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If you don’t have much time for your dream trip in China, please don’t worry as our Asia Tours experts have carefully selected many iconic destinations and combined them into China Day Trip & Short Breaks of only 1 – 6 days long. You still can enjoy the best of China has to offer ranging from highlights (e.g., Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an and Huangshan) to remote areas to explore culture, history and taste the delicious food of this country in a short time. 

Highlights in Our China Day Trips and Short Breaks Tours

All Best China Day Trips and Short Breaks Tours Recommended For You


Majestic Yangtze River Cruise from Shanghai

Shanghai → Yichang → Yangtze River → Chongqing
China China

Discover Shanghai's landmarks and gain an insightful immersion in the city's various delights

Take a leisure stroll along the Bund, a renowned waterfront as well as the iconic must-visit place of Shanghai

Board on overnight cruise exploring the Yangtze River within 3 days going upstream to the West

Admire the natural grandeur along the river banks with a diversity of sightseeing activities

Stop at some of the prominent tourist sites on Yangtze River: grandiose Three Gorges Dam, Shennv Stream, and 12-storey Shibaozhai Pagoda

Enjoy both onboard and off-board experiences that are well-arranged during your river cruise trip

Shanghai → Yichang → Yangtze River → Chongqing

Experience Amazing Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Ancient Town

Zhangjiajie → Fenghuang Ancient Town → Zhangjiajie
China China

Admire the stunning spectacles of Zhangjiajie's majestic sandstone peak forests from Huangshi's scene viewing platforms

Deeply soak in the surreal scenery in Wulingyuan scenic area with various sightseeing activities

Enjoy the exciting hike amongst multiple erupting stone columns at Yuanjiajie (Avatar Mountain)

Witness Zhangjiajie's breathtaking scenery during the cable car ride to Tiananmen Mountain

Challenge your bravery with experiences full of awes and thrills like Glass Skywalk, narrow plank road, Avenue toward Heaven (99 bends)

Take a scenic tour discovering essences of beautiful Fenghuang Ancient Town

Zhangjiajie → Fenghuang Ancient Town → Zhangjiajie

Best Guilin In-depth Tour

Guilin → Longsheng county → Li River → Yangshuo → Guilin
China China

Admire the uniquely-shaped karst formation of the Elephant Trunk Hill

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Longsheng Rice Terrace Field, one of the most beautiful rice terraces in China

Take an in-depth hiking and walking tour across local minority villages and picturesque sites in Longsheng's scenic area

Indulge in Guilin's marvelous landscapes like in a giant Chinese ink painting while on Li River Cruise going downstream to Yangshuo

Make the rest of your time for leisure, sightseeing, and diverse outdoor activities exploring serene villages and Yulong River

Guilin → Longsheng county → Li River → Yangshuo → Guilin

Discover the imposing archeological site of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Partake a Xi'an tour visiting the famous attractions of the ancient city

Take a delightful foodie trip sneaking into the bustling streets of Xi'an Muslim Quarter

Embrace the wild and remote ambiance of desert landscape then visit Mingshashan & Crescent Lake, a scenic site in Dunhuang

Visit the ruins of Yumen Pass (Jade Gate Pass), an important fortress and border gate of the ancient Silk Road

Admire the extraordinary landforms in diversely distinct shapes of Yardang National Geologic Park

Learn about the history and outstanding features of Chinese artworks through dynasties with a hands-on visit to Mogao Grottoes

Xian → Dunhuang

Marvel at the sumptuous and sophisticated architecture of the Forbidden City

Spend time wandering around Tiananmen Square, one of the biggest squares in the world and learn more about Chinese modern history

Enjoy a pleasant half-day tour to the Summer Palace and contemplate the stunning views of architecture and scenery that the place offers

Visit the beautiful temple of Heaven, an essential worship place of the country during feudal eras

Hike to Jiankou Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall then be well-treated by stunning scenery & well-preserved state of these two ideal sections

Hop on a rickshaw exploring narrow alleys, old streets, and traditional houses in the Beijing Hutongs


Mt Hua Adventure and Xi'an Essence Tour

Xian → Mount Huashan → Xian
China China

Make an excursion in one of the biggest archaeological discoveries in the 20th century, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Admire the stunning views of Huashan's landscape along the cable car ride to the peaks

Experience the wonderful thrills of walking on the cliff-side narrow plank at the South Peak, one of Huashan's five peaks

Enjoy the leisure bike ride on Xi'an Ancient City Wall and visit some of the prominent tourist sites around the city

Xian → Mount Huashan → Xian

Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages

Huangshan → Mt. Huangshan → Huangshan
China China

Experience once-in-a-lifetime hike journey admiring the surreal views of peaks, clouds, and vegetation in Yellow Mountain

Enjoy your wonderful Huangshan sightseeing trip to several famous spots within the mountains

Discover the local-style Chinese residences in Anhui when visiting Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Village

Huangshan → Mt. Huangshan → Huangshan

Discover both old and new Shanghai through numerous city's famous attractions: morning wet market, the Bund, Shanghai Tower, etc

Have a taste of sheng jian (fried plain buns), an iconic Shanghai delicacy in a Michelin-starred restaurant

Board on a ferry crossing the scenic Huangpu River and enjoy the panoramic views of prosperous Shanghai on the river

Become real locals by learning how to make and cook traditional dumplings at a family's home & savor your own delicious dumplings with kids

Have a great day out full of excitement from dawn till dusk in Shanghai Disneyland park, a world-class kid-friendly attraction in Shanghai

Take a short excursion to Zhujiajiao Water Town, explore Shanghai's ways of life in the past and soak in the pretty setting of Shanghai's Venice


Deeply immerse in the spiritual world and holy atmosphere of Lhasa city through a wide range of cultural visits en route

Get ready for your Lhasa's journey by the first free day for refreshment and acclimating to the high altitude and weather of Lhasa

Admire the splendid and expensive-looking architecture of the Potala Palace, the world's highest palace

Visit over one-thousand-year-old Jokhang Temple, the holiest Buddhist temple in Tibet

Embrace Tibetan's traditional ways of life in Barkhor Street, the famous pilgrimage circle outside the Jokhang Temple

Make an excursion discovering further in Lhasa including Norbulingka Park - the summer palace of the Dalai Lamas as well the largest man-made Tibetan garden and Drepung Monastery

Come over the featured six hundred year-old Sera Monastery, where is well-known for its grand ceremony of Buddhist debating


Marvel at the grandeur of Leshan Giant Buddha with great sightseeing activities including walking and scenic boat experiences

Closely witness the giant pandas and learn about pandas conservation work in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Leisure discover several places of interest in Chengdu as the last highlight of the trip

Experiences: cultural nature history

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