Mount Fuji, Japan

Conquer the scenic route up the Fuji Mountain

Climbing Mount Fuji (3776 meters), Japan's highest mountain and worldwide symbol as a spiritual landmark, is a must for any visitors to the Land of Rising Sun. The hiking trails and mountain facilities are open officially from early July to mid September when the weather is relatively mild and no snow, great for beginers without much hiking experience. Mount Fuji has ten stations from the foot to the summit, and most visitors opt for a two-day journey. You will start from the Fuji Five Lake 5th Station that is easily accessed by public transportation, climb in 3 or 4 hours to the 8th Station where you can rest at a mountain hut, spend some hours sleeping before striking out again at midnight for the summit. This plan lets you witness the picturesque sunrise at the top in time. The ascent does not require much climbing skills, but as you gain altitude, the air gets thinner and the climb becomes a little challenging and strenuous.

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Mt. Fuji trekking tour

Tokyo → Mount Fuji → Tokyo
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Join a 2-day hike to the summit of Mount Fuji, including a midnight trek

Watch the enchanting sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji

Take in stunning views across the Japanese landscape

Be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and enjoy a break at a mountain hut

Tokyo → Mount Fuji → Tokyo
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Mount Fuji, Honshu

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