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Battambang is not really among the top most-visited destinations in Cambodia but most travelers would know about the bamboo train as the most popular tourist attraction and the absolute main reason to travel to Battambang. Situated in the outskirts of town, the bamboo train, also called norry or nori, is basically a bamboo platform placed on wheels and powered by a small engine running on the rail line. The bamboo train rides only several kilometers through rice fields, stretches of bush, and simple bridges with quite fast speed that gives you a feeling of adventure. The whole trip might take around an hour, consisting of a stop at the end of the line where you see some local shop from food, drinks, and souvenirs, explore the surrounding before hopping on the train and move back to the station. If you have time to visit Battambang, don’t miss this unique experience.

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Ride a bike to the surrounding of Battambang to get insight into the local way of life and it will be really nice to try lots of Cambodian items. You will see how they make fermented fish paste, pastedried banana, rice paper, bamboo sticky rice, rice wine and visit the market, etc. The best thing is that we take you to...

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