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The Cha Ong waterfall is about 8.7km from Ban Lung, near Cha Ong village. It’s the most visited of the waterfalls around Ban Lung and probably our favourite of the lot. To get to Cha Ong waterfall, head west on the main road out of town and take the right turn a few hundred metres after the bus station. Go along this road for about 6km until you reach the waterfall.

Sometimes the journey to a place is just as delightful as the destination itself and with the Cha Ong waterfall, this is certainly the case. We were captivated by the beautiful undulating landscapes that we witnessed on the way out to this waterfall. When you reach the waterfall after descending down a slope, you can walk into the space behind the waterfall and observe the green forest through a curtain of fine mist and falling water. Fantastic spot for relaxation in the jungle!

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