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Made up of over 3,000 islands with two-thirds of which is mountains, Japan is without a doubt a captivating paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. From north to south, this Asian country offers tourists a variety of active outdoors and thrilling travel experiences, such as hiking through the ancient trails of Nakasendo, exploring the hidden gems of the remote Iya Valley, trekking through the centuries-old jungle of Yakushima Island or simply cycling around the natural splendours of Kansai region. If heart-pounding experiences are what you’re looking for, get inspired by our highly recommended Japan Active Tours below for some real action and adventure in Japan.

Highlights in Our Japan Active Tours

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Amazing Japan family tour

Tokyo → Kyoto → Osaka
Japan Japan

Enjoy a feast for the senses in Tokyo, from neon-lit neighbourhoods to tranquil anicent temples

Join fantastic and unique classes for whole family: sumo wrestling and ninja art

Embark on a pleasure cruise around Lake Kawaguchiko and take in the best views of Mount Fuji

Zoom through the beautiful landscapes of Japan on a high-speed bullet train

Discover historical and cultural charms of Kyoto: Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji Temple, Philosopher's Path, Afternoon Tea with a Maiko

Explore captivating nature wonders in Arashiyama: Bamboo Grove and Iwatayama Monkey Park

Learn about the tragedy of Hiroshima on a touching tour

Tour the sacred Miyajima Island by ferry, with a visit to the Floating Torii Gate

Tokyo → Kyoto → Osaka

Unseen gems & sublime beauty of Japan

Kyoto → Takamatsu → Kotohira → Matsuyama → Okayama → Kumamoto → Nagasaki → Fukuoka → Osaka
Japan Japan

Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine, the ancient Kyoto shrine of fox statues and thousands of red torii gates

Learn about the life and motivation of Geisha in the Gion district as well as enjoy the vibrant nightlife there

Be immersed in Japanese culture, exploring some of Kyoto’s 17 World Heritage Sites and awesome places

Relish the pristine nature beauty of Sagano lush bamboo grove while walking through its path and Togetsukyo Bridge

Admire the outstanding Japanese style gardens and houses in Takamatsu’s Ritsurin Park and Shikoku Village

Conquer the 1368 stone steps of Mount Zozu to visit the famed Kompira-san temple

Explore the well-preserved Matsuyama Castle and unwind in Dogo Onsen Honkan, the inspriration for the setting of the Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki

Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of past decades in the old town Kurashiki

Discover the iconic landmarks of Okayama, including Koraku-en Garden and Okayama Castle

Take a hike up to the vantage point of Daikanbou for breathtaking views of Mount Aso

Embark on a boat trip to the historical ruins of Gunkanjima, the battleship island

Witness the sparkling nighttime cityscapes of Nagasaki from the top of Mount Inasa

Journey around Fukuoka’s most popular attractions, from shrine to market, park to shopping mall

Uncover the foodie heaven in Osaka with ample chances of tasting local dishes

Kyoto → Takamatsu → Kotohira → Matsuyama → Okayama → Kumamoto → Nagasaki → Fukuoka → Osaka

Western Wonders of Japan

Tokyo → Kiso valley → Kyoto → Iya valley → Takamatsu → Hiroshima → Takachiho → Kagoshima → Yakushima
Japan Japan

Walk along cobblestone streets and admire the historic sekisho, or barrier station of Kiso-Fukushima, the largest post town in Kiso valley

Experience the most popular section of Nakasendo ancient trail and explore the well-preserved post towns of Tsumago and Magome

Hop on a fun biking tour around Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, and its famed attractions

Explore the hidden gems of Iya Valley, including pristine mountain scenery, ancient vine bridges and historical farm houses

Spend a day relaxing in the pleasant atmosphere of Ritsurin Park and seeing Edo-era heritage buildings in Shikoku Village

Get an exclusive in-depth access to the unique Naoshima island with visits to its museums and artworks scattered throughout the town

Learn part of Japan’s history while visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum

Admire the impressive vermillion gate of Itsukushima Shrine and the sacred Misen Mount on Miyajima Island

Contemplate the spectacular views of Mount Aso from the vantage point of Mount Daikanbo

Enjoy watching Takachiho Kagura Dance, a nightly ceremonial dance performance at Takachiho Shrine

See a close up view of the famous Takachiho Gorge and the 1200 year-old Takachiho Shrine

Take part in a 3-day journey of hiking and exploring the ancient forest trail of Yakushima Island

Discover the volcanic island of Sakurajima and enjoy relaxing time in Nagisa Park Foot Bath

Tokyo → Kiso valley → Kyoto → Iya valley → Takamatsu → Hiroshima → Takachiho → Kagoshima → Yakushima

Kansai Cycling Tour

Kyoto → Ohara → Otsu → Uji → Nara
Japan Japan

Participate in a 5-day biking tour from Kyoto to neighboring rural areas

Indulge in the tranquil, calm atmosphere of Kifune Shrine and Kurama Temple

Take a relaxing soak in the Kurama open air hot spring surrounded by beautiful nature

Immerse yourself in the picturesque rural secenery of Ohara town while visiting its local market and famous temples

Discover the holy Enryakuji Temple on the sacred Hieizan Mountain

Explore the main attractions of the charming town Uji, including its green tea, the Byodoin Temple and the Tale of Genji museum

Pedal through the immense tea plantations in Wazuka and enjoy stunning views of the area

Free to visit famous sites and temples of Nara on bike or explore the scenic Yagyu Kaido route

Experience the traditional Japanese ryokan hospitality with delicious meals

Kyoto → Ohara → Otsu → Uji → Nara

Niseko Fantastic Ski Tour

Sapporo → Niseko → Sapporo
Japan Japan

Enjoy a 3-day pass for fully experiencing the best off-piste and backcountry skiing with sublime powder in Niseko

Conquer the renowned slopes of Annupuri Resort, Niseko Village Resort, Grand Hirafu Resort and Hanazono Resort

Admire the vast spectacular mountain views of Niseko Valley covered by its famous powder snow

Have a great opportunity to try some of Hokkaido’s local specialties in Hirafu town

Sapporo → Niseko → Sapporo
Experiences: nature adventure wildlife

Ancient Trails to Heart of Japan

Kyoto → Kiso valley → Kyoto
Japan Japan

Experience the thrill of the bullet train between Kyoto and Nagoya

Take part in a 3-day trip of hiking along the ancient trail Nakasendo

Walk through the most popular section from Magome and Tsumago and the most difficult between Yabuhara and Narai

Indulge in the enchanting charms of the old post towns of Magome, Tsumago, and Narai

Enjoy the Japanese hospitality while staying overnight at traditional ryokan

Kyoto → Kiso valley → Kyoto

Mt. Fuji trekking tour

Tokyo → Mount Fuji → Tokyo
Japan Japan

Join a 2-day hike to the summit of Mount Fuji, including a midnight trek

Watch the enchanting sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji

Take in stunning views across the Japanese landscape

Be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and enjoy a break at a mountain hut

Tokyo → Mount Fuji → Tokyo
Experiences: nature adventure

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