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Komodo Island and Yogyakarta Tour

Bali Island → Flores Island → Komodo Island → Java Island

Embark on a fantastic overnight boat excursion to Rinca, Kalong, and Komodo Island

Hike up the mountain for nice scenarios of Padar island

Take a close and personal witness to Komodo Dragons - endemic Indonesian majestic creatures in their natural habitat

Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or other captivating water activities in Indonesia's charming beaches

Admire the legendary architectural wonders of Borobodur Temple - the world's largest Buddhist monument

Visit majestic Hindu Temple Complex of Prambanan Temple

Tour around major sights and learn more about history richness in the old city of Yogyakarta

Bali Island → Flores Island → Komodo Island → Java Island

Impressive East Java from Bali

Bali Island → Banyuwangi → Ijen Volcano → Jember → Bromo → Malang → Kediri → Surabaya
Indonesia Indonesia

Blow your mind with the breathtaking views from Ijen Crater

Take a look at the Coffee and Cocoa Research Center as well as Cigarette Agro tourism in Jember

Enjoy dramatic crater sight views and a desert jeep drive at Mount Bromo

Explore the royal Singosari Temple and Puh Sarang Church

Go on a Malang city tour by Pedicab

Have a relaxing time at Batu’s fruit farms and Coban Rondo waterfall

Visit the ancient archaeological site of Trowulan and its famous museum

Bali Island → Banyuwangi → Ijen Volcano → Jember → Bromo → Malang → Kediri → Surabaya

Majestic East Java

Surabaya → Bromo → Banyuwangi → Sukamade → Ijen Volcano → Banyuwangi
Indonesia Indonesia

Admire the enchanting sunrise over Mount Bromo and its splendid crater

Go on a jeep tour through Meru Betiri National Park

Get a chance to see turtles laying their eggs on the Sukamade beach

Soak in the tropical beach vibe of Green Bay in Banyuwangi

Trek up to the giant Ijen Crater at sunrise and enjoy its breathtaking views

Explore Baluran National Park - the little Africa van Java with plenty of wildlife spotting chances

Surabaya → Bromo → Banyuwangi → Sukamade → Ijen Volcano → Banyuwangi

Learn about Balinese culture and architecture at its famous landmarks: Tanah Lot temple, Rambut Siwi Temple, and Besakih temple

Catch an alluring view of nature and wildlife in West Bali National Park

Do kayaking through the mangrove forest and hidden corners of Menjangan bay

Check out your luck with the sunrise dolphin watching tour in Lovina Beach

Take in the striking natural beauty of Lake & Mount Batur from a viewpoint

Visit Tenganan village – a typical community of Bali Aga village cultures

Go on a hard trek to Lempuyang Temple – the famous gateway to heaven and enjoy its scenic view of surroundings

Stop over at Alas Kedaton – a special home to monkeys and bats

Bali Island

Explore the artistic and cultural capital of Ubud through its famous attractions: Peliatan Palace, ARMA Museum, Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, Petulu

Go for trekking in Tegalalang rice terraces and take many photographic opportunities

Enjoy a party of Balinese traditional dance performances and local dinner

Visit some of Bali’s iconic temples: Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul, Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Temple

Catch the breathtaking views of Mount & Lake Batur from Sari Organik Pulu Mujung

Take an enjoyable walk through UNESCO-listed Jatiluwih rice terraces

Visit the mother temple, Besakih and its miniature, Kehen temple

See the detailed ceiling paintings of Kertagosa courthouse up close

Bali Island

Learn about Balinese culture through popular landmarks: Tanah Lot Temple, Pura Beji Sangsit, and Besakih Temple

Get a glimpse of local life through many traditional villages: Pejaten (pottery), Tenganan, Kamasan (coin maker), Mas (wood), Celuk (silver)

Catch the marvelous view of Lake & Mount Batur from a viewpoint

Explore Bali’s wildlife at Bali Butterfly Park and Ubud Monkey Forest

Take in the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Beratan and Ulun Danu temple

Discover the ancient Balinese architecture at Kertagosa - courthouse of Justice

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of local markets: Ubud Art Market & Candi Kuning Traditional Market

Bali Island
Experiences: cultural nature cuisine beach

Best of West Java

Jakarta → Bogor → Bandung → Pangandaran → Yogyakarta
Indonesia Indonesia

Admire the wide array of plants, trees, and orchids at Bogor Botanical Gardens

Feel the fresh mountain air in Puncak highland’s tea plantations

Experience a rustic bamboo rafting trip across Cangkuang Lake to Kampung Pulo village and Cangkuang Temple

Enjoy a walk inside Pangandaran National Park with many wildlife spotting opportunities

Escape the heat of West Java at the stunning Green Canyon

Get on a train excursion to Yogyakarta from Banjar station

Jakarta → Bogor → Bandung → Pangandaran → Yogyakarta

Java Art and Culture

Yogyakarta → Magelang → Yogyakarta
Indonesia Indonesia

Partake in Wisma Bahasa Indonesia for three sessions of Bahasa Indonesia class

See the daily life of royal family in Keraton Jogjakarta palace

Go for an artistic and cultural exploration in Ullen Sentalu museum

Practice Bahasa Indonesia with local people in the traditional Beringharjo Market

Create your own batik design in Winotosastro batik workshop

Marvel at the impressive architecture of Prambanan temple

Explore the peaceful village of Candirejo and learn about the Javanese Gamelan

Admire the grandeur of Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Yogyakarta → Magelang → Yogyakarta

Batik Javanese Experience

Yogyakarta → Surakarta → Yogyakarta
Indonesia Indonesia

Learn about antique batiks from different eras in the Danar Hadi Antique Batik Museum

