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Being one of the largest countries in the world, China is home to many longest & largest rivers such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Heilongjiang River, the Yarlung Zangbo River and the Huaihe River, to name a few. Especially, if you look for a great experience to enjoy views of the imposing mountains with the fascinating sights along the river as well as relax on one of the Yangtze’s most luxurious boutique river ship, take a look at our best China Cruise Packages as listed below and get inspired now!

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Beauty of China and Yangtze River

Beijing → Xian → Chongqing → Yangtze River → Shanghai
China China

Discover the grandiose palaces and buildings complex of the historic Forbidden City

Visit one of the most world-famous heritage sites in China, the legendary Great Wall

Dive into the paradise of endless gastronomic delights with some of renowned Chinese delicacies

Discover the imposing archaeological site of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Enjoy 3-day cruise trip along the majestic Yangtze River with numerous outstanding sightseeing activities en route

Take a leisure stroll along the Bund, a lively waterfront as well as the symbol representing the city's great history

Encounter both old and new aspects of the major cities: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai with exciting city tours

Get a close insight into the country's history and culture through numerous enjoyable travel experiences in selective tourist sites

Beijing → Xian → Chongqing → Yangtze River → Shanghai

Majestic Yangtze River Cruise from Shanghai

Shanghai → Yichang → Yangtze River → Chongqing
China China

Discover Shanghai's landmarks and gain an insightful immersion in the city's various delights

Take a leisure stroll along the Bund, a renowned waterfront as well as the iconic must-visit place of Shanghai

Board on overnight cruise exploring the Yangtze River within 3 days going upstream to the West

Admire the natural grandeur along the river banks with a diversity of sightseeing activities

Stop at some of the prominent tourist sites on Yangtze River: grandiose Three Gorges Dam, Shennv Stream, and 12-storey Shibaozhai Pagoda

Enjoy both onboard and off-board experiences that are well-arranged during your river cruise trip

Shanghai → Yichang → Yangtze River → Chongqing

Other China Tours by Styles

Coming to our China Tours collection, you will have various travel styles to choose from as we understand every traveller has different needs & preferences. Whether you want to visit the highlights of China such as the capital Beijing, modern city Shanghai, colourful Hong Kong or explore some of the best-hidden gems like Lhasa, Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan and Chengdu to get a closer look into the rich history and culture of this country, Asia Tours has the perfect fit.

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