Ratanakiri - A Remote Home for a Mosaic of Peoples

As a province located in the remote highland area of Cambodia, Ratanakiri is a wonderful place in Cambodia for anyone would love to explore the indigenous pristine nature and the rural local life. If you’re in love with wildlife, Ratanakiri could be an exciting adventure during your trip to Cambodia.

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Ratanakiri Quick Facts

Ratanakiri is to the Northeast of Cambodia, has a borderline with Laos and Vietnam

This is one of the less developed provinces of Cambodia with the main population is ethnic minorities

Ratanakiri has 9 districts, among which the provincial municipality is Banlung

Ratanakiri is famous for the untouched nature with the impressive beauty of Cambodia’s highlands

Ratanakiri's annual average temperature is lower than in most other areas of Cambodia, which is around 26.8°C. The annual precipitation here is approximate 2,200mm

Best time to visit Ratanakiri, cambodia

The best time to visit Ratanakiri is during the dry season which lasts from November until March next year. The weather in Ratanakiri this time is fairly temperate and more favourable for tourist activities. The rainy season will have some difficulties which could prevent you from venturing to explore this land.

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