moni - A perfect getaway to Kelimutu volcano

Kelimutu volcano is one of the most famous places in Flores Island for travellers enjoys some of the spectacular landscapes on Earth from its summit. If you are not in a rush, our Moni Tours will offer you a perfect short holiday in a tranquil and small village – Moni which is surrounded by many charming rice paddies and a special relaxed vibe, all will bring you back down to earth before discovering the nearby Kelimutu volcano.

Moni travel guide information

Moni Quick Facts

Moni is located on the southeastern Flores Island and this is the perfect gate to the famous Kelimutu volcano

This is a small and tranquil town settlement at the Mount Kelimutu’s foot

The Moni (also known as the Megani or Migani) are an indigenous people of the Papua province and speak the Moni language

From Moni village, you will have a chance to visit Kelimutu volcano, the stunning waterfall, find the hot springs and spot monkeys

Best time to visit Moni, indonesia

The best time to visit Moni village and especially Kelimutu volcano is during the dry season which runs from May to September. In these months, though it will be a little crowded, you will have pleasant weather, clear sky with fewer chances of rainfall.

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