Visit Kampung Batik Laweyan, a famous and age-old batik village in Solo city

Explore Indonesia’s majestic UNESCO-listed sites: Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple

See how Batik Yogyakarta is different from Batik Solo at Museum Batik Yogyakarta

Create your personalized batik at Winotosastro Batik Factory

Go for a souvenir hunt at Beringharjo Market and Malioboro Street

Get a glimpse of local life in Candirejo village with a horse cart/ bike ride

Yogyakarta → Surakarta → Yogyakarta

Take in the fresh pleasant sunrise scenery at Mangunan fruit garden and taste some local fruit

Experience the nature-friendly living space in Bumi Langit

Explore the Mataram kingdom and its culture at The Imogiri Royal Cemetery (alternative visit to Giriloyo Village during the fasting month)

Visit Ganjuran Church and Watu Lumbung, an educational & tourism village

Savor Yogyakarta’s signature dishes and street food scenes on a Night Food Tour

Tour around the city to visit its famous attractions: Keraton Palace Yogyakarta, Prambanan Temple, and Borobudur Temple


Cruise up the Mahakam river to Tanjung Isuy by private motorized canoe

Admire exotic scenary at both sides of the Mahakam river

Visit Mancong village, homeland of Dayak people and their grand long houses

Go for a jungle trek around Camp Kakap to search the wild life of Orangutan

Observe the lifestyle of Kutai people in Muara Muntai

Borneo Indonesia

Tribal Java

Jakarta → Anyer → Krakatau volcano → Ujung Kulon National Park → Jakarta
Indonesia Indonesia

Discover the traditional style of living and culture at Outer Baduy tribe

Take a hike up to Anak Krakatau volcano and admire the breathtaking views of surrounding islands

Enjoy relaxing time on Rakata Island with snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing

Go for a short walk through tropical forests of Ujung Kulon National Park with many animal spotting chances

Explore the beautiful coral reefs and relax at Peucang Island

Jakarta → Anyer → Krakatau volcano → Ujung Kulon National Park → Jakarta

Sample delicious local dishes on Sanur Foodie Cycling Tour

Visit Alas Harum agrotourism for the famous Bali Swing and Luwak Coffee tasting

Explore Ubud traditional market on a Foodie Walking Tour

Learn how to cook authentic Balinese dishes from Paon Bali cooking class

Get on a 6-hour North Bali Food Adventure with many interesting experiences

Bali Island

Best of Central Java

Yogyakarta → Magelang → Surakarta → Yogyakarta
Indonesia Indonesia

Enjoy the eye-catching views of potato, cabbage, tea and tobacco plantations on the way to Dieng

Explore the ancient Arjuna temple complex and the unique phenomenon in Sikidang Crater

Learn about Buddhism and Javanese architecture in Borobudur Temple and its museums

Get on a city tour around Yogyakarta’s famous landmarks: Sonobudoyo Museum, Keraton Yogyakarta, and Water Castle of Taman Sari

Visit the centuries-old Hindu temple of Prambanan and admire a charming sunset from Ratu Boko Temple

Uncover the ancient history of Cetho and Sukuh temples

Take in the stunning views of Kemuning tea plantation and taste some local tea

Yogyakarta → Magelang → Surakarta → Yogyakarta

Splendid Central Java

Yogyakarta → Surakarta → Magelang → Yogyakarta
Indonesia Indonesia

Tour Yogyakarta city to see its iconic landmarks, including Sonobudoyo museum, Keraton Yogyakarta, Water Castle of Taman Sari

Admire the masterpieces of stone carvings in Prambanan Temple and Mendut temple

Visit the centuries-old Cetho and Sukuh Temples located on the slopes of Mt Lawu

Enjoy fresh mountain air at Kemuning tea garden and taste hot tea in Ndoro Donker tea house

See the breathtaking views of Borobudur Temple at the sunrise

Get on a biking tour around local villages and surrounding plantations

Yogyakarta → Surakarta → Magelang → Yogyakarta

Derawan Island and Kakaban

Balikpapan → Berau → Derawan Island → Sangalaki Island → Kakaban Island
Indonesia Indonesia

Transfer by speed boat between Tg. Batu to Derawan Island

Have a great opportunity to see green turtles on Sangalaki Island

Snorkel on the famous lake in the middle of Kakaban Island to explore the stingless jellyfish living there

Relax on Derawan beach or snorkel around the island to see the sea garden

Balikpapan → Berau → Derawan Island → Sangalaki Island → Kakaban Island

Take sightseeing tours to Taman Ayun temple & Ulun Danu temple

Go for trekking through the rainforest to Lake Tamblingan and enjoy the surrounding temple landscape

Spend time exploring Jatiluwih rice terrace, Batukaru temple, and Alas Kedaton Monkey forest

Experience the bathing and self-purification ceremony in the sacred Tirta Empul Temple

Explore the ancient 11th-century temple of Gunung Kawi with rock shrines carved into the cliff

Savor a barbeque lunch at Warung Bebek Garden Restaurant Lodtundo Ubud

Visit the house of Ketut Liyer and meet his son for a consult about many aspects of life

Bali Island

Authentic Tana Toraja

Makassar → Tana Toraja → Makassar
Indonesia Indonesia

Witness the hanging graves of Lemo funeral site

Feel the chilling and intense ambiance inside the burial caves of Londa

See the authentic form of Tongkonan in the traditional Torajan village of Kete-Kesu

Explore Erong – the ancient stone graves in Marante village

Visit the traditional houses of Nanggala king

Discover the graveyard of the royal family in Suaya

Makassar → Tana Toraja → Makassar

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